Financial Administration 3rd Annual Divisional Meeting
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Cintas Center Banquet Rooms 1 and 2
12:15 pm ? 3:00 pm





Emcee: Larry Prues
Opening Prayer: Pam Newman
Fr. Graham: Opening Remarks
Beth Amyot: Welcome
Employee Recognition: New Employees
                                  Anniversary Milestone Years of Service
                                  Educational and Professional Honors
Department Initiatives: Business Practice Changes in the Controller's Office
                                            -- Jeff Bridges, Controller
                                 Safety Team Results
                                            -- Luther Smith, Dean of Students
                                            -- Dan Schloemer, Director for Administrative Services
                                 Personnel and Office Moves into New Spaces
                                            -- Bob Sheeran, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
Beth Amyot: Priorities and Outlook

Professional Development Activity:

Financial Administration staff, randomly seated at fifteen tables, were charged with developing a list of the top ten traits desired in a Financial Administration employee. Intended to be a hands-on activity, a pyramid of ten boxes and 40 index cards pre-printed with suggested traits were provided to each table.
Table leaders led participants in discussion to narrow the list to just ten traits and then ranked the ten traits to build a pyramid. The resulting fifteen pyramids formed an impressive display across the front of the meeting room. As the final step, a divisional list of top ten traits was compiled by weighting the individual table results, and a divisional pyramid was presented.