About the Remarkable Families Symposium

On March 1, 2013 several hundred parents of children with special needs are gathering at Xavier for a unique symposium to highlight what it takes for families with such challenges to not only survive, but also to thrive. I invite you to participate in helping these families and also to support, financially or in-kind, the goals of this symposium.

The purpose of the conference, "Remarkable Families: Building Resiliency in Families Raising Children with Special Needs," is to bring parents of children with special needs together to learn about their strengths, to network with other parents and to give them the opportunity to learn new things that will help them become more resilient and to thrive. 

The conference offers workshops and keynote speakers.  Additionally, there will be over 50 vendors and service agencies there to answer your questions. 

This year the Remarkable Families Symposium is proudly cosponsored by Cincinnati Children's Center for Infants and Children with Special Needs and Xavier University

We look forward to seeing you at the symposium. For more information about the symposium or family resiliency, please contact Dr. Thomas Knestrict at 513-745-3703 or knestrictt@xavier.edu.

Keynote Address

Paul Daugherty, award-winning columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer, author and father of his own Remarkable Family.

Paul is a graduate of Washington and Lee University with a degree in journalism. He has worked in Baltimore, Norfolk, Va., and Dallas and is now a columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer. He is an award-winning sports journalist and author and has been Ohio's Columnist of the Year seven times. Married with two children, Paul is also a dedicated husband and father who has been involved in disabilities advocacy for several years. We are very pleased to welcome Paul to the Remarkable Families Symposium.