Presenters at 2013 Remarkable Families Symposium

Breakout Session 1 (9:45 - 10:45)

  • Jessica Dawso, Ohio Dept. of Education, IEP's and 504's (PM)
  • Rebecca Meyer, Cincinnati Children's, Financial Assistance (SD)
  • Katie Thoman, Cincinnati Children's, Medical Transition (MG)
  • Barbara Thomas, Tall Institute, Sexuality (MG)
  • Paragon Financial, Financial Strategies (SD)
  • Meg Ruttle, Visual Supports and Systems for Children with ASD (MG)

Breakout Session 2 (1:00 - 2:00)

  • Kathy Winterman, XU, Early Intervention & Preschool (AF)
  • Marcie Mendelsohn, Cincinnati Children's, Vocational & Educational Transition (AF)
  • Laura Drake & Dick Dusterberg, Community Fund Management, Future Planning (AF)
  • Patty McMahon, Amy Clawson, Parent Panel: What to do While Waiting for a Waiver (PM)
  • Erin Laffrey, Cincinnati Children's, Financial Assistance (MS)
  • Sharon Rieke, SST 13, Special Education & Behavioral Supports (AF)

Breakout Session 3 (2:30 - 3:30)

  • Tim Vogt, Starfire Council, What's Next (AF)
  • Kimberly Rotundo, Cincinnati Children's, Special Education (MG)
  • Beth McCarty, Cincinnati Children's Perlman Center, Apps and Assistive Technology (MG)
  • Northwestern Mutual, Financial Strategies (SD)
  • Sandy Keiser, Catholic Charities, Reducing Stress (MS)
  • Melissa Haas, Lynne Calloway, Hamilton County DD Services, Getting Started (AF)