Faculty Development Leaves

FACULTY DEVELOPMENT LEAVES: Available to Principal Faculty with a minimum of three years in the tenure-track position at Xavier.  (Tenure-track faculty may apply in the fall of their third tenure-track year.)  These grants may be at full salary for one semester or at one-half salary for two semesters.

Applications cannot be made for both Faculty Development Research Leaves and Summer Fellowship awards during the same academic year. Recipients of faculty development leaves will generally be released from regular committee assignments for the period of the award.

You can view a list of recent recipients of faculty development leaves at Recent Internal Awards.

Guidelines for Evaluating Proposals

Application Procedures

Format for Application

Role of the Faculty Development Committee

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In general, primary consideration will be given to projects that show promise of furthering the applicant's scholarly and professional development. Under this broad principle, a considerable variety of proposals -- including interdisciplinary and joint proposals -- will be acceptable for evaluation.

1.  The following are examples of projects that would merit consideration:

a.       Scholarly research with the goal of final publication.

b.       Creative and inventive projects in the area of the arts -- such as drama, music, film, radio-television -- for faculty
members for whom such undertakings would be comparable to scholarly research.

c.       Creative and inventive projects that involve the improvement of teaching either in terms of the content or in terms of methodology.

d.       Advanced study in a specific area for the purpose of professional development, including the development of technical skills when such study is called for by recent developments in the applicant's field.

e.       Other activities that are judged to impact the University positively through intellectual development of the faculty member.

Applicants are encouraged to pursue their studies and research at institutions that are particularly distinguished for their programs in the applicant's academic field.

2.  The primary emphasis is on the quality of the proposal.  In the event of more quality applications than available leaves, consideration will be given to length of service.

3.  Recipients of a faculty development leave must have eight (8) semesters of full-time teaching (summers excluded) before they are again eligible to receive another faculty development leave.  Thus, a leave of any kind from full-time teaching duties (e.g. Jesuit Community Faculty Fellowship, Conway Fellowship, etc.) will postpone eligibility by an equivalent length of time.  For purposes of this discussion, a full-time teaching semesters refers in the normal sense to a semester in which one's primary duties are teaching, research, and service, and can include semesters in which load reductions are granted for specific administrative or academic purposes, e.g. serving as department chair. The summer fellowships do not affect a faculty member's subsequent eligibility for a semester or year leave with pay.

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1.        To be considered, applications for faculty development leaves for the academic year 2019-2020 cycle must be received by Tuesday, November 27, 2018.  The required letters of support/reference from the applicant's department chair and proposal reviewers must also be received by this date. To ensure consideration all application materials must be received by the deadline. It is the applicant's responsibility to see that the application and all supporting materials are submitted on time.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.  Applicants may check with the office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs to learn of one's application completion status, prior to the due date.

2.        Applications should be addressed to the Chair of the Faculty Development Committee, in care of the office of the  Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. An electronic copy of your proposal should be sent to whitei@xavier.edu by the due date.

3.        At the time a faculty member presents a proposal to the Faculty Development Committee, a copy must be submitted to the department chair and the dean.

4.        Information as to the time period in which the faculty member is requesting leave must be included.

5.     The department chair (or dean if the applicant is a department chair) must submit a completed evaluation form.  (Please use attached form.) This should be submitted electronically to whitei@xavier.edu .

6.     Departmental chairs and heads of programs must submit a completed evaluation form from their dean.  (Please use attached form.) Self-recommendations will not be accepted.  Completed forms should be submitted electronically to whitei@xavier.edu .

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The application for a faculty development leave or summer fellowship must include, and be limited to, the following:

1.        A title page including title, applicant's name, rank, department, length of service as a member of the Principal Faculty, dates of any previous faculty development leaves and summer fellowships, and a brief description of the project and its goal (abstract).  Applicants should also include a listing of other funding available or for which they will be applying for the award time period.

2.        Proposals for faculty development leaves should state the semester (s) for which the leave is requested.

3.        A detailed description of the project, including the following sections (limit of five (5) double-spaced pages including bibliography).

    a.       a detailed description of the objective:

    b.       a thorough discussion of the scope of work planned;

    c.       a statement of the significance/contribution of the project;

    d.       a synopsis of any work or exploratory research on the project already completed;

    e.       a statement of, and the justification for, the time requested;

    f.        a summary description of any comparable projects completed by the applicant; and

    g.       if applicable, a statement on expectations concerning when and where the project may be published, performed or exhibited.

4.        If applicable, a brief description of previous Xavier-funded faculty development awards received.  This description must include the project title, type of award, dates granted, and short project description.  For each award described, indicate the scholarly outcomes achieved.  For each previous faculty development leave, also include a copy of the Project Report filed with the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.

5.        An abbreviated vita (no more than three pages).

6.        The applicant must solicit two letters of support/reference from referees in the same field (from Xavier or elsewhere), and an evaluation form from the applicant's chair or dean. (Form attached.)  Letters and the evaluation form should be sent directly to the Chair of Faculty Development Committee in care of Steve Herbert, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (ML 4511).   Letters may be submitted electronically to whitei@xavier.edu .  At its discretion, the Faculty Development Committee may seek consultation with authorities in the applicant's academic field.

7.        Please remember to include page numbers.

Project Report

Within two months after the end of the leave or fellowship, the faculty member must submit a project report to the office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (ML 4511 or  whitei@xavier.edu ) and the faculty member's department chair and dean. This report must include:

1.        A detailed summary of the work completed on the project, including statements regarding which goals of the original proposal were met and which were not

2.        In cases in which the work as originally proposed was not completed, the faculty member must address this in the report stating the reasons the project was changed.

3.        If applicable, copies of any output(s) from the project, e.g., books, papers, etc., should be submitted to the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.

4.        This report will be available to the Faculty Development Committee.  The results of prior faculty development leave(s) or fellowship(s) will be used in evaluating future proposals by the faculty member.  It is the faculty member?s responsibility to deliver these reports in a timely fashion.

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   1. The Faculty Development Committee consists of five Principal Faculty representing all three colleges.
   2. The Faculty Development Committee will review all applications and the Chair, together with the office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, will submit the acceptable proposals to the Provost & CAO.  The Committee will indicate to the Provost & CAO its own judgment regarding priority among the proposals it submits.
   3. The Provost & CAO will have the final voice in approving proposals for funding.
   4. Faculty Development Committee members applying for a Faculty Development Award (e.g. Wheeler, Summer Fellowship, or leave), must recuse themselves from ALL discussions pertaining to that award category.

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