Wheeler Award Recipients


April 2018

Lauren Angelone (childhood education) and Deborah Kuchey (childhood education) - Blended STEAM module for early childhood methods block.

E. Paul Colella (philosophy & PPP) -  Implementing tutorial pedagogy as a program capstone requirement.

Shirley Curtis (educational administration) and David Tobergte (educational administration) - Preparing 21st Century Leaders

David Houghton (marketing) - Facebook Blueprint Certificate.

Abby King-Kaiser (theology) - Dialogue as pedagogy and practice.

Jose Maria Mantero (classics & modern languages) - Colonial Shadows:  Literature, Art and History in the Hispanic World.

Paul O'Hara (history) - Visual culture of the American Civil War.

Greg Smith (business analytics), Elaine Crable (business analytics) & Jill Segerman (instructional design) - Development and implementation of MBA online course design score card & course observation score card.

Kristine Suna-Koro (theology) - Redesigning THEO 358 Imigration, Theology, and Ethics from the perspective of inter-religious dialogue.

Gwen White (business analytics), Gary Lewandowski (computer science) & Liz Johnson (computer science) - Developing a new joint cybersecurity minor and certificate (CS/BAIS).

April 2017

Delane Bender-Slack (education) and Rick Browne (health services administration) -  Interprofessional population health international immersion
Nancy Bertaux (economics) and Kaleel Skeirik (music) - Planning development trip for a new study abroad program in Assisi, Italy:  Ecological, economics and cultural perspectives on the Earth: A Franciscan experience
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (classics & modern languages), Delane Bender-Slack (education), Supaporn Kradtap (chemistry) and Margaret Martin (TESOL) - Building capacity for collaborative online international learning (COIL)
Thomas Clark (management & entrepreneurship)- Visual design education to improve online and in-class instruction for Managerial Communications
Alan Jin (management & entrepreneurship) - Developing a certification-oriented advanced model for process improvement (Theory of Constraints) in Xavier Operations Management Course:  Toward a new course and certificate program
Cheryl Jonson (criminal justice) - Inside out prison exchange program training institute
Thomas Knestrict (education)  - Crisis prevention training and certification
Esmeralda Nastase (mathematics) - The art and code of mathematics
Julia O'Hara (history) - North American borderlands history
Bernd Rossa (mathematics)  - Quantitative reasoning immersion at Bowdoin
Jaylene Schaefer (social work) - Privilege or disadvantage by the flip of a coin and experienced in a game on Monopoly
Kathleen Smythe (history/sustainability) and Blis DeVault (DIFT) - Sustainable and resilient communities documentary
Laura Wessels,  Justin Link and Heidrun Schmitzer (physics)  - Optical tweezers for advanced biophysics lab

April 2016

Thilini Ariychandra (management information systems) -  Data visualization curriculum development
Kelly Bohnhoff (nursing) - Teaching population health and interprofessional collaboration in community nursing and public health policy to MIDAS students:  A conceptual approach
Tim Brownlee (philosophy) - Liberalism, capitalism and the public:  Philosophy, Politics and the Public course development
Suparna Chatterjee (sustainability) - International practices and applications: Developing a new module for a sustainability course
Thomas Clark (management & entrepreneurship)- Certification in Crucial Accountability training
Joanne Estes, et al (occupational therapy) - Innovative curricula development
C. Walker Gollar (theology) and Tim Furlan (philosophy) - Making the world our home:  lessons from 16th century missionary Francis Xavier for 21st century Xavier University
Ashley Hinck (communication arts) and Benjamin Chamberlain (music & theater) - Enhancing students' digital media and recording technology skills
Richard Polt (philosophy) - Developing a first-year seminar on Critics of the Digital

April 2015

Laney Bender-Slack (childhood education & literacy) – Developing intercultural competence through language learning
Tom Clark (management & entrepreneurship) – Prerecorded presentations for use in flipped classrooms for Managerial Communication and Managerial Behavior
Karen Enriquez (theology) and Carol Winkelman – Gender, Religion, and Violence:  Developing a hands-on, community-engaged, team-taught class in Theology and English
Tim Furlan (philosophy) – "The Irish Mind" Philosophy 200  level course
Tom Knestrict (childhood education & literacy) – A second effort for a sustainable international relationship and ethic of diversity or lessons learned
José María Mantero (Modern Languages) – Literature and Architecture: Toward an interdisciplinary study of the text in SPAN310
Rhonda Norman (counseling) – Update and enhancement of Advanced Testing Class: COUN 762-01 (4 semester hours) Intellectual and Personality Assessment
Niamh O'Leary (English) – From the Page to the Stage: Collaborating with the Cincinnati Shakespears Company to Enhance Student Learning In Shakespeare (ENGL 425/525)
Richard Polt (philosophy) – Developing a philosophy of technology course
Stephen Skiles (music and theatre) – New Play Development Program in Theatre
Mary Lisa Vertuca (childhood education & literacy) – Promoting enhanced student teacher efficacy through co-teaching in partner schools
Lifang Wu (management & entrepreneurship) – Design, create, and implement a 100% online MBA operations core course

April 2014

Thilini Ariychandra (management information systems) – Development of curriculum in big data and analytics
Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) – Designing for social innovation
Kelly Beischel (nursing) – Creating a flipped classroom to improve learning
Sally Barnhart (childhood education and literacy) – Co-teaching the effective model for mentoring Xavier student
Tom Clark (management and entrepreneurship) – Crucial Conversations training
Tom Knestrict (childhood education and literacy) – Sustainable international relationship and the ethic of diversity in
     education:  University of East London
Debora Kuchey (childhood education and literacy) – Elementary Math Specialist Endorsement
Julie Kugler Ackley (childhood education and literacy) – Enhancing Montessori for the digital age:  Providing the Xavier
     University Montessori experience for the online learning generation (AND) A Passport program – creating online
     modules for the Xavier Montessori Teacher Education program students working towards OH 4 year resident
     educator license
Sarah Melcher (theology) – Interfaith Dialogue Study Trip in the Holy Land (with Gillian Ahlgren, Waleed El-Ansary,
     Steve Frankel, Abie Ingber, Anna Miller)
Kathryn Morris (biology) – Writing a General Botany (BIOL 211) lab manual
Kristen Renzi (English) – Introducing a student book / art vending machine to Xavier’s campus
Kathleen Smythe (history) – Faculty planning for experiential sustainability course for sustainability majors
Matthew Westgate (music and theater) – Director encounter with the arts:  A new trans-disciplinary course for the Fine
     Arts Core that introduces students to art and culture through first-hand experiences

Fall 2013

Delane Bender-Slack
(early childhood education and literacy) - Meeting students' needs through Spanish language
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (classics and modern languages) - Developing AJCU - AUSJAL connections for Xavier Peru study
     abroad program

Spring 2013

Gillian Ahlgren and Art Dewey
(theology) - Re-imagining the Spiritual Exercises for a new era
William Anyonge (biology) - Teaching human and comparative anatomy at Xavier University
Laney Bender-Slack (childhood education & literacy) and Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (classics & modern languages) -
     Developing global citizens:  A Peruvian literacy experience
Max Buot and Hem Raj Joshi (mathematics & computer science) - Further enhancement of faculty expertise in actuarial
Christine Dacey & W. Michael Nelson (psychology) - DSM5 Workshop
Karen Enriquez (theology) - Teaching to the whole person:  Incorporating spiritual practices in the classroom
Morten Kristiansen (music) - New music appreciation course for the Fine Arts core:  Classical music through film
José María Mantero (classics &modern languages) - Taking the teacher out of the room:  Digital videos and the Spanish
Mack Mariani (political science) Teaching gender and politics in Ireland

Fall 2012

Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) - Design thinking
Delane Bender-Slack (childhood education and literacy) - The mind-body connection: learning with Alexander
Mina Lee (management and entrepreneurship) - Developing a Xavier international sustainability management course
Tim White (political science) - Teaching the politics of war and peace
James Wood (philosophy) - Topics in ancient philosophy: ancient Chinese and Indian thought? (aka ?Asian Philosophy?)

Spring 2012

Max Buot, Hem Raj Joshi, and Ganesh Malla (mathematics and computer science) - Enhancing faculty expertise in actuarial science.
Thomas Knestrict (childhood education & literacy) - Integrating responsive classroom into our early childhood licensure.
Julia O'Hara (history) - Mexican culture, past and present.
Teresa Young and Mary Lisa Vertuca (childhood education & literacy) - The Reggio Emilia study tour project:  Children and literacy
Amy Whipple (history) - Cozy Crimes? Murder & mystery in modern Britain
Victoria Zacavage (secondary & special education) - Service learning in teacher education.

Fall 2011

Michelle Hall (counseling) - Evidenced-based treatment in the classroom:  teaching mindfulness-based stress reduction to counseling students
Mina Lee (management and entrepreneurship) - New study abroad program:  MERCOSUR
Rhonda Norman (counseling)  - Enhancing career counseling and development:  COUN 616-01
Jodi Wyett (English) - New course:  English 364:  Jane Austen:  then and now

Spring 2011

Gillian Ahlgren (theology) - Accompaniment, empowerment, healing, and prevention:  Theological and pastoral approaches to trauma
Sally Barnhart (childhood education and literacy) - The mentor teacher:  A role model for tomorrow's teachers
Rick Browne (career services) and Tom Clark (management and entrepreneurship) - Student videotaped models for excellent job interviewing skills
David Burns (marketing) - New course:  Marketing's role in society
Sheila Doran (center for adult and part-time students) - Capstone course for the Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree
Kristine Johnson (English) - Pilot assessment of a common essay assignment in the writing program.
Claire Morress (occupational therapy) - Home sweet home:  An Evanston partnership to keep seniors and individuals with disabilities living at home.
Leslie Prosak-Beres (childhood education and literacy) - Advanced study in strengths-based teaching and leadership.

Fall 2010

Daniel Dwyer (philosophy) - 21st century Christian philosophy
Tamara Giluk (management & entrepreneurship) - Enhancing the teaching of human resource management using the case method
Mina Lee (management & entrepreneurship) - International business course:  Enhancement & development project 
Anna Miller (theology) and E. Paul Colella (philosophy) - Religious narrative imagery and Vico's philosophy of culture
Nicholas Salsman (psychology) - Sustaining a commitment to multiculturalism in a psychology department

Spring 2010

Thilini Ariyachandra (management information systems) - Development of a course in business intelligence:  a brand new undergraduate course
Nancy Bertaux (economics) - Teaching economics and public issues in Ireland
Jerry Braun and Elaine Crable (management information systems) - Development of a hybrid version of the required undergraduate MIS course
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (modern languages) - Unlocking the potential of electronic white-boards (SmartBoards) in world language courses
Bruce Erikson (art) - The human figure and anatomy
Rebecca Luce (management and entrepreneurship) - Corporate citizenship and sustainability project

Fall 2009

Joyce Allen, Christian Mastilak, David Randolph, and Andrea Weickgenannt (accountancy) -  Incorporating international financial reporting standards into the undergraduate accounting and MBA Curricula
Christine Anderson (history) - Invigorating the history department's contribution to the core
Delane Bender Slack and Teresa Young (childhood education and literacy) - Teacher induction research:  Building the new teacher academy
Georgana Miller (occupational therapy) - Promoting excellence in fieldwork education
Mack Mariani (political science & sociology) - A global perspective on the pipeline and women's representation
Thomas Strunk (classics) - Greco-Roman classicism and the African American intellectual tradition
Kathy Winterman (secondary & special education) - Trans-disciplinary play-based assessment and intervention
Victoria Zascavage (secondary & special education) - Incorporating crisis prevention intervention into special education coursework

Spring 2009

Max Buot (mathematics & computer science) - Teaching probability and statistical inference using a randomization-based paradigm
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (modern languages) - Enhancement of Spanish 258:  Language and the culture of Guatemala
Daniel Dwyer (philosophy) - Post-war German philosophy
Elizabeth Groppe (theology) - Theological Foundations (THEO 111) and the relationships of justice and care project
Thomas Knestrict (childhood education & literacy) - Positive psychology in the social sciences
Morten Kristiansen (music) - Introduction to music literature
Esmeralda Nastase (mathematics & computer science) - A course in combinatorics
Daewoo Park (management & entrepreneurship) - Enhancing Xavier/WCB entrepreneurship core curriculum (ENTR 311 New Venture Planning)

Fall 2008

Christine Anderson (history) - HIST 432 Sem: The great migration in the U.S.
Tom Clark (management and entrepreneurship)- Social Entrepreneurship: The arts
Graley Heren (English) and George Farnsworth (biology) - Enhancing experiential learning in Ireland
Shelagh Larkin, Stephanie Brzuzy (Social Work); Carol Scheerer, Joan Tunningley (Occupational Therapy); Susan Namei, Barb Harland (Nursing); Eddie Hooker (health services Administration); and Renee Zucchero (psychology) - Collaborative Teaming: A multidisciplinary approach to working with older adult clients experiencing dementia
Joseph Wagner, S.J. (mathematics and computer science) - Enhancing the mathematical preparation of pre-service, secondary mathematics teachers

Spring 2008

Gillian, Ahlgren (theology) - Enhancing theology and church history classes with integrative teaching
Scott Boyar (management and entrepreneurship) - The application and use of metrics in organizational decision making for human resource professionals
Daniel Dwyer (philosophy) - Contemporary French philosophy
Anna Ghee (psychology) - Preparing mental health professionals to serve ethically in a multicultural world
Kaleel Skeirik (music) - Two new music fine arts courses:  Music, War and Peace; Music, Love and Death
Karim Tiro (history) - Spices and the making of the modern world: An exhibition at Findlay Market
Kathy Winterman (special education) - Administrative partnerships in special education 

Fall 2007

Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) - Enhancing in-class instruction using case studies
Tongdong Bai (philosophy) - Democracy and its critics
Diane Ceo-DiFranceso, Irene Compton (modern languages) and Jane Conzett (ESL) - Enhancing language classes with "Tell Me More"
Margo Heydt (Social Work) - Harm reduction theory:  Gaining an international perspective
Janet Schultz and Cathy McDaniels-Wilson (psychology) - Working with gay and lesbian clients:  Developing clinical supervision
Mary Walker (marketing) - Enhancing integrated marketing communications through media enhanced technology:  Curriculum development for both undergraduate and graduate courses

Spring 2007

Christine Dacey (psychology) - Participatory-action research:  A methodology for community-engaged  scholarship
Michael Goldweber (mathematics & computer science) and Rachel Chrastil (history) - Support for a Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholar
David Knutson (modern languages) - Enhancing Business Spanish (SPAN306)
Shelagh Larkin, (Social Work) - Reinvigorating generalist practice into field education
Carol Scheerer (occupational therapy) - Expanding the definition of community
Mary Lisa Vertuca (childhood education and literacy) - Current research and best practice in preparing teaching candidates for the English Language Learner Classroom
Timothy White (political science/sociology) - Understanding Irish political culture through film
Tyrone Williams, Norman Finkelstein and Christina Fisanick (English) - Visiting poet series
Kathy Winterman (special education) - Creating early childhood classrooms for success
Reneé Zucchero (psychology - The co-mentoring project:  Memoir Writing enhancement

Fall 2006

Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) - Enhancing WCB undergraduate core curriculum (MGMT300, Managerial Behavior)
Ed Cueva (classics) and Debra Mooney (ignatian programs) - Common reading program
John Fairfield (history) and Gene Beaupré (political science) - Comparative democratic publics:  The USA & France
Christina Fisanick, (English) - ENGL364:  Appalachian women writers
Julia O'Hara, (history) - History, memory, and service learning in Central America
Mary Stroud (chemistry, Integrating instructional technology: development of web-based tutorials for physiological chemistry

Spring 2006

Shannon Byrne (classics) - Ohio classical conference and Xavier University:  Getting high school teachers involved
Ed Cueva & Sean Burns (classics) - Course development:  Latin in church documents
Lara Dorger & Margaret Martin (ESL) - Improving the teaching of outlining and academic rhetoric by incorporating a visual approach 
Sherrie Human (management/entrepreneurship), Isaac Larison (education), Margaret McDiarmid (modern languages), Thomas Merrill (music) & Betty Porter (library) - Renaissance man on campus: A visit with Rick Sowash 
Gary Lewandowski & Bernd Rossa (math/computer science) - MATLAB training for use in interdisciplinary mathematics and computer science courses
Yvonne McKoy (nursing) - Oxford Round Table
Ronald Montgomery (music) - Montgomery's rules of musical engagement
Jo Ann Recker (modern languages), Stephen Frankel (philosophy), & Rachel Chrastil (history) - Creating a Xavier summer program in Paris
Holly Toensing (theology) - Homosexuality and biblical interpretation

Fall 2005

Dennis Long & Margo Heydt (social work) - Reconceptualizing beginning level social work coursework
Karl Stukenberg (psychology) - Designing writing intensive courses across the curriculum:  Engaging students in the process of clear communication 
Stephen Frankel (philosophy), Rachel Chrastil (history) & Jo Ann Recker (modern languages) - Creating a Xavier summer program in Paris 
Huizhen (Jean) Guo (math & computer science) - Implementing technology in teaching statistics

Spring 2005

Suzanne Chouteau (art) - Plate Lithography
Norman Finkelstein (English) - Campus Visit by Poet/Critic Peter Gizzi 
Lin Guo (health services administration) - Course Development:  Operations Management in healthcare organizations
David Mengel (history) - Agora to Piazza:  Public Space in Pre-Modern European Cities
Morell Mullins & Christine Dacey (psychology) - Understanding Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology
Daewood Park & Margaret Cunningham (management & entrepreneurship) - Enhancing WCB Undergraduate Core Curriculum Using Simulations
Susan Schmidt, Margaret King, Hilreth Lanig, Linda Moore, Linda Rieg, Linda Schmid, & Cindy Sublett (nursing) - Clinical Nurse Leader Regional Meetings
Heidrun Schmitzer & Terrence Toepker (physics) - Forensic Science Studies - A Cross Disciplinary Core Course
Karim Tiro (history) - A History of the Pig in America, with Especial Reference to the City of Cincinnati
Tyrone Williams (English) - Affrilachian Poetry

Fall 2004

Shannon Byrne & Fred Benda (classics) - The State of Classics in Jesuit Higher Education Conference 
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (modern languages) - Training for Technology Enhanced Second Language Instruction
Margaret Cunningham & Daewoo Park (management & entrepreneurship) - Enhancing WCB Undergraduate Core Curriculum:  MGMT302,Quality and Productivity in Operations
Melody D'Ambrosio (education) - Revitalization of EDEC335 - Language Arts/Social Studies for Early Childhood Block in Spring and Fall 2005 Semesters
Kim Howes (art) - Rome Summer Workshop
Hilreth Lanig (nursing) - Oxford Round Table
Michael Nelson (psychology) - Development of a video depicting anxiety-management skills for youth with children experiencing internalized conflict
Kathleen Smythe & Robert Jefferson (history) - The United States and Liberia

Spring 2004

Gerald Braun (information systems) - ASP.NET training course and curriculum development
Suzanne Chouteau (art), Isaac Larison (education)and Betty Porter (McDonald Library) - Picture books: A symposium of art and literature across the curriculum
Paul Fiorelli (accountancy) - ?Life and debt?:  The director?s view of the impact of globalization in Jamaica
Elizabeth Johnson (mathematics and computer science) - Incorporating agile programming methods in software engineering
Hem Raj Joshi and Bernd Rossa (mathematics and computer science) - Mathematics for biology and pre-med majors
Adekunle Okunoye (information systems) - Adding comprehensive information security content to graduate and undergraduate telecommunications and networking courses
Carol Scheerer and Heather Gallew (occupational therapy) - Developing the research component of the master of occupational therapy curriculum
Clint Schertzer (marketing) - Development of a new course in data mining
Kathleen Smythe (history) - African Environmental History

Fall 2003

Tom Clark (management & entrepreneurship) - Hiring Xavier information systems student to help develop business systems for the business profession program
E. Paul Colella (philosophy) - The city as enclosed universe:  Art, culture, entertainment and the urban public
Chris Dacey and Cathy McDaniels-Wilson (psychology) -  Optimal theory, belief systems analysis, and paradigm shift:  A process for health and wholeness in the 21st century
Carolyn Jenkins (social work) - Participation in the Oxford roundtable at St. Anthony's College in the University of Oxford
Winston Vaughan and Tom Kessinger (education) - Enhanced citizenship education:  Infusing service-learning into social studies pedagogy

Spring 2003

Graley Herren  (English) - Literary texts & contexts in Ireland
Brendan LaRocque, Julia O'Hara and Kathleen Smythe (history) - Development of library collection for teaching cross-cultural history with film
Michael Sweeney (philosophy) - Study of the Arabic language
Carol Winkelmann (English) - Women and sacred writing

Fall 2002

John Barrett, Chris Dacey and Janet Schultz (psychology) - Teaching psychology faculty about professional conduct and ethics in light of the new ethical code of the American Psychological Association (2002)
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (modern languages) - Modified oral proficiency interview training workshop
William O'Connell (education) - Using video technology to teach systems theory in family relations
Deborah Tesch (information systems) - Training in Visual Basic.NET for Implementation in Introductory and Advanced Application Development Courses in the Undergraduate IS Curriculum
Mary Lisa Vertuca (education) - Understanding poverty's impact on the educational process
Jodi Wyett (English) - ENGL 359:  Women and minorities:  Image in film

Spring 2002

Susan Namei and Hilreth Lanig (nursing) - Globalization of nursing curriculum:  The status of maternal and child care in The Gambia
Daniel Otero and James Snodgrass  (mathematics and computer science) - Theory of games and decision making:  A new core mathematics course

Fall 2001

Roshan Ahuja (marketing) - Undergraduate Marketing Ethics: Time to Teach the Teacher
John Barrett, Christine Dacey, and Suzanne Norman (psychology) - Teaching Psychology Faculty How to Integrate Case Study Methodology to Explore Issues of Diversity
Cynthia Dulaney and Cynthia Crown (psychology) - The Integration of Hollywood Film Clips in Two Undergraduate Courses in Psychology
George W.M. Harrison, Edmund Cueva, Shannon Byrne (classics), and Cathy Springfield (theatre) - Conference - SENSE AND THE SATYR PLAY
Michael Nelson (psychology) - Development of a video depicting depression-management skills for use with children experiencing internalized conflict
Phyllis Laine (biology) and Cynthia Geer (education) - Production of a Video to Train New Instructors in the Pedagogy Approach Used in a Revised Life Investigations Laboratory I
Margery Shupe (education - graduate counseling) - Service Learning as a Necessary Component to Counselor Professional  Development

Spring 2001

Suzanne Chouteau (art) - Digitally Assisted Printmaking
Michael Goldweber and Liz Johnson (mathematics and computer science) - Using Robots in Introductory Computer Science
Richard Gruber (history) - American History through American Music

Fall 2000

Gillian Ahlgren (theology) -  Developing a Christina Mystic Web Page
Paul Colella (philosophy) - Contemporary American Literary Culture: The View from Italy
Marie Giblin (theology) and Margo Heydt (social work) - Creation of a new interdisciplinary course for Fall 2001: Religion, Ethics, and Professional Practice
Irene Hodgson (modern languages) - Latin America on the Web and on Tape
Frank Oppenheim (philosophy) - Updating Philosophy 317 into the 21st Century
Tyrone Williams, Jodi Wyett, and Allison Russell (English) - Visiting Professor Series

Spring 2000

Lynda Kilbourne (management) - Faculty Development: legal and Ethical Environment of Business
Vimala Majeti (chemistry) - Videotape Demonstrations of Microscale Organic Lab Techniques
Isam Marawi (chemistry) - Continuation to 'Inquiry Format for the General Chemistry Laboratory'
James McCann, S.J. (political science) - Northern Ireland: Strengthen the Peace Process
Ginger McKenzie (education) - First International Symposium: Research on Montessori Education
Yvonne McKoy (nursing) - Rhythms of Caring: A Cadence
Michael Nelson, Susan Kenford and John Barrett (psychology) - Continuation of Diversity Workshops

Fall 1999

Christine Anderson and Kathleen Smythe (history) - Visiting Lecturers on Comparative Race-Making in South Africa and the  U.S.
Norman Finkelstein and Tyrone Williams (English) - Campus Visit from Michael Palmer
Hilreth Lanig and Susan Namei (nursing) - Hispanic Concentration in Nursing
Michael Nelson, Susan Kenford, and John Barrett (psychology) - Ethnic Minorities: Psychological Assessment and Education Strategies
Suzanne Norman (psychology) - Master Teacher in Gerontology Workshop: Teaching the Psychology of Aging
Daewoo Park (management and entrepreneurship) - Enhancing Undergraduate and MBA-Level Global Strategy and International Management Courses
Susan Shapiro (classics) - The Latin TV News Project
Debbie Tesch (accounting and information systems) - Java Application Development in the Undergraduate IS Curriculum

Faculty Development Leave Recipients 


Shannon Byrne (classics & modern languages) - The Great Goddess, Neoteric Poetry, and Menippean Satire:  Maecenas and Varro (Fall 2018).
Jaylene Schaefer (social work) - An undergraduate social work practice text: A foundation for generalist social work practice:  From the classroom to the profession (Fall 2018).
Suparna Chatterjee (history & WCB) - Two Articles:  Postcolonial musings:  An exploration of 'Management in the Wild'  and The sate within the BOP Metanarratives (Spring 2019).
Suzanne Chouteau (art) - Memento Vivl:  Genocide and Generation in the 21st Century (Fall 2018 and Spring 2019).
Hwisang Cho (history) - The Tales of the Master:  T'oegye and the Construction of Charisma in Korea (Spring 2019).
Gabe Gottlieb (philosophy) - 
Fichte's Theory of Recognition (Fall 2018).
Ashley Hinck (communication) - Fandom and Politics (Spring 2019).
Ed Kosack (eonomics) - Historical origins of the persistent gap in occupational mobility between Mexican migrants and natives (Spring 2019).
Supaporn Kradtap (chemistry) - Two chemical education research projects (Spring 2019).
James Loveland (management information systems) - Brand betrayal in the Volkswagen Brand Community:  The Holy Grail corrupted? (Fall 2018).
Jennifer McFarlane-Harris (English) - "Aleaving the World, and the Devil":  Sensory Biblical Topology, Celibracy, and Prophetic Identification in Rebecca Cox Jackson's Autobiograhical Writings (Fall 2018).
Marcus Mescher (theology) - The Ethics of Encounter:  Christian Neighbor Love as a Practice of Solidarity (Fall 2018).
Danny Otero (mathematics) - A Smoother Pebble:  Calculus from a Historical Perspective (Spring 2019).
Haider Raad (physics) - Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Novel Wearable Wireless Systems (Fall 2018).

Mia Rivolta (finance) - Can non-CEO inside directors add value?  Evidence from unplanned CEO turnovers (Fall 2018).
Marita von Weissenberg (history) - Day to Day to Perfect Manhood: Christocentric Masculinity and Laymen in the Late Middle Ages (Fall 2018).


Max Buot (math) - An analysis of distance correlation (Spring 2018)
E. Paul Colella (philosophy) - William James & the future of democracy: A contribution from American pragmatism to a contemporay European debate (Fall 2017)
Steven Frankel (philosophy) - Spinoza’s Critique of Miracles (Spring 2018)
Marsha Karagheusian (art) - A study of the ceramic process with painting and drawing mediums, as it relates to the female genre (Fall 2017)
Thomas Knestrict (childhood education and literacy) - Deconstructing the Positive Behavioral Intervention Support Model (Fall 2017)
David Knutson (classics & modern languages) - "Rural Crime Fiction in Hispanic Literatures" (Spring 2018)
Mina Lee (management & entrepreneurship) - Reverse-Mergers and consequent M&As: A real-option perspective
Kate Loveland (marketing) - Understanding consumer motivation for extended warranties: Peace of mind at what price (Spring 2018)
Stephen Mills (chemistry) - Studies on the mechanism of the copper amine oxidases (Spring 2018)
Jonathan Morris (physics) - Ion order and disorder in sodium cobaltalte
Kathryn Morris (biology) - Ecosystem services provided by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Mark Nagy (psychology) -  (Fall 2017)
Richard Polt (philosophy) - drafting a book on Martin Heidegger (Fall 2017)
Leslie Rasmussen (communication arts) -  (Fall 2017)
Bernd Rossa (mathematics) - Strengthening quantitative reasoning at Xavier and beyond (Fall 2017)
Kathleen Smythe (history) - book manuscript, Mind-Body-History-Earth (Fall 2017)
Tyrone Williams (English) - In pursuit of ourselves:  the problem of racial and cultural authenticity in African American culture (Fall 2017)


Ahlgren, Gillian (theology), Spiritual Exercises for the Twenty-First Century
Erikson, Bruce (art), Incorporating Elements of Classical Arts and Contemporary Ballet into Figurative Painting
Gerberry, Carla (mathematics), Exploring pre-service teachers’ mathematical content knowledge development:  The role of constructed response assessment and reflection
Jin, Alan (management & entrepreneurship), Improving Operations Management Courses Using Student-Selected Real World Projects
Joshi, Hem Raj (mathematics), Impact of Male-Female Ratio on HIV Incidence
Lacey, Russell (marketing), Why Event Social Responsibility is Essential: Positive Outcomes for Marketing and Consumers
Madar, Martin (theology), Book project
Malik, Anas (political science), Islamic Covenants for Peace and Prosperity: Collective Action, Tradition, and Institutional Choice
Renzi, Kristen (English), Manuscript Completion—An Ethic of Innocence:  Pragmatism, Modernity, and Women’s Choice Not to Know
Russell, Alison (English), On the Job: the Literature of Work in 21st Century American Fiction
White, Tim (political science), International Relations Theories and Northern Ireland
Wong, Kam C (criminal justice), Chapter 2: “Voices from e-HKP Club” in Policing in Hong Kong: Inside Voices (12/2017)


Randy Browne  (history) -- A master above the master: Slaves and the law in nineteenth century Cuba --  Spring 2016
Mee-Shew Cheung (marketing) - Purpose-driven supplier engagement and its role in global supply chain reliability -- Fall 2015
Blis DeVault (arts & innovation) - Our daily bread: Feeding communities through thoughtfulness and reflection --Spring 2016
Cindy Geer (early childhood education & literacy) - Pioneering education:  Schools of creativity and transformation -- Fall 2015
David Gerberry (mathematics & computer science) -- Optimal allocation of HIV prevention resources in sub-Saharan Africa: A modeling approach -- Fall 2015
Jonathan Gibson (art) -- Arts of parts -- Fall 2015
Michelle Hall (counseling) -- Preparing the manuscript: Medical Trauma -- Fall 2015
Esmeralda Nastase (mathematics & computer science) - Minimum size partitions and minimum size supertails of vector spaces -- Spring 2016
Michael Nelson (psychology) -- Developing the 3rd edition of:  Keeping Your Cool" worksbooks and therapist manual -- Fall 2015
Jennifer Robbins (biology) -- Macrovertebrate community structure and abiotic effects on West Nile Virus prevalence in Cincinnati mosquito larvae and AIDS is not a place -- Spring 2016
David Rodick (philosophy) -- Gabriel Marcel and american philosophy -- Fall 2015
Amit Sen (economics) -- LM unit root tests that allow for a simultaneous break in the trend and the innovation variance -- Spring 2016
Trudelle Thomas (English) -- Novels and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) -- Spring 2016
Ann Marie Tracey (accountancy & law) -- Two Projects:  (1) Meeting the market and making the grade developing a (Health Industry Law and Ethics) class from scratch.  (2) Systemic disparate treatment: Is it a new vehicle fro proving discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Discrimination in Employment Act? -- Fall 2015
Laura Youderian (economics) -- Early childhood education policy and fertility decisions -- deferred to Fall 2016


Timothy Brownlee (philosophy) - Conscience, recognition, and selfhood in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit -- Fall 2014
Arthur Dewey (theology) - Remembering the death of Jesus -- Fall 2014
Karen Enriquez (theology) - Ignatian spirituality in a religiously diverse world:  Comparing the spiritual exercises and the way of the Bodhisattva -- Fall 2014
Paul Fiorelli (accountancy & law) - The value of values:  Practical principles for everyday ethics -- Fall 2014
Michael Goldweber (mathematics & computer science) - Computing for the social good in New Zealand - Spring 2015
Justin Link (physics) - Establishing an interdisciplinary and international collaboration to explore the protein structure-function relation of the cryptochrome -- Fall 2014
Christian Mastilak (accountancy) - System dynamics concepts in accounting and accounting education: Effects of education and experience on reasoning performance and on transfer to new problems -- Fall 2014
Anna Miller (theology) - Research and writing of two articles -- Fall 2014
Maureen Mullinax (sociology) - Cultural activism in central Appalachia:  The transformative potential of community-based arts practice in the era of neoliberalism -- Spring 2015
Ann Ray (biology) - Rangewide survey for the U.S. federally threatened valley elderberry longhorn beetle using a female produced sex pheromone -- Spring 2015
Nick Salsman (psychology) - An international investigation of dialectical behavior therapy and emotion regulation in treating suicidal behaviors -- Spring 2015
Heidrun Schmitzer (physics) - Organic/metal metamaterials for transformation optics -- Spring 2015
Joseph Wagner (mathematics & computer science) - The transfer of mathematical knowledge in the context of learning undergraduate physics -- 2014-2015 academic year
Amy Whipple (history) - :What is it?  How do you get it?"  Personal health and primary medical care in Britain, 1943-1966 -- Fall 2014
Bin Yu (political science) - Authoritarian deliberation and bonded responsiveness:  An analysis of CPPCC proposals, 2008-2012 -- Fall 2014


Minerva Catral (mathematics & computer science) - Generalizations of non-negative matrices and their sign patterns and zero forcing number of graphs
Rachel Chrastil (history) - The Stuff of Everyday Life
John Fairfield (history) - The future of the city: regionalism and urban sprawl since 1932
Norman Finkelstein (English) - From the files of the Immanent Foundation:  new & selected poems
Anna Ghee (psychology) - General Experimental Psychology Lab Manual
Bree Lang (economics) - The effect of down payment assistance on neighborhood segregation
Matthew Lang (economics) - Where are the mentally ill treated when mental health funding is cut
Mollie McIntosh (biology) - A temporal assessment of community structure and function within wetlands of southwestern Ohio
Rebecca Muich (classics & modern languages( - The Wall of Troy and surviving difficult crossings
Niamh O'Leary (English) - Women in Shakespeare's Roman and Greek plays
Randall Patnode (communication arts) - The synchronized society: temporal consciousness and the origins of broadcasting
Timothy Quinn (philosophy) - History of catholic political philosophy
Kristine Suna-Koro (theology) - Book manuscript working title Liturgy as Migration:  Praise through Righteous Action and other articles
Thomas Wagner (communication arts) - "Thank You For Your Service": the effects of non-veterans' taboo topic communication on veterans' message processing topic avoidance
Jodi Wyett (English) - Quixote Legacy: The female Quixote and the woman writer


Adam Clark (theology) - Honoring the ancestors:  toward an afrocentric approach to christina theology
Tom Clark (management and entrepreneurship) - The impact of threat of criminal sanctions on the persuasiveness of environmental assessment reports
Margaret Cunningham (management and entrepreneurship) - Field of supply chain management
Christian End (psychology) - Sports fans' responses to social identity threat
George Farnsworth (biology) - Assessing the prevalence and diversity of avian blood parasites in Costa Rica
Steven Frankel (philosophy) -French culture and politics:  a guide for students
Graley Herren (English) - The criminal minds of Beckett, Sebald, and Delillo
Ganesh Malla (mathematics and computer science) - An improved smooth isotonic regression estimator
Chris Manolis (marketing) - Research in the area of consumer behavior
Mack Mariani (Political Science and Sociology) - Rethinking the gender gap:  secular realignment, economic vulnerability and gender differences in voting, partisanship and ideology
Adekunle Okunoye (management information systems) - ICT and global climate change - assessing methodology for evaluating the carbon-reducing impacts of ICT in developing countries
John Sniegocki (theology) - food ethics and christian faith
Thomas Strunk (classics) - Tacitus and history after liberty
Stephen Yandell (English) - Getting medieval on the university


Thilini Ariyachandra (management information systems) - Attaining enterprise agility through business intelligence architecture success
Michelle Brady (philosophy) - Two articles considering the relation between John Locke's educational theory and his political theory
Daniel Dwyer (philosophy) - The genesis of concepts in perception
Tom Hayes (marketing) - Book:  You can get there from here:  Marketing success stories in higher education
Natalia Jacovkis (modern languages) - Mapping the Latin American city:  Representations of urban space in contemporary Latin American narratives
Elizabeth Johnson (math/computer science) -Teaching algorithm and problem-solving through real world applications
Stafford Johnson (finance) - Investments:  Markets, strategies and applications with a guide to Bloomberg
Rebecca Luce (management & entrepreneurship) - Sustainability initiatives in business:  What are the predictors and outcomes?
Anas Malik (political science and sociology) - Polycentricity and political Islam:  A minarchist approach to Pakistan's constitutional design
Dena Morton (mathematics & computer science) - Multiplication groups for a family of Nim-like rays
Richard Mullins (chemistry) - Synthetic glycoconjugates for the detection of influenza and other pathogens
Chris Pramuk (theology) - Hope sings, so beautiful:  Graced encounters across the color line
Gregory Smith (management information systems) - Big bang generation:  An exploration of the design and outer limits of the data universe
Karim Tiro (history) - Bittersweet:  The place of sugar in American history from Christopher Columbus to Michael Bloomberg
Timothy White (political science & sociology) - Lessons from the northern Ireland peace process


Gillian Ahlgren (theology) - Francis and Clare:  The legacy
Max Buot (mathematics & computer science) - Multivariate parameter estimation via algebraic statistics
David Burns (marketing) - Consumption in a consumer culture: The role of consumer warfare
Silvia Carli (philosophy) - Two articles on Aristotle
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (modern languages) - Research in second language acquisition
Hasan Faruq (economics) - Research in second language acquisition
Elizabeth Groppe (theology) - Guarding the flame of the grandeur of God:  Christian life and practice in an era of ecological crisis
Jose Maria Mantero (modern languages) - Omar Cabezas and the discourse of liberation
Esmeralda Nastase (mathematics & computer science) - Partial t-spreads of vector spaces
Paul O'Hara (history) - Inventing the Pinkertons:  The Pinkerton National Detective Agency and the making of the Long Gilded Age, 1850-1937
Lifang Wu (management & entrepreneurship) - A quantitative study on supply cluster efficiency and competitiveness


Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) - Workplace design:  The imperative role of physical environment in professional work settings
Brent Blair (biology) - Ecosystem impact of the invasive shrub Amur Honeysuckle (lonicara maackii) on forest remnants of southwestern Ohio
Mee-Shew Cheung (marketing) - The role of global supply chain management in enhancing the performance of bottom-of-the-pyramid ventures
Marco Fatuzzo (physics) - Cosmic-ray diffusion through giant molecular clouds:  Implications for star formation
Kelly Phelps (art) - Developing a renewed way of creating artwork
Ron Quinn (sports studies) - The application of Ignatian pedagogy to sports through the development of an integrated coaching and sports education model
Amy Whipple (history) - Ordinary People:  The Cultural Origins of Thatcherism in Britain, 1950-1979
David Yi (economics) - Determinants of fundraising efficiency of nonprofit organizations


Shannon Byrne (classics) - Maecenas:  Politician, patron and legend
Rachel Chrastil (history) - Civilians under siege:  Strasbourg 1870
E. Paul Colella (philosophy) - Giambattista Vico, poetic imagery and the public sphere
Irene Compton (modern languages) - Oh, Du mein Österreich, oh, Du mein Heimatland.  Elfriede Jelineks Österreichbild
John Fairfield (history) - Movies and cities:  An historical relationship
Norman Finkelstein (English) - Book on renewed forms of spirituality and religious faith in the contemporary American long poem
Michael Goldweber (mathematics and computer science) - VDE educational materials
Robert Jefferson (history) - Caravan leader:  Ulysses Lee and the black aesthetic tradition, 1913-1969
Vishal Kashyap (marketing) - Compliance and value synchronization in interfirm relationships
Kara Northway (English) - The hand of craftsmen at work in early modern drama
Jamal Rashed (economics) - Competitiveness, investment and economic growth in transition countries:  An analysis
Michael Rimler (economics) - Partial collusion and product differentiation
Heidrun Schmitzer (physics) - Using nonlinear optics for imaging techniques
Ann Marie Tracey (accountancy) -  Systematic disparate treatment:  Is it a new vehicle for proving discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act?


M. Christine Anderson (history) - Claiming American identities:  explorations in American culture and history
William Anyonge (biology) - Functional morphology of three species of extinct east African Miocene canivorans
George Farnsworth (biology) - Variability in extra-pair paternity in mockingbirds as a function of latitude
Edward Hahnenberg (theology) - When the church calls: toward an ecclesial understanding of vocation
Hem Raj Joshi (mathematics/computer science) - Effect of health care information distribution on the HIV epidemic
Sarah Melcher (theology) - An ethical approach to the prohibitions of Leviticus 18 and 20:  sexual intercourse, land, and inheritance in ancient Israel
David Mengel (history) - Emperor Charles IV (1346-1378) and local religion in medieval Prague
John Sniegocki (theology) - Catholic social teaching and global justice
Joseph Wagner (mathematics/computer science) - Instructional practices that promote inquiry and dialogue in an advanced mathematics classroom
Carol Winkelmann (English) - The language of Buddhist nuns in the Indian Himalayas


Tongdong Bai (philosophy) - A philosophical commentary of the analects and investigations of other issues in early Chinese political philosophy
Jennifer Beste (theology) - Children, sin and moral agency in the Catholic tradition
Suzanne Chouteau (art) - Genocide/Generation
Craig Davis (chemistry) - Synthesis of novel oxygen-activating nickel (II) complexes
Cynthia Geer (education) - Examination of professional development models and evaluation techniques in science education and technology
Thomas Hayes (marketing) - Marketing colleges and universities: A multi-book proposal
Timothy Kloppenborg (management/entrepreneurship) - Contemporary project management:  Initiating, planning and executing successful projects
Felicia Kruse (philosophy) - Two articles in aesthetics
W. Michael Nelson (psychology) - Keeping your cool:  The anger management workbook series
Adekunle Okynoye (management information systems) - Diffusion of IT innovations and service provision:  Examination of banking sector
Karim Tiro (history) - A history of the pig in America, with especial reference to the city of Cincinnati, otherwise known as "Porkopolis"


Elizabeth Groppe (theology) - The Holy Spirit and the Christian-Jewish Schism
Graley Herren English) - Specters & Spectators:  The Film and Television Work of Samuel Beckett
Dena Morton (mathematics and computer science) - Lectures in Topology
Daniel Otero (mathematics and computer science) - Calculus from a Historical Perspective
Amit Sen (economics and human resources) - An Examination of the Relationship Between the Male and Female Unemployment Rates: Evidence from OECD Countries
Jonathan Tan (theology) - Introducing Asian American Theologies
Trudelle Thomas (English) - Children's Spirituality: Text and Image


Marco Fatuzzo (physics) - fall 2004 - Two studies in theoretical astrophysics:  Cosmic-ray production in supernova remnants and estimating the fraction of solar systems with habitable planets
Norman Finkelstein (English) - fall 2004 - "Eden, glossolalia of light":  The problematic of the spirit in the contemporary american long poem
C. Walker Gollar (theology) - Self-help and solidarity in Cincinnati's antebellum Union Baptist Church
Mark Sena (information systems) - Business intelligence:  A survey of current practices and framework for achievement of benefits
Jodi Wyett (English) - fall 2004 - Reading women:  The 'Female Novel" and the woman reader, 1752-1818


Michael Goldweber (mathematics and computer science) - spring 2004 - µMPS
Sherrie Human (management and entrepreneurship) - spring 2004 - Entrepreneurial process and characteristics:  A comparison of independent, corporate and incubator entrepreneurial contexts
David Knutson (modern languages) - spring 2004 - Worlds apart:  Images of rich and poor in the 20th century Spanish novel
Richard Polt (philosophy) - spring 2004 - The emergency of being:  On Heidegger's contributions to philosophy


Steve Herbert (physics) - spring 2003 - Fabrication and Measurement of Three-Dimensional Superconducting Josephson Junction Arrays
Martin McDowell (heath services administration) - fall 2002 - Investigation of Factors Useful in Accurate prediction of Prostate    Cancer Risk Based on Screening Tests and Risk Factor Modeling
Dennis O'Reilly (accountancy) - fall 2002 - The Effects of Contingency Fee Arrangements on Accountant's    Litigation Support Judgments
Geraldo Sousa (English) - spring 2003 - Habitual Pleasure: Shakespeare and the Art of Living
Michael Sweeney (philosophy) - spring 2003 - Augustine and Aquinas on the Public Exercise of Philosophy: The    Politics of Contemplation
Debbie Tesch (information systems) - fall 2002 - Modeling Information Technology (IT) Project Management Implementation Discrepancies: Perceptions from Project Managers, IT   Professional, and End Users


Melanie Blackwell (economics and human resources) - fall 2001 - A Visiting Expert Partnership with the Food and Agricultural    Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Priscilla O'Clock (accounting and information systems) - fall 2001 - Management Control and Incentive Systems: An Exploratory Study of   the Impact of Cultural Differences
Camille Schuster (marketing) - fall 2001 - Doing Business Using a Consumer-Centered Paradigm
Kathleen Smythe (history) - spring 2002 - Fipa Families: Missionary Schooling and Social Reproduction in    Nkansi, Ufipa, 1880-1960


Kathleen Hart (psychology) - academic year - Assessment of Juvenile Competence to Stand Trial
Gary Lewandowski (mathematics and computer science) - academic year - Visiting Scholar at Hope College
Frank Oppenheim, S.J. (philosophy) - fall 2000 - Royce's Relations with Peirce, James and Dewey
Kenneth Overberg, S.J. (theology) - spring 2001 - The Mystery of God and Suffering
Jamal Rashed (economics and human resources) - spring 2001 - The Impact of Multinational Corporations on Capital-Rich, Labor-Poor Economies and the New Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments
Jack Reamy (health services administration) - fall 2000 - Physician Workforce Reforms in Lithuania: A Period of Rapid Transition
Raghu Tadepalli (marketing) - fall 2000 - Supervisory Antecedents to the Customer Orientation, Job Satisfaction, and Performance of American and Mexican Salespeople: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
Timothy White (political science and sociology) - fall 2000 - Colonialism and Beyond: Politics in the Irish Republic
Carol Winkelmann (English) - fall 2000 - The Language of Suffering: an Ethnolinguistic Perspective on Battered   Women, Religion and Abuse.

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Summer Fellowship Recipients


Lauren Angelone, (education), Blended Learning Modules:  Developing a social constructivist model.
Marcie Lensges & Alex Scrimpshire, (management & entrepreneurship), The last to know:  A study of organization factors impacting leader knowledge of subordinates' unethical decisions.
Thomas Lebesmuehlbacher, (economics), Competition and performance in the UK education 

Peter Ohmann, (computer science), Efficient queries over software failure reports.
Kathleen Timmerman, (computer science), Continuous program assessment linked to Bloom's Taxonomy.
Kan Yue, (economics), Non-tariff measure, import and product quality.


Timothy Brownlee, (philosophy), Inequality and alienation:  Hegel on reciprocal recognition.
David Gerberry, (mathematics), The impact of personal experience on vaccination behavior.
Ashley Hinck, (communication arts), Anchoring civic appeals in fan commitments: Affect and the textual imperative.
Alan Jin, (management & entrepreneurship), Improving supply chain sustainability & ethics using social media - current situation and potential. 
Heidi Park (theology), Phenomenological Research on Historical Memories of Korean War and Japanese Colonization in Korean American Christians. 


Suparna Chatterjee (history), Neoliberalism and Feminism: Recasting Women at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Hwisang Cho (history), The Power of the Brush: Epistolary Revolution in Early Modern Korea
Renae Frey (English), Book-length Monograph for Publication: Speaking Truth to Power: Recovering a Rhetorical Theory of Parrhesia
Ed Kosack (economics), The Long Run Development Impacts of a Guest Worker Program: Evidence from the Bracero Program
Jennifer McFarlane Harris (English), Mother and Mozart: Requiem Mythology and Augustine St. Clare’s Imperfect Conversion in Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Tammy Sonnentag (psychology), Characteristics Associated with Late Adolescents’ Situation-Specific Expressions of the Tendency to be a Moral Rebel


Timothy Brownlee (philosophy) - Freedom, recognition, and Adorno's critique of Hegel's practical philosophy
Rachel Chrastil (history) - Child Free:  Past, present and future
Marsha Karagheusian (art) - Ceramic bas-reliefs:  A study of French Romantic Art
Martin Madar (theology) - Halik (FYS)
Chris Welter (management & entrepreneurship) - The strings attached to other people's money: A simulation model of the impact of formal funding on entrepreneurial performance
Bin Yu (political science) - Adoption or dismissal? Explaining policy consequences of CPPCC proposals, 2009-2013


Supaporn Kradtap (chemistry) - Development of a simple method for quantitative analysis or urinary creatinine by Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) using digital image analysis
Mina Lee (management & entrepreneurship) - A study on spinoff survival:  Will a spinoff from unsuccessful parents survive better?
Martin Madar (theology) - An article which will investigate the contribution of Joseph A. Komonchak
(1939 - ) to the interpretation of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965)
Lisa Ottum (English) - "Affect and ecology in the nineteenth century"
Kristen Renzi (English) - Breaches of archival promise:  The literary-discursive challenges of reading sex crimes and female sexuality in the 19th century
Renee Zucchero (psychology) - The effect of service-learning on undergraduate psychology students


Jennifer Gibson (psychology) -  Evaluating the effectiveness of a social and emotional learning curriculum in a Montessori school setting
Gabe Gottlieb (philosophy) - A defense of human rights
Greg Lubiani (health services administration) - Effect of multiple pollution interactions on population health and productivity
Thomas Strunk (classics & modern languages) - Tacitus and the conflict of roman values:  Pax, Otium, and Gloria


Timothy Brownlee (philosophy) - Recognition and selfhood in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit
Blis DeVault (communication arts) - The sanctity of sanctuary, Paul Strauss and the "Equinox Farm"
Dalia Diab (psychology) - Being philanthropic or going green?  Corporate social responsibility and organization attraction
Anna Miller (theology) - Corinthian democracy:  first-century Ekklesia discourse and I Corinthians
Maureen Mullinax (Political Science and Sociology) - Cultural activism in the rural south:  social movement roots of contemporary community-based arts practice
James Wood (philosophy) - The Philebus:  Plato's examination of the good


Gabe Gottlieb (philosophy) - World, Body, Normativity:  Understanading Fichte's Foundations of Natural Right
Graley Herren (English) - An invited lecture at the University of Oxford on Samuel Beckett's Shakespearean debts
Kristine Johnson (English) - Ad Perfectum Eloquentiam:  A history of Jesuit Rhetorical education
Ganesh Malla (mathematics/computer science) - A smoothed version of a new isotonic regression estimator
Rebecca Munich (classics) - Andromache's lament in the lliad
Niamh O'Leary (English) - Professional alliances:  Whores, petty criminals, and other working women
Richard Polt (philosophy) - On the essence and concepts of nature, history, and state
Kristine Suna-Koro (theology) - Dissertation to book
Bin Yu (political science/sociology) - The impacts of civil society activities on social stability in China:  A comparative case analysis of Guizhou and Sichuan


Rachel Chrastil (history) - Civilization under siege:  War and violence in Strasbourg, 1870
Blis Devault (communication arts) - The sanity of sanctuary, Paul Straus and the "Equinox Farm"
Hem Raj Joshi (mathematics and computer science) - Mathematically modeling HIV treatment using optimal control theory
Morten Kristiansen (music) - Richard Strauss and German impressionism
Anas Malik (political science and sociology) - Book:  Minarchist Political Islam:  Pakistani Ideals and Realities
Richard Polt (philosophy) - Traumatic empiricism
Eleni Tsalla (philosophy) - Plato on religion as an affair of the Polis


Dennis Frost (history) - The other games:  Paralympic sports and disability in modern Japan
Natalia Jacovkis (modern languages) - The flaneur in a globalized city:  La virgen de los sicarios, by Fernando Vallejo
Margaret Martin (ESL) - Examining teacher and student attitudes toward western cultural content in reading materials in Sri Lankan English classrooms
Cathy McDaniels-Wilson (psychology) - The extensive sexual violation and sexual abuse histories of incarcerated women - twelve year follow-up
Christopher Pramuk (theology) - Say hello and goodbye:  Meditations on pregnancy, miscarriage, and infant loss
Nicholas Salsman (psychology) - Dialectical behavior therapy for borderline personal disorder:  A case study
Thomas Strunk (classics) - Against the Principate:  Libertas and the political thought of Tacitus
Lifang Wu (management and entrepreneurship) - A study on supply chain behaviors of industrial clusters


Jennifer Beste (theology) - Second graders' experiences of the sacrament of reconciliation
Tina Davlin-Pater (sports studies) - Perceptual style, visual input and balance performance
Elizabeth Groppe (theology) - Eating:  A volume for the Constructive Theology Workgroup's "Everyday Practices" series
Huizhen (Jean) Guo (mathematics/computer science) - Quantile estimation and quantile comparison for gamma distributions
Mack Mariani (political science and sociology) - The pipeline:  Female state legislators and patterns of congressional advancement
Paul O'Hara (history) - The very model of modern urban decay:  Race and dystopia
Nicholas Salsman (psychology) - Borderline personality disorder, emotion regulation and emotional intensity:  A multi-site study
Kathleen Smythe (history) - Development?  A post-colonial history of Ufipa
Aaron Szymkowiak (philosophy) - The misery of vice:  Malthus and the morality of "preventive" checks on population


Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) - Factors that have a potential to moderate 'distance' implications for geographically distributed work
Vishal Kashyap (marketing) - Developing salesforce relationalism:  the role of distributive and procedural justice
Thomas Knestrict (education) - A trip to Holland: investigating coping strategies over time of parents of children with disabilities
Dena Morton (mathematics/computer science) - The algebra of a colorful word
Zak Sitter (English) - The aesthetics of orientalism in nineteenth-century Britain
Amy Whipple (history) -  ?Ordinary People?:  The Cultural Origins of Thatcherism in Britain, 1964-1979
David Yi (economics) - Managerial incentives and charity efficiency


William Anyonge (biology) - Paleobiology of the east and south African MiocenePleistocene carnivoran guild:  an investigation of body mass, cranial and post cranial morphology as indicators of locomotor and dietary behavior
Hem Raj Joshi (mathematics & computer science) - Optimal harvesting in a fishery model
Marsha Karagheusian (art) - The drawing, painting and sculpting of the human form
Vishal Kashyap (marketing) - Measuring distributive justice in an inter-organizational setting
José María Mantero (modern languages) - Visualizing the myth:  Omar Cabezas and the creation of the new Nicaragua
David Mengel (history) - Travel, research, and writing necessary to complete a draft of a book
Tara Michels (communication arts) - Buzz marketing


Daniel Dwyer (philosophy)  first year - Preconceptual Content in Perception Husserl and McDowell 
Christian End (psychology) first year - Reaction to social identity threat: A study of sports fans' public reactions after their preferred team experiences loss 
Anna Ghee (psychology) - Emotional Intelligence and Peer Group Influence as Predictors of Risky Alcohol Use within College Students
Vishal Kashyap (marketing) first year - The Linkages between Governance, Justice and Outcomes in Marketing Channels of Distribution 
Brendan LaRocque (history) - Travel India to conduct archival research 
Morell Mullins (psychology) - Reactions to Hiring Measures as a Function of Response Scales: Fairness, Face Validity, and Perceived Performance 
Richard Mullins (chemistry) first year - Medicinal Chemistry of Kalkotoxin, a Secondary Metabolite of Lyngbya Majuscula 
Kara Northway (English) first year - 'Goodly speeches': The Hand of Craftsmen in the Political Poetry of Renaissance Pageants 
John Sniegocki (theology) first year - Catholic Social Teaching and Global Justice 
Aaron Szymkowiak philosophy) - Francis Hutcheson's Painless Imagination and the Relationships between Beauty and Morality 
Karim Tiro (history) - France and the Oneida Indian Nation, 1785-1820 
Holly Toensing (theology) - Home is Where the Heart Is 
Stephen Yandell (English) - Political Prophecy in Medieval Wales


Gillian Ahlgren (theology) - The ontology of intimacy
Michelle Brady (philosophy) - The rhetoric of Locke's moral education
Shannon Byrne (classics) - Hesiot, Pheidias, Athena Parthenos, and Pandora
Tina Davlin (education) - The relationship between perceptual style and balance ability
Robert Jefferson (history) - Delivering for the race:  African Americans and the Chicago Post Office, 1928-1950
Mark Nagy (psychology) - The analysis of a job satisfaction survey given to participants working for the Veterans Health Administration
Heidrun Schmitzer (physics) - Spin transfer form light to birefringent particles in the mode field of an optical single mode fiber
Amit Sen (economics and human resources) - The time series properties of medical net discount rates
Jonathan Tan (theology) - Introducing Asian-American theologies

2004-- First-year Faculty

Tongdong Bai (philosophy) - Bohr's and Pauli's philosophy of physics
Jennifer Beste (theology) - A defense of 'Women's Experience' as source and norm for feminist theology
Mary Conway Dato-on (marketing) - A cross-cultural study of self-serving bias in customer co-production
George Farnsworth (biology) - Optimal foraging strategies and numerical competence in untrained chickadees
Christina Fisanick (English) - The embodied pedagogue:  Teaching and writing with the body
Steven Frankel (philosophy) - The dialogue between philosophy and religion in Spinoza's "Tracatus Theologico Politicus"
Hem Raj Joshi (mathematics/computer science) - Optimal harvesting in an integro-difference population model with Beverton-Holt growth
David Mengel (history) - Travel to Prague, research and writing
Adekunle Okunoye (information systems) - Innovation and process improvements in higher education administration and management:  An examination of STARS project -- ERP implementation at Xavier University
Ann Marie Tracey (accountancy) - The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002:  Is it effective and ethical?


George Harrison (classics) - Cisterns of Roman Crete
Graley Herren (English) - Samuel Beckett's radio plays

2003-- First-year Faculty

Paul Cichello (economics and human resources) - The changing face of poverty in the new South Africa
Jason Franz (art) - The live model as source and subject for contemporary drawing and painting in an intensive studio production of new works
Thomas Merrill (music) - New choral music:  Compositions for the cambiata ensemble
Amit Sen (economics and human resources) - Assessing the performance of some new unit root tests designed for the trend-break stationary alternative
Tracy Yin (nursing) - Promoting student nurse success on national licensure examinations


Alan Baker (philosophy) - Criteria for Scientific Theory Choice in a Complex World
Jack Barrett (psychology) - Quality of Life of Elderly Spinal Cord Injury Survivors
Marco Fatuzzo (physics) - A Theoretical Investigation of the Unique Star Population at the   Galactic Center
Dena Morton (mathematics and computer science) - The Morava K-theory of the Spectrum bo
Doug Olberding (education) - Understanding strategic management in U.S. Olympic sport    organizations: Does planning matter?
Daneilla Sarnoff (history) - Women in French Fascism, 1919-1939
Charles Snodgrass (English) - Scottish Romanticism: National Identity and the Novel in Blackwood's   Circle
Jodi Wyett (English) - "Quixotic Characters: Charlotte Lennox's The Female Quixote (1752)    and the Eighteenth-Century Woman Reader"


Michelle Brady (philosophy) - Mind Over Matter: The Will and the Passions in Descartes
Norman Finkelstein (English) - Hineni: Volume Two of Track
Susan Kenford (psychology) - Are we all the same? An exploration of potential ethnic differences in    smoking cessation outcome.  The state of graduate training in addictive disorders and substance abuse treatment.
Hema Krishnan (management) - Exploring the Relationship between Price Paid and Subsequent Work    Force Reduction in Major Related Acquisitions: An Agency Theory Perspective
Sarah Melcher (theology) - Scripture in Emancipatory Perspectives
Randall Patnode (communication arts) - Heralding Radio: The Social Construction of Broadcasting From 1922 to 1927
Susan Shapiro (classics) - Historical essay to accompany Commentary on Cicero's Second,    Third, and Fourth Catilinarian Orations
Geraldo U. de Sousa (English) - The Phenomenology of Home in Othello and The Merchant Venice


Graley Herren (English) - Ghosts in the Machine: A Study of Samuel Beckett's Plays for Television
Hema Krishnan (management and entrepreneurship) - Measuring Uniqueness in Complementary Acquisitions and Examining  its Implications for Post-Acquisition Performance

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