Wheeler Award Recipients

April 2017

Delane Bender-Slack (education) and Rick Browne (health services administration) -  Interprofessional population health international immersion
Nancy Bertaux (economics) and Kaleel Skeirik (music) - Planning development trip for a new study abroad program in Assisi, Italy:  Ecological, economics and cultural perspectives on the Earth: A Franciscan experience
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (classics & modern languages), Delane Bender-Slack (education), Supaporn Kradtap (chemistry) and Margaret Martin (TESOL) - Building capacity for collaborative online international learning (COIL)
Thomas Clark (management & entrepreneurship)- Visual design education to improve online and in-class instruction for Managerial Communications
Alan Jin (management & entrepreneurship) - Developing a certification-oriented advanced model for process improvement (Theory of Constraints) in Xavier Operations Management Course:  Toward a new course and certificate program
Cheryl Jonson (criminal justice) - Inside out prison exchange program training institute
Thomas Knestrict (education)  - Crisis prevention training and certification
Esmeralda Nastase (mathematics) - The art and code of mathematics
Julia O'Hara (history) - North American borderlands history
Bernd Rossa (mathematics)  - Quantitative reasoning immersion at Bowdoin
Jaylene Schaefer (social work) - Privilege or disadvantage by the flip of a coin and experienced in a game on Monopoly
Kathleen Smythe (history/sustainability) and Blis DeVault (DIFT) - Sustainable and resilient communities documentary
Laura Wessels,  Justin Link and Heidrun Schmitzer (physics)  - Optical tweezers for advanced biophysics lab

April 2016

Thilini Ariychandra (management information systems) -  Data visualization curriculum development
Kelly Bohnhoff (nursing) - Teaching population health and interprofessional collaboration in community nursing and public health policy to MIDAS students:  A conceptual approach
Tim Brownlee (philosophy) - Liberalism, capitalism and the public:  Philosophy, Politics and the Public course development
Suparna Chatterjee (sustainability) - International practices and applications: Developing a new module for a sustainability course
Thomas Clark (management & entrepreneurship)- Certification in Crucial Accountability training
Joanne Estes, et al (occupational therapy) - Innovative curricula development
C. Walker Gollar (theology) and Tim Furlan (philosophy) - Making the world our home:  lessons from 16th century missionary Francis Xavier for 21st century Xavier University
Ashley Hinck (communication arts) and Benjamin Chamberlain (music & theater) - Enhancing students' digital media and recording technology skills
Richard Polt (philosophy) - Developing a first-year seminar on Critics of the Digital

April 2015

Laney Bender-Slack (childhood education & literacy) – Developing intercultural competence through language learning
Tom Clark (management & entrepreneurship) – Prerecorded presentations for use in flipped classrooms for Managerial Communication and Managerial Behavior
Karen Enriquez (theology) and Carol Winkelman – Gender, Religion, and Violence:  Developing a hands-on, community-engaged, team-taught class in Theology and English
Tim Furlan (philosophy) – "The Irish Mind" Philosophy 200  level course
Tom Knestrict (childhood education & literacy) – A second effort for a sustainable international relationship and ethic of diversity or lessons learned
José María Mantero (Modern Languages) – Literature and Architecture: Toward an interdisciplinary study of the text in SPAN310
Rhonda Norman (counseling) – Update and enhancement of Advanced Testing Class: COUN 762-01 (4 semester hours) Intellectual and Personality Assessment
Niamh O'Leary (English) – From the Page to the Stage: Collaborating with the Cincinnati Shakespears Company to Enhance Student Learning In Shakespeare (ENGL 425/525)
Richard Polt (philosophy) – Developing a philosophy of technology course
Stephen Skiles (music and theatre) – New Play Development Program in Theatre
Mary Lisa Vertuca (childhood education & literacy) – Promoting enhanced student teacher efficacy through co-teaching in partner schools
Lifang Wu (management & entrepreneurship) – Design, create, and implement a 100% online MBA operations core course

April 2014

Thilini Ariychandra (management information systems) – Development of curriculum in big data and analytics
Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) – Designing for social innovation
Kelly Beischel (nursing) – Creating a flipped classroom to improve learning
Sally Barnhart (childhood education and literacy) – Co-teaching the effective model for mentoring Xavier student
Tom Clark (management and entrepreneurship) – Crucial Conversations training
Tom Knestrict (childhood education and literacy) – Sustainable international relationship and the ethic of diversity in
     education:  University of East London
Debora Kuchey (childhood education and literacy) – Elementary Math Specialist Endorsement
Julie Kugler Ackley (childhood education and literacy) – Enhancing Montessori for the digital age:  Providing the Xavier
     University Montessori experience for the online learning generation (AND) A Passport program – creating online
     modules for the Xavier Montessori Teacher Education program students working towards OH 4 year resident
     educator license
Sarah Melcher (theology) – Interfaith Dialogue Study Trip in the Holy Land (with Gillian Ahlgren, Waleed El-Ansary,
     Steve Frankel, Abie Ingber, Anna Miller)
Kathryn Morris (biology) – Writing a General Botany (BIOL 211) lab manual
Kristen Renzi (English) – Introducing a student book / art vending machine to Xavier’s campus
Kathleen Smythe (history) – Faculty planning for experiential sustainability course for sustainability majors
Matthew Westgate (music and theater) – Director encounter with the arts:  A new trans-disciplinary course for the Fine
     Arts Core that introduces students to art and culture through first-hand experiences

Fall 2013

Delane Bender-Slack
(early childhood education and literacy) - Meeting students' needs through Spanish language
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (classics and modern languages) - Developing AJCU - AUSJAL connections for Xavier Peru study
     abroad program

Spring 2013

Gillian Ahlgren and Art Dewey
(theology) - Re-imagining the Spiritual Exercises for a new era
William Anyonge (biology) - Teaching human and comparative anatomy at Xavier University
Laney Bender-Slack (childhood education & literacy) and Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (classics & modern languages) -
     Developing global citizens:  A Peruvian literacy experience
Max Buot and Hem Raj Joshi (mathematics & computer science) - Further enhancement of faculty expertise in actuarial
Christine Dacey & W. Michael Nelson (psychology) - DSM5 Workshop
Karen Enriquez (theology) - Teaching to the whole person:  Incorporating spiritual practices in the classroom
Morten Kristiansen (music) - New music appreciation course for the Fine Arts core:  Classical music through film
José María Mantero (classics &modern languages) - Taking the teacher out of the room:  Digital videos and the Spanish
Mack Mariani (political science) Teaching gender and politics in Ireland

Fall 2012

Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) - Design thinking
Delane Bender-Slack (childhood education and literacy) - The mind-body connection: learning with Alexander
Mina Lee (management and entrepreneurship) - Developing a Xavier international sustainability management course
Tim White (political science) - Teaching the politics of war and peace
James Wood (philosophy) - Topics in ancient philosophy: ancient Chinese and Indian thought? (aka ?Asian Philosophy?)

Spring 2012

Max Buot, Hem Raj Joshi, and Ganesh Malla (mathematics and computer science) - Enhancing faculty expertise in actuarial science.
Thomas Knestrict (childhood education & literacy) - Integrating responsive classroom into our early childhood licensure.
Julia O'Hara (history) - Mexican culture, past and present.
Teresa Young and Mary Lisa Vertuca (childhood education & literacy) - The Reggio Emilia study tour project:  Children and literacy
Amy Whipple (history) - Cozy Crimes? Murder & mystery in modern Britain
Victoria Zacavage (secondary & special education) - Service learning in teacher education.

Fall 2011

Michelle Hall (counseling) - Evidenced-based treatment in the classroom:  teaching mindfulness-based stress reduction to counseling students
Mina Lee (management and entrepreneurship) - New study abroad program:  MERCOSUR
Rhonda Norman (counseling)  - Enhancing career counseling and development:  COUN 616-01
Jodi Wyett (English) - New course:  English 364:  Jane Austen:  then and now

Spring 2011

Gillian Ahlgren (theology) - Accompaniment, empowerment, healing, and prevention:  Theological and pastoral approaches to trauma
Sally Barnhart (childhood education and literacy) - The mentor teacher:  A role model for tomorrow's teachers
Rick Browne (career services) and Tom Clark (management and entrepreneurship) - Student videotaped models for excellent job interviewing skills
David Burns (marketing) - New course:  Marketing's role in society
Sheila Doran (center for adult and part-time students) - Capstone course for the Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree
Kristine Johnson (English) - Pilot assessment of a common essay assignment in the writing program.
Claire Morress (occupational therapy) - Home sweet home:  An Evanston partnership to keep seniors and individuals with disabilities living at home.
Leslie Prosak-Beres (childhood education and literacy) - Advanced study in strengths-based teaching and leadership.

Fall 2010

Daniel Dwyer (philosophy) - 21st century Christian philosophy
Tamara Giluk (management & entrepreneurship) - Enhancing the teaching of human resource management using the case method
Mina Lee (management & entrepreneurship) - International business course:  Enhancement & development project 
Anna Miller (theology) and E. Paul Colella (philosophy) - Religious narrative imagery and Vico's philosophy of culture
Nicholas Salsman (psychology) - Sustaining a commitment to multiculturalism in a psychology department

Spring 2010

Thilini Ariyachandra (management information systems) - Development of a course in business intelligence:  a brand new undergraduate course
Nancy Bertaux (economics) - Teaching economics and public issues in Ireland
Jerry Braun and Elaine Crable (management information systems) - Development of a hybrid version of the required undergraduate MIS course
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (modern languages) - Unlocking the potential of electronic white-boards (SmartBoards) in world language courses
Bruce Erikson (art) - The human figure and anatomy
Rebecca Luce (management and entrepreneurship) - Corporate citizenship and sustainability project

Fall 2009

Joyce Allen, Christian Mastilak, David Randolph, and Andrea Weickgenannt (accountancy) -  Incorporating international financial reporting standards into the undergraduate accounting and MBA Curricula
Christine Anderson (history) - Invigorating the history department's contribution to the core
Delane Bender Slack and Teresa Young (childhood education and literacy) - Teacher induction research:  Building the new teacher academy
Georgana Miller (occupational therapy) - Promoting excellence in fieldwork education
Mack Mariani (political science & sociology) - A global perspective on the pipeline and women's representation
Thomas Strunk (classics) - Greco-Roman classicism and the African American intellectual tradition
Kathy Winterman (secondary & special education) - Trans-disciplinary play-based assessment and intervention
Victoria Zascavage (secondary & special education) - Incorporating crisis prevention intervention into special education coursework

Spring 2009

Max Buot (mathematics & computer science) - Teaching probability and statistical inference using a randomization-based paradigm
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (modern languages) - Enhancement of Spanish 258:  Language and the culture of Guatemala
Daniel Dwyer (philosophy) - Post-war German philosophy
Elizabeth Groppe (theology) - Theological Foundations (THEO 111) and the relationships of justice and care project
Thomas Knestrict (childhood education & literacy) - Positive psychology in the social sciences
Morten Kristiansen (music) - Introduction to music literature
Esmeralda Nastase (mathematics & computer science) - A course in combinatorics
Daewoo Park (management & entrepreneurship) - Enhancing Xavier/WCB entrepreneurship core curriculum (ENTR 311 New Venture Planning)

Fall 2008

Christine Anderson (history) - HIST 432 Sem: The great migration in the U.S.
Tom Clark (management and entrepreneurship)- Social Entrepreneurship: The arts
Graley Heren (English) and George Farnsworth (biology) - Enhancing experiential learning in Ireland
Shelagh Larkin, Stephanie Brzuzy (Social Work); Carol Scheerer, Joan Tunningley (Occupational Therapy); Susan Namei, Barb Harland (Nursing); Eddie Hooker (health services Administration); and Renee Zucchero (psychology) - Collaborative Teaming: A multidisciplinary approach to working with older adult clients experiencing dementia
Joseph Wagner, S.J. (mathematics and computer science) - Enhancing the mathematical preparation of pre-service, secondary mathematics teachers

Spring 2008

Gillian, Ahlgren (theology) - Enhancing theology and church history classes with integrative teaching
Scott Boyar (management and entrepreneurship) - The application and use of metrics in organizational decision making for human resource professionals
Daniel Dwyer (philosophy) - Contemporary French philosophy
Anna Ghee (psychology) - Preparing mental health professionals to serve ethically in a multicultural world
Kaleel Skeirik (music) - Two new music fine arts courses:  Music, War and Peace; Music, Love and Death
Karim Tiro (history) - Spices and the making of the modern world: An exhibition at Findlay Market
Kathy Winterman (special education) - Administrative partnerships in special education 

Fall 2007

Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) - Enhancing in-class instruction using case studies
Tongdong Bai (philosophy) - Democracy and its critics
Diane Ceo-DiFranceso, Irene Compton (modern languages) and Jane Conzett (ESL) - Enhancing language classes with "Tell Me More"
Margo Heydt (Social Work) - Harm reduction theory:  Gaining an international perspective
Janet Schultz and Cathy McDaniels-Wilson (psychology) - Working with gay and lesbian clients:  Developing clinical supervision
Mary Walker (marketing) - Enhancing integrated marketing communications through media enhanced technology:  Curriculum development for both undergraduate and graduate courses

Spring 2007

Christine Dacey (psychology) - Participatory-action research:  A methodology for community-engaged  scholarship
Michael Goldweber (mathematics & computer science) and Rachel Chrastil (history) - Support for a Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholar
David Knutson (modern languages) - Enhancing Business Spanish (SPAN306)
Shelagh Larkin, (Social Work) - Reinvigorating generalist practice into field education
Carol Scheerer (occupational therapy) - Expanding the definition of community
Mary Lisa Vertuca (childhood education and literacy) - Current research and best practice in preparing teaching candidates for the English Language Learner Classroom
Timothy White (political science/sociology) - Understanding Irish political culture through film
Tyrone Williams, Norman Finkelstein and Christina Fisanick (English) - Visiting poet series
Kathy Winterman (special education) - Creating early childhood classrooms for success
Reneé Zucchero (psychology - The co-mentoring project:  Memoir Writing enhancement

Fall 2006

Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) - Enhancing WCB undergraduate core curriculum (MGMT300, Managerial Behavior)
Ed Cueva (classics) and Debra Mooney (ignatian programs) - Common reading program
John Fairfield (history) and Gene Beaupré (political science) - Comparative democratic publics:  The USA & France
Christina Fisanick, (English) - ENGL364:  Appalachian women writers
Julia O'Hara, (history) - History, memory, and service learning in Central America
Mary Stroud (chemistry, Integrating instructional technology: development of web-based tutorials for physiological chemistry

Spring 2006

Shannon Byrne (classics) - Ohio classical conference and Xavier University:  Getting high school teachers involved
Ed Cueva & Sean Burns (classics) - Course development:  Latin in church documents
Lara Dorger & Margaret Martin (ESL) - Improving the teaching of outlining and academic rhetoric by incorporating a visual approach 
Sherrie Human (management/entrepreneurship), Isaac Larison (education), Margaret McDiarmid (modern languages), Thomas Merrill (music) & Betty Porter (library) - Renaissance man on campus: A visit with Rick Sowash 
Gary Lewandowski & Bernd Rossa (math/computer science) - MATLAB training for use in interdisciplinary mathematics and computer science courses
Yvonne McKoy (nursing) - Oxford Round Table
Ronald Montgomery (music) - Montgomery's rules of musical engagement
Jo Ann Recker (modern languages), Stephen Frankel (philosophy), & Rachel Chrastil (history) - Creating a Xavier summer program in Paris
Holly Toensing (theology) - Homosexuality and biblical interpretation

Fall 2005

Dennis Long & Margo Heydt (social work) - Reconceptualizing beginning level social work coursework
Karl Stukenberg (psychology) - Designing writing intensive courses across the curriculum:  Engaging students in the process of clear communication 
Stephen Frankel (philosophy), Rachel Chrastil (history) & Jo Ann Recker (modern languages) - Creating a Xavier summer program in Paris 
Huizhen (Jean) Guo (math & computer science) - Implementing technology in teaching statistics

Spring 2005

Suzanne Chouteau (art) - Plate Lithography
Norman Finkelstein (English) - Campus Visit by Poet/Critic Peter Gizzi 
Lin Guo (health services administration) - Course Development:  Operations Management in healthcare organizations
David Mengel (history) - Agora to Piazza:  Public Space in Pre-Modern European Cities
Morell Mullins & Christine Dacey (psychology) - Understanding Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology
Daewood Park & Margaret Cunningham (management & entrepreneurship) - Enhancing WCB Undergraduate Core Curriculum Using Simulations
Susan Schmidt, Margaret King, Hilreth Lanig, Linda Moore, Linda Rieg, Linda Schmid, & Cindy Sublett (nursing) - Clinical Nurse Leader Regional Meetings
Heidrun Schmitzer & Terrence Toepker (physics) - Forensic Science Studies - A Cross Disciplinary Core Course
Karim Tiro (history) - A History of the Pig in America, with Especial Reference to the City of Cincinnati
Tyrone Williams (English) - Affrilachian Poetry

Fall 2004

Shannon Byrne & Fred Benda (classics) - The State of Classics in Jesuit Higher Education Conference 
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (modern languages) - Training for Technology Enhanced Second Language Instruction
Margaret Cunningham & Daewoo Park (management & entrepreneurship) - Enhancing WCB Undergraduate Core Curriculum:  MGMT302,Quality and Productivity in Operations
Melody D'Ambrosio (education) - Revitalization of EDEC335 - Language Arts/Social Studies for Early Childhood Block in Spring and Fall 2005 Semesters
Kim Howes (art) - Rome Summer Workshop
Hilreth Lanig (nursing) - Oxford Round Table
Michael Nelson (psychology) - Development of a video depicting anxiety-management skills for youth with children experiencing internalized conflict
Kathleen Smythe & Robert Jefferson (history) - The United States and Liberia

Spring 2004

Gerald Braun (information systems) - ASP.NET training course and curriculum development
Suzanne Chouteau (art), Isaac Larison (education)and Betty Porter (McDonald Library) - Picture books: A symposium of art and literature across the curriculum
Paul Fiorelli (accountancy) - ?Life and debt?:  The director?s view of the impact of globalization in Jamaica
Elizabeth Johnson (mathematics and computer science) - Incorporating agile programming methods in software engineering
Hem Raj Joshi and Bernd Rossa (mathematics and computer science) - Mathematics for biology and pre-med majors
Adekunle Okunoye (information systems) - Adding comprehensive information security content to graduate and undergraduate telecommunications and networking courses
Carol Scheerer and Heather Gallew (occupational therapy) - Developing the research component of the master of occupational therapy curriculum
Clint Schertzer (marketing) - Development of a new course in data mining
Kathleen Smythe (history) - African Environmental History

Fall 2003

Tom Clark (management & entrepreneurship) - Hiring Xavier information systems student to help develop business systems for the business profession program
E. Paul Colella (philosophy) - The city as enclosed universe:  Art, culture, entertainment and the urban public
Chris Dacey and Cathy McDaniels-Wilson (psychology) -  Optimal theory, belief systems analysis, and paradigm shift:  A process for health and wholeness in the 21st century
Carolyn Jenkins (social work) - Participation in the Oxford roundtable at St. Anthony's College in the University of Oxford
Winston Vaughan and Tom Kessinger (education) - Enhanced citizenship education:  Infusing service-learning into social studies pedagogy

Spring 2003

Graley Herren  (English) - Literary texts & contexts in Ireland
Brendan LaRocque, Julia O'Hara and Kathleen Smythe (history) - Development of library collection for teaching cross-cultural history with film
Michael Sweeney (philosophy) - Study of the Arabic language
Carol Winkelmann (English) - Women and sacred writing

Fall 2002

John Barrett, Chris Dacey and Janet Schultz (psychology) - Teaching psychology faculty about professional conduct and ethics in light of the new ethical code of the American Psychological Association (2002)
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (modern languages) - Modified oral proficiency interview training workshop
William O'Connell (education) - Using video technology to teach systems theory in family relations
Deborah Tesch (information systems) - Training in Visual Basic.NET for Implementation in Introductory and Advanced Application Development Courses in the Undergraduate IS Curriculum
Mary Lisa Vertuca (education) - Understanding poverty's impact on the educational process
Jodi Wyett (English) - ENGL 359:  Women and minorities:  Image in film

Spring 2002

Susan Namei and Hilreth Lanig (nursing) - Globalization of nursing curriculum:  The status of maternal and child care in The Gambia
Daniel Otero and James Snodgrass  (mathematics and computer science) - Theory of games and decision making:  A new core mathematics course

Fall 2001

Roshan Ahuja (marketing) - Undergraduate Marketing Ethics: Time to Teach the Teacher
John Barrett, Christine Dacey, and Suzanne Norman (psychology) - Teaching Psychology Faculty How to Integrate Case Study Methodology to Explore Issues of Diversity
Cynthia Dulaney and Cynthia Crown (psychology) - The Integration of Hollywood Film Clips in Two Undergraduate Courses in Psychology
George W.M. Harrison, Edmund Cueva, Shannon Byrne (classics), and Cathy Springfield (theatre) - Conference - SENSE AND THE SATYR PLAY
Michael Nelson (psychology) - Development of a video depicting depression-management skills for use with children experiencing internalized conflict
Phyllis Laine (biology) and Cynthia Geer (education) - Production of a Video to Train New Instructors in the Pedagogy Approach Used in a Revised Life Investigations Laboratory I
Margery Shupe (education - graduate counseling) - Service Learning as a Necessary Component to Counselor Professional  Development

Spring 2001

Suzanne Chouteau (art) - Digitally Assisted Printmaking
Michael Goldweber and Liz Johnson (mathematics and computer science) - Using Robots in Introductory Computer Science
Richard Gruber (history) - American History through American Music

Fall 2000

Gillian Ahlgren (theology) -  Developing a Christina Mystic Web Page
Paul Colella (philosophy) - Contemporary American Literary Culture: The View from Italy
Marie Giblin (theology) and Margo Heydt (social work) - Creation of a new interdisciplinary course for Fall 2001: Religion, Ethics, and Professional Practice
Irene Hodgson (modern languages) - Latin America on the Web and on Tape
Frank Oppenheim (philosophy) - Updating Philosophy 317 into the 21st Century
Tyrone Williams, Jodi Wyett, and Allison Russell (English) - Visiting Professor Series

Spring 2000

Lynda Kilbourne (management) - Faculty Development: legal and Ethical Environment of Business
Vimala Majeti (chemistry) - Videotape Demonstrations of Microscale Organic Lab Techniques
Isam Marawi (chemistry) - Continuation to 'Inquiry Format for the General Chemistry Laboratory'
James McCann, S.J. (political science) - Northern Ireland: Strengthen the Peace Process
Ginger McKenzie (education) - First International Symposium: Research on Montessori Education
Yvonne McKoy (nursing) - Rhythms of Caring: A Cadence
Michael Nelson, Susan Kenford and John Barrett (psychology) - Continuation of Diversity Workshops

Fall 1999

Christine Anderson and Kathleen Smythe (history) - Visiting Lecturers on Comparative Race-Making in South Africa and the  U.S.
Norman Finkelstein and Tyrone Williams (English) - Campus Visit from Michael Palmer
Hilreth Lanig and Susan Namei (nursing) - Hispanic Concentration in Nursing
Michael Nelson, Susan Kenford, and John Barrett (psychology) - Ethnic Minorities: Psychological Assessment and Education Strategies
Suzanne Norman (psychology) - Master Teacher in Gerontology Workshop: Teaching the Psychology of Aging
Daewoo Park (management and entrepreneurship) - Enhancing Undergraduate and MBA-Level Global Strategy and International Management Courses
Susan Shapiro (classics) - The Latin TV News Project
Debbie Tesch (accounting and information systems) - Java Application Development in the Undergraduate IS Curriculum

Faculty Development Leave Recipients 


Max Buot (math) - An analysis of distance correlation (Spring 2018)
E. Paul Colella (philosophy) - William James & the future of democracy: A contribution from American pragmatism to a contemporay European debate (Fall 2017)
Steven Frankel (philosophy) - Spinoza’s Critique of Miracles (Spring 2018)
Marsha Karagheusian (art) - A study of the ceramic process with painting and drawing mediums, as it relates to the female genre (Fall 2017)
Thomas Knestrict (childhood education and literacy) - Deconstructing the Positive Behavioral Intervention Support Model (Fall 2017)
David Knutson (classics & modern languages) - "Rural Crime Fiction in Hispanic Literatures" (Spring 2018)
Mina Lee (management & entrepreneurship) - Reverse-Mergers and consequent M&As: A real-option perspective
Kate Loveland (marketing) - Understanding consumer motivation for extended warranties: Peace of mind at what price (Spring 2018)
Stephen Mills (chemistry) - Studies on the mechanism of the copper amine oxidases (Spring 2018)
Jonathan Morris (physics) - Ion order and disorder in sodium cobaltalte
Kathryn Morris (biology) - Ecosystem services provided by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Mark Nagy (psychology) -  (Fall 2017)
Richard Polt (philosophy) - drafting a book on Martin Heidegger (Fall 2017)
Leslie Rasmussen (communication arts) -  (Fall 2017)
Bernd Rossa (mathematics) - Strengthening quantitative reasoning at Xavier and beyond (Fall 2017)
Kathleen Smythe (history) - book manuscript, Mind-Body-History-Earth (Fall 2017)
Tyrone Williams (English) - In pursuit of ourselves:  the problem of racial and cultural authenticity in African American culture (Fall 2017)


Ahlgren, Gillian (theology), Spiritual Exercises for the Twenty-First Century
Erikson, Bruce (art), Incorporating Elements of Classical Arts and Contemporary Ballet into Figurative Painting
Gerberry, Carla (mathematics), Exploring pre-service teachers’ mathematical content knowledge development:  The role of constructed response assessment and reflection
Jin, Alan (management & entrepreneurship), Improving Operations Management Courses Using Student-Selected Real World Projects
Joshi, Hem Raj (mathematics), Impact of Male-Female Ratio on HIV Incidence
Lacey, Russell (marketing), Why Event Social Responsibility is Essential: Positive Outcomes for Marketing and Consumers
Madar, Martin (theology), Book project
Malik, Anas (political science), Islamic Covenants for Peace and Prosperity: Collective Action, Tradition, and Institutional Choice
Renzi, Kristen (English), Manuscript Completion—An Ethic of Innocence:  Pragmatism, Modernity, and Women’s Choice Not to Know
Russell, Alison (English), On the Job: the Literature of Work in 21st Century American Fiction
White, Tim (political science), International Relations Theories and Northern Ireland
Wong, Kam C (criminal justice), Chapter 2: “Voices from e-HKP Club” in Policing in Hong Kong: Inside Voices (12/2017)


Randy Browne  (history) -- A master above the master: Slaves and the law in nineteenth century Cuba --  Spring 2016
Mee-Shew Cheung (marketing) - Purpose-driven supplier engagement and its role in global supply chain reliability -- Fall 2015
Blis DeVault (arts & innovation) - Our daily bread: Feeding communities through thoughtfulness and reflection --Spring 2016
Cindy Geer (early childhood education & literacy) - Pioneering education:  Schools of creativity and transformation -- Fall 2015
David Gerberry (mathematics & computer science) -- Optimal allocation of HIV prevention resources in sub-Saharan Africa: A modeling approach -- Fall 2015
Jonathan Gibson (art) -- Arts of parts -- Fall 2015
Michelle Hall (counseling) -- Preparing the manuscript: Medical Trauma -- Fall 2015
Esmeralda Nastase (mathematics & computer science) - Minimum size partitions and minimum size supertails of vector spaces -- Spring 2016
Michael Nelson (psychology) -- Developing the 3rd edition of:  Keeping Your Cool" worksbooks and therapist manual -- Fall 2015
Jennifer Robbins (biology) -- Macrovertebrate community structure and abiotic effects on West Nile Virus prevalence in Cincinnati mosquito larvae and AIDS is not a place -- Spring 2016
David Rodick (philosophy) -- Gabriel Marcel and american philosophy -- Fall 2015
Amit Sen (economics) -- LM unit root tests that allow for a simultaneous break in the trend and the innovation variance -- Spring 2016
Trudelle Thomas (English) -- Novels and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) -- Spring 2016
Ann Marie Tracey (accountancy & law) -- Two Projects:  (1) Meeting the market and making the grade developing a (Health Industry Law and Ethics) class from scratch.  (2) Systemic disparate treatment: Is it a new vehicle fro proving discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 Discrimination in Employment Act? -- Fall 2015
Laura Youderian (economics) -- Early childhood education policy and fertility decisions -- deferred to Fall 2016


Timothy Brownlee (philosophy) - Conscience, recognition, and selfhood in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit -- Fall 2014
Arthur Dewey (theology) - Remembering the death of Jesus -- Fall 2014
Karen Enriquez (theology) - Ignatian spirituality in a religiously diverse world:  Comparing the spiritual exercises and the way of the Bodhisattva -- Fall 2014
Paul Fiorelli (accountancy & law) - The value of values:  Practical principles for everyday ethics -- Fall 2014
Michael Goldweber (mathematics & computer science) - Computing for the social good in New Zealand - Spring 2015
Justin Link (physics) - Establishing an interdisciplinary and international collaboration to explore the protein structure-function relation of the cryptochrome -- Fall 2014
Christian Mastilak (accountancy) - System dynamics concepts in accounting and accounting education: Effects of education and experience on reasoning performance and on transfer to new problems -- Fall 2014
Anna Miller (theology) - Research and writing of two articles -- Fall 2014
Maureen Mullinax (sociology) - Cultural activism in central Appalachia:  The transformative potential of community-based arts practice in the era of neoliberalism -- Spring 2015
Ann Ray (biology) - Rangewide survey for the U.S. federally threatened valley elderberry longhorn beetle using a female produced sex pheromone -- Spring 2015
Nick Salsman (psychology) - An international investigation of dialectical behavior therapy and emotion regulation in treating suicidal behaviors -- Spring 2015
Heidrun Schmitzer (physics) - Organic/metal metamaterials for transformation optics -- Spring 2015
Joseph Wagner (mathematics & computer science) - The transfer of mathematical knowledge in the context of learning undergraduate physics -- 2014-2015 academic year
Amy Whipple (history) - :What is it?  How do you get it?"  Personal health and primary medical care in Britain, 1943-1966 -- Fall 2014
Bin Yu (political science) - Authoritarian deliberation and bonded responsiveness:  An analysis of CPPCC proposals, 2008-2012 -- Fall 2014


Minerva Catral (mathematics & computer science) - Generalizations of non-negative matrices and their sign patterns and zero forcing number of graphs
Rachel Chrastil (history) - The Stuff of Everyday Life
John Fairfield (history) - The future of the city: regionalism and urban sprawl since 1932
Norman Finkelstein (English) - From the files of the Immanent Foundation:  new & selected poems
Anna Ghee (psychology) - General Experimental Psychology Lab Manual
Bree Lang (economics) - The effect of down payment assistance on neighborhood segregation
Matthew Lang (economics) - Where are the mentally ill treated when mental health funding is cut
Mollie McIntosh (biology) - A temporal assessment of community structure and function within wetlands of southwestern Ohio
Rebecca Muich (classics & modern languages( - The Wall of Troy and surviving difficult crossings
Niamh O'Leary (English) - Women in Shakespeare's Roman and Greek plays
Randall Patnode (communication arts) - The synchronized society: temporal consciousness and the origins of broadcasting
Timothy Quinn (philosophy) - History of catholic political philosophy
Kristine Suna-Koro (theology) - Book manuscript working title Liturgy as Migration:  Praise through Righteous Action and other articles
Thomas Wagner (communication arts) - "Thank You For Your Service": the effects of non-veterans' taboo topic communication on veterans' message processing topic avoidance
Jodi Wyett (English) - Quixote Legacy: The female Quixote and the woman writer


Adam Clark (theology) - Honoring the ancestors:  toward an afrocentric approach to christina theology
Tom Clark (management and entrepreneurship) - The impact of threat of criminal sanctions on the persuasiveness of environmental assessment reports
Margaret Cunningham (management and entrepreneurship) - Field of supply chain management
Christian End (psychology) - Sports fans' responses to social identity threat
George Farnsworth (biology) - Assessing the prevalence and diversity of avian blood parasites in Costa Rica
Steven Frankel (philosophy) -French culture and politics:  a guide for students
Graley Herren (English) - The criminal minds of Beckett, Sebald, and Delillo
Ganesh Malla (mathematics and computer science) - An improved smooth isotonic regression estimator
Chris Manolis (marketing) - Research in the area of consumer behavior
Mack Mariani (Political Science and Sociology) - Rethinking the gender gap:  secular realignment, economic vulnerability and gender differences in voting, partisanship and ideology
Adekunle Okunoye (management information systems) - ICT and global climate change - assessing methodology for evaluating the carbon-reducing impacts of ICT in developing countries
John Sniegocki (theology) - food ethics and christian faith
Thomas Strunk (classics) - Tacitus and history after liberty
Stephen Yandell (English) - Getting medieval on the university


Thilini Ariyachandra (management information systems) - Attaining enterprise agility through business intelligence architecture success
Michelle Brady (philosophy) - Two articles considering the relation between John Locke's educational theory and his political theory
Daniel Dwyer (philosophy) - The genesis of concepts in perception
Tom Hayes (marketing) - Book:  You can get there from here:  Marketing success stories in higher education
Natalia Jacovkis (modern languages) - Mapping the Latin American city:  Representations of urban space in contemporary Latin American narratives
Elizabeth Johnson (math/computer science) -Teaching algorithm and problem-solving through real world applications
Stafford Johnson (finance) - Investments:  Markets, strategies and applications with a guide to Bloomberg
Rebecca Luce (management & entrepreneurship) - Sustainability initiatives in business:  What are the predictors and outcomes?
Anas Malik (political science and sociology) - Polycentricity and political Islam:  A minarchist approach to Pakistan's constitutional design
Dena Morton (mathematics & computer science) - Multiplication groups for a family of Nim-like rays
Richard Mullins (chemistry) - Synthetic glycoconjugates for the detection of influenza and other pathogens
Chris Pramuk (theology) - Hope sings, so beautiful:  Graced encounters across the color line
Gregory Smith (management information systems) - Big bang generation:  An exploration of the design and outer limits of the data universe
Karim Tiro (history) - Bittersweet:  The place of sugar in American history from Christopher Columbus to Michael Bloomberg
Timothy White (political science & sociology) - Lessons from the northern Ireland peace process


Gillian Ahlgren (theology) - Francis and Clare:  The legacy
Max Buot (mathematics & computer science) - Multivariate parameter estimation via algebraic statistics
David Burns (marketing) - Consumption in a consumer culture: The role of consumer warfare
Silvia Carli (philosophy) - Two articles on Aristotle
Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco (modern languages) - Research in second language acquisition
Hasan Faruq (economics) - Research in second language acquisition
Elizabeth Groppe (theology) - Guarding the flame of the grandeur of God:  Christian life and practice in an era of ecological crisis
Jose Maria Mantero (modern languages) - Omar Cabezas and the discourse of liberation
Esmeralda Nastase (mathematics & computer science) - Partial t-spreads of vector spaces
Paul O'Hara (history) - Inventing the Pinkertons:  The Pinkerton National Detective Agency and the making of the Long Gilded Age, 1850-1937
Lifang Wu (management & entrepreneurship) - A quantitative study on supply cluster efficiency and competitiveness


Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) - Workplace design:  The imperative role of physical environment in professional work settings
Brent Blair (biology) - Ecosystem impact of the invasive shrub Amur Honeysuckle (lonicara maackii) on forest remnants of southwestern Ohio
Mee-Shew Cheung (marketing) - The role of global supply chain management in enhancing the performance of bottom-of-the-pyramid ventures
Marco Fatuzzo (physics) - Cosmic-ray diffusion through giant molecular clouds:  Implications for star formation
Kelly Phelps (art) - Developing a renewed way of creating artwork
Ron Quinn (sports studies) - The application of Ignatian pedagogy to sports through the development of an integrated coaching and sports education model
Amy Whipple (history) - Ordinary People:  The Cultural Origins of Thatcherism in Britain, 1950-1979
David Yi (economics) - Determinants of fundraising efficiency of nonprofit organizations


Shannon Byrne (classics) - Maecenas:  Politician, patron and legend
Rachel Chrastil (history) - Civilians under siege:  Strasbourg 1870
E. Paul Colella (philosophy) - Giambattista Vico, poetic imagery and the public sphere
Irene Compton (modern languages) - Oh, Du mein Österreich, oh, Du mein Heimatland.  Elfriede Jelineks Österreichbild
John Fairfield (history) - Movies and cities:  An historical relationship
Norman Finkelstein (English) - Book on renewed forms of spirituality and religious faith in the contemporary American long poem
Michael Goldweber (mathematics and computer science) - VDE educational materials
Robert Jefferson (history) - Caravan leader:  Ulysses Lee and the black aesthetic tradition, 1913-1969
Vishal Kashyap (marketing) - Compliance and value synchronization in interfirm relationships
Kara Northway (English) - The hand of craftsmen at work in early modern drama
Jamal Rashed (economics) - Competitiveness, investment and economic growth in transition countries:  An analysis
Michael Rimler (economics) - Partial collusion and product differentiation
Heidrun Schmitzer (physics) - Using nonlinear optics for imaging techniques
Ann Marie Tracey (accountancy) -  Systematic disparate treatment:  Is it a new vehicle for proving discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act?


M. Christine Anderson (history) - Claiming American identities:  explorations in American culture and history
William Anyonge (biology) - Functional morphology of three species of extinct east African Miocene canivorans
George Farnsworth (biology) - Variability in extra-pair paternity in mockingbirds as a function of latitude
Edward Hahnenberg (theology) - When the church calls: toward an ecclesial understanding of vocation
Hem Raj Joshi (mathematics/computer science) - Effect of health care information distribution on the HIV epidemic
Sarah Melcher (theology) - An ethical approach to the prohibitions of Leviticus 18 and 20:  sexual intercourse, land, and inheritance in ancient Israel
David Mengel (history) - Emperor Charles IV (1346-1378) and local religion in medieval Prague
John Sniegocki (theology) - Catholic social teaching and global justice
Joseph Wagner (mathematics/computer science) - Instructional practices that promote inquiry and dialogue in an advanced mathematics classroom
Carol Winkelmann (English) - The language of Buddhist nuns in the Indian Himalayas


Tongdong Bai (philosophy) - A philosophical commentary of the analects and investigations of other issues in early Chinese political philosophy
Jennifer Beste (theology) - Children, sin and moral agency in the Catholic tradition
Suzanne Chouteau (art) - Genocide/Generation
Craig Davis (chemistry) - Synthesis of novel oxygen-activating nickel (II) complexes
Cynthia Geer (education) - Examination of professional development models and evaluation techniques in science education and technology
Thomas Hayes (marketing) - Marketing colleges and universities: A multi-book proposal
Timothy Kloppenborg (management/entrepreneurship) - Contemporary project management:  Initiating, planning and executing successful projects
Felicia Kruse (philosophy) - Two articles in aesthetics
W. Michael Nelson (psychology) - Keeping your cool:  The anger management workbook series
Adekunle Okynoye (management information systems) - Diffusion of IT innovations and service provision:  Examination of banking sector
Karim Tiro (history) - A history of the pig in America, with especial reference to the city of Cincinnati, otherwise known as "Porkopolis"


Elizabeth Groppe (theology) - The Holy Spirit and the Christian-Jewish Schism
Graley Herren English) - Specters & Spectators:  The Film and Television Work of Samuel Beckett
Dena Morton (mathematics and computer science) - Lectures in Topology
Daniel Otero (mathematics and computer science) - Calculus from a Historical Perspective
Amit Sen (economics and human resources) - An Examination of the Relationship Between the Male and Female Unemployment Rates: Evidence from OECD Countries
Jonathan Tan (theology) - Introducing Asian American Theologies
Trudelle Thomas (English) - Children's Spirituality: Text and Image


Marco Fatuzzo (physics) - fall 2004 - Two studies in theoretical astrophysics:  Cosmic-ray production in supernova remnants and estimating the fraction of solar systems with habitable planets
Norman Finkelstein (English) - fall 2004 - "Eden, glossolalia of light":  The problematic of the spirit in the contemporary american long poem
C. Walker Gollar (theology) - Self-help and solidarity in Cincinnati's antebellum Union Baptist Church
Mark Sena (information systems) - Business intelligence:  A survey of current practices and framework for achievement of benefits
Jodi Wyett (English) - fall 2004 - Reading women:  The 'Female Novel" and the woman reader, 1752-1818


Michael Goldweber (mathematics and computer science) - spring 2004 - µMPS
Sherrie Human (management and entrepreneurship) - spring 2004 - Entrepreneurial process and characteristics:  A comparison of independent, corporate and incubator entrepreneurial contexts
David Knutson (modern languages) - spring 2004 - Worlds apart:  Images of rich and poor in the 20th century Spanish novel
Richard Polt (philosophy) - spring 2004 - The emergency of being:  On Heidegger's contributions to philosophy


Steve Herbert (physics) - spring 2003 - Fabrication and Measurement of Three-Dimensional Superconducting Josephson Junction Arrays
Martin McDowell (heath services administration) - fall 2002 - Investigation of Factors Useful in Accurate prediction of Prostate    Cancer Risk Based on Screening Tests and Risk Factor Modeling
Dennis O'Reilly (accountancy) - fall 2002 - The Effects of Contingency Fee Arrangements on Accountant's    Litigation Support Judgments
Geraldo Sousa (English) - spring 2003 - Habitual Pleasure: Shakespeare and the Art of Living
Michael Sweeney (philosophy) - spring 2003 - Augustine and Aquinas on the Public Exercise of Philosophy: The    Politics of Contemplation
Debbie Tesch (information systems) - fall 2002 - Modeling Information Technology (IT) Project Management Implementation Discrepancies: Perceptions from Project Managers, IT   Professional, and End Users


Melanie Blackwell (economics and human resources) - fall 2001 - A Visiting Expert Partnership with the Food and Agricultural    Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Priscilla O'Clock (accounting and information systems) - fall 2001 - Management Control and Incentive Systems: An Exploratory Study of   the Impact of Cultural Differences
Camille Schuster (marketing) - fall 2001 - Doing Business Using a Consumer-Centered Paradigm
Kathleen Smythe (history) - spring 2002 - Fipa Families: Missionary Schooling and Social Reproduction in    Nkansi, Ufipa, 1880-1960


Kathleen Hart (psychology) - academic year - Assessment of Juvenile Competence to Stand Trial
Gary Lewandowski (mathematics and computer science) - academic year - Visiting Scholar at Hope College
Frank Oppenheim, S.J. (philosophy) - fall 2000 - Royce's Relations with Peirce, James and Dewey
Kenneth Overberg, S.J. (theology) - spring 2001 - The Mystery of God and Suffering
Jamal Rashed (economics and human resources) - spring 2001 - The Impact of Multinational Corporations on Capital-Rich, Labor-Poor Economies and the New Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments
Jack Reamy (health services administration) - fall 2000 - Physician Workforce Reforms in Lithuania: A Period of Rapid Transition
Raghu Tadepalli (marketing) - fall 2000 - Supervisory Antecedents to the Customer Orientation, Job Satisfaction, and Performance of American and Mexican Salespeople: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
Timothy White (political science and sociology) - fall 2000 - Colonialism and Beyond: Politics in the Irish Republic
Carol Winkelmann (English) - fall 2000 - The Language of Suffering: an Ethnolinguistic Perspective on Battered   Women, Religion and Abuse.

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Summer Fellowship Recipients


Timothy Brownlee, (philosophy), Inequality and alienation:  Hegel on reciprocal recognition.
David Gerberry, (mathematics), The impact of personal experience on vaccination behavior.
Ashley Hinck, (communication arts), Anchoring civic appeals in fan commitments: Affect and the textual imperative.
Alan Jin, (management & entrepreneurship), Improving supply chain sustainability & ethics using social media - current situation and potential. 
Heidi Park (theology), Phenomenological Research on Historical Memories of Korean War and Japanese Colonization in Korean American Christians. 


Suparna Chatterjee (history), Neoliberalism and Feminism: Recasting Women at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Hwisang Cho (history), The Power of the Brush: Epistolary Revolution in Early Modern Korea
Renae Frey (English), Book-length Monograph for Publication: Speaking Truth to Power: Recovering a Rhetorical Theory of Parrhesia
Ed Kosack (economics), The Long Run Development Impacts of a Guest Worker Program: Evidence from the Bracero Program
Jennifer McFarlane Harris (English), Mother and Mozart: Requiem Mythology and Augustine St. Clare’s Imperfect Conversion in Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Tammy Sonnentag (psychology), Characteristics Associated with Late Adolescents’ Situation-Specific Expressions of the Tendency to be a Moral Rebel


Timothy Brownlee (philosophy) - Freedom, recognition, and Adorno's critique of Hegel's practical philosophy
Rachel Chrastil (history) - Child Free:  Past, present and future
Marsha Karagheusian (art) - Ceramic bas-reliefs:  A study of French Romantic Art
Martin Madar (theology) - Halik (FYS)
Chris Welter (management & entrepreneurship) - The strings attached to other people's money: A simulation model of the impact of formal funding on entrepreneurial performance
Bin Yu (political science) - Adoption or dismissal? Explaining policy consequences of CPPCC proposals, 2009-2013


Supaporn Kradtap (chemistry) - Development of a simple method for quantitative analysis or urinary creatinine by Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) using digital image analysis
Mina Lee (management & entrepreneurship) - A study on spinoff survival:  Will a spinoff from unsuccessful parents survive better?
Martin Madar (theology) - An article which will investigate the contribution of Joseph A. Komonchak
(1939 - ) to the interpretation of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965)
Lisa Ottum (English) - "Affect and ecology in the nineteenth century"
Kristen Renzi (English) - Breaches of archival promise:  The literary-discursive challenges of reading sex crimes and female sexuality in the 19th century
Renee Zucchero (psychology) - The effect of service-learning on undergraduate psychology students


Jennifer Gibson (psychology) -  Evaluating the effectiveness of a social and emotional learning curriculum in a Montessori school setting
Gabe Gottlieb (philosophy) - A defense of human rights
Greg Lubiani (health services administration) - Effect of multiple pollution interactions on population health and productivity
Thomas Strunk (classics & modern languages) - Tacitus and the conflict of roman values:  Pax, Otium, and Gloria


Timothy Brownlee (philosophy) - Recognition and selfhood in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit
Blis DeVault (communication arts) - The sanctity of sanctuary, Paul Strauss and the "Equinox Farm"
Dalia Diab (psychology) - Being philanthropic or going green?  Corporate social responsibility and organization attraction
Anna Miller (theology) - Corinthian democracy:  first-century Ekklesia discourse and I Corinthians
Maureen Mullinax (Political Science and Sociology) - Cultural activism in the rural south:  social movement roots of contemporary community-based arts practice
James Wood (philosophy) - The Philebus:  Plato's examination of the good


Gabe Gottlieb (philosophy) - World, Body, Normativity:  Understanading Fichte's Foundations of Natural Right
Graley Herren (English) - An invited lecture at the University of Oxford on Samuel Beckett's Shakespearean debts
Kristine Johnson (English) - Ad Perfectum Eloquentiam:  A history of Jesuit Rhetorical education
Ganesh Malla (mathematics/computer science) - A smoothed version of a new isotonic regression estimator
Rebecca Munich (classics) - Andromache's lament in the lliad
Niamh O'Leary (English) - Professional alliances:  Whores, petty criminals, and other working women
Richard Polt (philosophy) - On the essence and concepts of nature, history, and state
Kristine Suna-Koro (theology) - Dissertation to book
Bin Yu (political science/sociology) - The impacts of civil society activities on social stability in China:  A comparative case analysis of Guizhou and Sichuan


Rachel Chrastil (history) - Civilization under siege:  War and violence in Strasbourg, 1870
Blis Devault (communication arts) - The sanity of sanctuary, Paul Straus and the "Equinox Farm"
Hem Raj Joshi (mathematics and computer science) - Mathematically modeling HIV treatment using optimal control theory
Morten Kristiansen (music) - Richard Strauss and German impressionism
Anas Malik (political science and sociology) - Book:  Minarchist Political Islam:  Pakistani Ideals and Realities
Richard Polt (philosophy) - Traumatic empiricism
Eleni Tsalla (philosophy) - Plato on religion as an affair of the Polis


Dennis Frost (history) - The other games:  Paralympic sports and disability in modern Japan
Natalia Jacovkis (modern languages) - The flaneur in a globalized city:  La virgen de los sicarios, by Fernando Vallejo
Margaret Martin (ESL) - Examining teacher and student attitudes toward western cultural content in reading materials in Sri Lankan English classrooms
Cathy McDaniels-Wilson (psychology) - The extensive sexual violation and sexual abuse histories of incarcerated women - twelve year follow-up
Christopher Pramuk (theology) - Say hello and goodbye:  Meditations on pregnancy, miscarriage, and infant loss
Nicholas Salsman (psychology) - Dialectical behavior therapy for borderline personal disorder:  A case study
Thomas Strunk (classics) - Against the Principate:  Libertas and the political thought of Tacitus
Lifang Wu (management and entrepreneurship) - A study on supply chain behaviors of industrial clusters


Jennifer Beste (theology) - Second graders' experiences of the sacrament of reconciliation
Tina Davlin-Pater (sports studies) - Perceptual style, visual input and balance performance
Elizabeth Groppe (theology) - Eating:  A volume for the Constructive Theology Workgroup's "Everyday Practices" series
Huizhen (Jean) Guo (mathematics/computer science) - Quantile estimation and quantile comparison for gamma distributions
Mack Mariani (political science and sociology) - The pipeline:  Female state legislators and patterns of congressional advancement
Paul O'Hara (history) - The very model of modern urban decay:  Race and dystopia
Nicholas Salsman (psychology) - Borderline personality disorder, emotion regulation and emotional intensity:  A multi-site study
Kathleen Smythe (history) - Development?  A post-colonial history of Ufipa
Aaron Szymkowiak (philosophy) - The misery of vice:  Malthus and the morality of "preventive" checks on population


Rashmi Assudani (management and entrepreneurship) - Factors that have a potential to moderate 'distance' implications for geographically distributed work
Vishal Kashyap (marketing) - Developing salesforce relationalism:  the role of distributive and procedural justice
Thomas Knestrict (education) - A trip to Holland: investigating coping strategies over time of parents of children with disabilities
Dena Morton (mathematics/computer science) - The algebra of a colorful word
Zak Sitter (English) - The aesthetics of orientalism in nineteenth-century Britain
Amy Whipple (history) -  ?Ordinary People?:  The Cultural Origins of Thatcherism in Britain, 1964-1979
David Yi (economics) - Managerial incentives and charity efficiency


William Anyonge (biology) - Paleobiology of the east and south African MiocenePleistocene carnivoran guild:  an investigation of body mass, cranial and post cranial morphology as indicators of locomotor and dietary behavior
Hem Raj Joshi (mathematics & computer science) - Optimal harvesting in a fishery model
Marsha Karagheusian (art) - The drawing, painting and sculpting of the human form
Vishal Kashyap (marketing) - Measuring distributive justice in an inter-organizational setting
José María Mantero (modern languages) - Visualizing the myth:  Omar Cabezas and the creation of the new Nicaragua
David Mengel (history) - Travel, research, and writing necessary to complete a draft of a book
Tara Michels (communication arts) - Buzz marketing


Daniel Dwyer (philosophy)  first year - Preconceptual Content in Perception Husserl and McDowell 
Christian End (psychology) first year - Reaction to social identity threat: A study of sports fans' public reactions after their preferred team experiences loss 
Anna Ghee (psychology) - Emotional Intelligence and Peer Group Influence as Predictors of Risky Alcohol Use within College Students
Vishal Kashyap (marketing) first year - The Linkages between Governance, Justice and Outcomes in Marketing Channels of Distribution 
Brendan LaRocque (history) - Travel India to conduct archival research 
Morell Mullins (psychology) - Reactions to Hiring Measures as a Function of Response Scales: Fairness, Face Validity, and Perceived Performance 
Richard Mullins (chemistry) first year - Medicinal Chemistry of Kalkotoxin, a Secondary Metabolite of Lyngbya Majuscula 
Kara Northway (English) first year - 'Goodly speeches': The Hand of Craftsmen in the Political Poetry of Renaissance Pageants 
John Sniegocki (theology) first year - Catholic Social Teaching and Global Justice 
Aaron Szymkowiak philosophy) - Francis Hutcheson's Painless Imagination and the Relationships between Beauty and Morality 
Karim Tiro (history) - France and the Oneida Indian Nation, 1785-1820 
Holly Toensing (theology) - Home is Where the Heart Is 
Stephen Yandell (English) - Political Prophecy in Medieval Wales


Gillian Ahlgren (theology) - The ontology of intimacy
Michelle Brady (philosophy) - The rhetoric of Locke's moral education
Shannon Byrne (classics) - Hesiot, Pheidias, Athena Parthenos, and Pandora
Tina Davlin (education) - The relationship between perceptual style and balance ability
Robert Jefferson (history) - Delivering for the race:  African Americans and the Chicago Post Office, 1928-1950
Mark Nagy (psychology) - The analysis of a job satisfaction survey given to participants working for the Veterans Health Administration
Heidrun Schmitzer (physics) - Spin transfer form light to birefringent particles in the mode field of an optical single mode fiber
Amit Sen (economics and human resources) - The time series properties of medical net discount rates
Jonathan Tan (theology) - Introducing Asian-American theologies

2004-- First-year Faculty

Tongdong Bai (philosophy) - Bohr's and Pauli's philosophy of physics
Jennifer Beste (theology) - A defense of 'Women's Experience' as source and norm for feminist theology
Mary Conway Dato-on (marketing) - A cross-cultural study of self-serving bias in customer co-production
George Farnsworth (biology) - Optimal foraging strategies and numerical competence in untrained chickadees
Christina Fisanick (English) - The embodied pedagogue:  Teaching and writing with the body
Steven Frankel (philosophy) - The dialogue between philosophy and religion in Spinoza's "Tracatus Theologico Politicus"
Hem Raj Joshi (mathematics/computer science) - Optimal harvesting in an integro-difference population model with Beverton-Holt growth
David Mengel (history) - Travel to Prague, research and writing
Adekunle Okunoye (information systems) - Innovation and process improvements in higher education administration and management:  An examination of STARS project -- ERP implementation at Xavier University
Ann Marie Tracey (accountancy) - The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002:  Is it effective and ethical?


George Harrison (classics) - Cisterns of Roman Crete
Graley Herren (English) - Samuel Beckett's radio plays

2003-- First-year Faculty

Paul Cichello (economics and human resources) - The changing face of poverty in the new South Africa
Jason Franz (art) - The live model as source and subject for contemporary drawing and painting in an intensive studio production of new works
Thomas Merrill (music) - New choral music:  Compositions for the cambiata ensemble
Amit Sen (economics and human resources) - Assessing the performance of some new unit root tests designed for the trend-break stationary alternative
Tracy Yin (nursing) - Promoting student nurse success on national licensure examinations


Alan Baker (philosophy) - Criteria for Scientific Theory Choice in a Complex World
Jack Barrett (psychology) - Quality of Life of Elderly Spinal Cord Injury Survivors
Marco Fatuzzo (physics) - A Theoretical Investigation of the Unique Star Population at the   Galactic Center
Dena Morton (mathematics and computer science) - The Morava K-theory of the Spectrum bo
Doug Olberding (education) - Understanding strategic management in U.S. Olympic sport    organizations: Does planning matter?
Daneilla Sarnoff (history) - Women in French Fascism, 1919-1939
Charles Snodgrass (English) - Scottish Romanticism: National Identity and the Novel in Blackwood's   Circle
Jodi Wyett (English) - "Quixotic Characters: Charlotte Lennox's The Female Quixote (1752)    and the Eighteenth-Century Woman Reader"


Michelle Brady (philosophy) - Mind Over Matter: The Will and the Passions in Descartes
Norman Finkelstein (English) - Hineni: Volume Two of Track
Susan Kenford (psychology) - Are we all the same? An exploration of potential ethnic differences in    smoking cessation outcome.  The state of graduate training in addictive disorders and substance abuse treatment.
Hema Krishnan (management) - Exploring the Relationship between Price Paid and Subsequent Work    Force Reduction in Major Related Acquisitions: An Agency Theory Perspective
Sarah Melcher (theology) - Scripture in Emancipatory Perspectives
Randall Patnode (communication arts) - Heralding Radio: The Social Construction of Broadcasting From 1922 to 1927
Susan Shapiro (classics) - Historical essay to accompany Commentary on Cicero's Second,    Third, and Fourth Catilinarian Orations
Geraldo U. de Sousa (English) - The Phenomenology of Home in Othello and The Merchant Venice


Graley Herren (English) - Ghosts in the Machine: A Study of Samuel Beckett's Plays for Television
Hema Krishnan (management and entrepreneurship) - Measuring Uniqueness in Complementary Acquisitions and Examining  its Implications for Post-Acquisition Performance

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