Applying to the Intensive English Program from Outside the US

If your purpose for coming to the United States is to study English, you will need to enter the United States on a student (F-1) visa. Students who apply for a student visa need to obtain a form I-20 from the university and then take this document to the American Consulate overseas to apply for a visa. An I-20 will be issued by Xavier University after a student has been accepted by the University.

To apply, students must submit a completed application form, proof of secondary completion or higher, and a copy of the passport information page. Financial documents are required for a student visa.

Apply online or access and print a paper pdf form

Applying from Within the US

If you are applying as a transfer student, obtain more information on transferring to Xavier University.

Students who are permanent residents or US citizens are not required to submit a financial statement with their application. All other requirements are the same as for students applying from outside the US. (Application form and fee) People in the US on some other type of visa (L, H,) may be able to take ESL classes with some possible restrictions.

Please note that Immigration (DHS) restrictions prohibit any person holding a B (tourist) visa from studying full-time. Students should not apply for a B visa and expect to change their status to student (F-1) after they arrive in the US. Any questions about immigration status should be addressed to the Assistant Director of International Student Services.

Application deadline

Priority application deadlines are listed in the Program Calendar. Students are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible so that they will have time for their visa interview. There can be delays at the embassy in getting an appointment or processing a visa, especially during peak times and holidays, so students should plan ahead.

Application Procedure

Admission to Xavier University

Admission to the Intensive English program and successful completion of the program does not constitute admission to any academic program at Xavier. A separate application must be submitted to apply to any other program at Xavier University. Please note that grades received in the Intensive English program are considered in admissions decisions.

More Information

To receive an application by mail or to receive more information about the ESL program or the classes, please contact:

  • Xavier University Intensive English Program (ESL)
  • 3800 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45207-5121 USA
  • Phone: (513) 745-2847
  • Email:

Education USA

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