Intensive English Instructors at Xavier University are trained and dedicated professionals who are well qualified to help international students master English and adjust to life in the United States. All IEP faculty members at Xavier University have obtained graduate degrees in TESOL, applied linguistics, or a related specialty and have several years of professional experience.

Jane Conzett,  IEP Program Director

Jane has been the IEP Program Director since 1998.  She enjoys working with international students both in and out of the classroom. Teaching specializations include academic reading and writing and vocabulary acquisition.

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Alex Roman,  Administrative Assistant 

Alex helps students feel welcome, whether they are applying for the program, just arriving on campus, or requesting assistance during their program.  


Madeleine Mitchell, IEP Instructor

Madeleine is a longtime teacher in the Intensive English Program. She enjoys challenging her students with projects and community engagement while building their language and critical thinking skills.

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Lara Dorger, IEP Instructor

Lara joined the Intensive English Program in 1994 and has helped hundreds of students improve their language skills since then.  Reading and writing, test preparation and English grammar are her teaching specializations.

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Margaret Martin, IEP Instructor

Margaret enjoys teaching students of all proficiency levels.  In the classroom, she engages her students with challenges and supports them with clear expectations. Research interests include collaborative online learning and cultural factors in education.

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Michael Coggins, IEP Instructor

Michael has been teaching in the IEP since 2010. He enjoys learning languages, traveling, science fiction, music, and worrying about the zombie apocalypse. He works hard, but much of his day seems to be spent laughing, and sometimes being laughed at. Michael frequently teaches academic reading/writing, and listening/speaking classes. 

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Rita Rozzi, IEP Instructor

Rita began teaching in the intensive English program in 2012. A lifelong learner herself, Rita shares her enthusiasm and curiosity with her students. Academic skills in reading, writing, listening and notetaking are the focus of many classes that she teaches.

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