• Qualifying for the English Language Bridge Program

  1. The English Language Bridge Program is available to students who are academically qualified and accepted for conditional admission to a degree program at Xavier University.
  2. It is offered only to these students whose English language proficiency falls just below the requirements for full admission, defined as the following:

TOEFL iBT score range of 65-78
IELTS score 6.0

Note: Conditionally admitted students who do not yet have these scores and need more time to gain English proficiency will be offered admission to the Intensive English Program.


  • Bridge Program Components:

Advanced Level English Courses + Academic Class + Support
  • Advanced-level English Courses: Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking
  • Academic Course: Selected to advance students' educational goals in their major and meet university requirements.
  • Support: Workshops and Advising, Tutoring, Math Lab, Writing Center
  • Successful Completion and Full Admission

Students who successfully complete the one-semester Bridge program will matriculate and be fully admitted to their degree program. Students must earn a grade of 'B' or better in the English language classes and satisfactorily complete the academic class. (For undergraduate students a "C+" or better; for graduate students, a "B" or better unless otherwise specified by the academic department in the admission letter.) Note: Students who do not meet these requirements will have one additional opportunity to repeat the Bridge level before being dismissed from the University.

  • Benefits of the Bridge Program

Students in the Bridge Program can transition to University life in a new country with language skill development and an introduction to academic classes, all in a supportive environment. Students will earn academic credit towards their degrees, getting a head start on completing degree requirements. These include a Writing Flag course, an Oral Communication flag course, CORE 101 and/or CORE 102, and academic credits toward graduation.