The Intensive English program curriculum was developed to prepare international students to study at American universities and to improve their English for professional purposes. The approach is rigorous, and academic English is emphasized. Full-time students are in classes 4-5 hours a day (20-23 hours per week), and they complete several hours of homework each day.

Four levels of instruction are offered: High Beginning, Intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced. Please note that it is expected students will have studied English prior to their arrival. Level One is a "High Beginning" level. A complete level covers 15 weeks (a regular Xavier semester) or 12 weeks in the Summer program.

Classes meet in the daytime, Monday through Friday. Full-time students in all four levels take required Core Courses. Core Courses include Listening and Speaking, Grammar, and Reading and Writing. Students can also qualify for optional, rotating electives. These courses vary each semester, and may include Oral Fluency, Career English, Pronunciation, and TOEFL preparation. Each course in the intensive English program has specific curricular goals, which lead to student learning outcomes.

New: Evening Course in Pronunciation

Placement and Promotion

Students are tested when they arrive and are placed in their level(s) according to the results. At the end of each term, students are tested again. Promotion to the next level is based on student achievement.

Students who enter the intensive program at the beginning level can expect to study for 3 to 4 semesters before they are prepared to enroll in university classes.

Academic Credit

ESL Classes above the beginning level may offer some academic credit. Currently, students at the intermediate level and above can earn up to 5 credit hours per semester. Students who enroll in a degree program at Xavier University can use these credits to satisfy the foreign language requirement or use them as elective credits. Students receive letter grades for their ESL courses; these grades become a permanent part of their academic record at Xavier University.

Admission to Xavier University

Admission to the intensive English program and successful completion of the program do not constitute admission to any academic program at Xavier. A separate application must be submitted to apply to other academic programs at Xavier University. Please note that grades received in the intensive English program are considered in admissions decisions. Students who complete the Advanced Level of the Intensive English Program with grades of "B" or better may waive the standardized English examination requirement for undergraduate admission at Xavier University.

Sample Daily Schedule

Time Activity
8:30 am to 11:20 am Core Courses (Grammar, Reading and Writing)
11:30 am to 12:30 pm Break
12:30 pm to 2:15 pm Core Courses (Listening and Speaking)
2:30 pm to 3:20 pm Optional Electives (vary by level, by day and by semester)

Please contact us for the exact schedule being offered each semester.

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