Q. Where can I receive health and wellness care?

The McGrath Health and Wellness Center is available to all Xavier students for their healthcare needs.
Medical care is by appointment, Monday through Friday.  Emergencies after hours or on weekends are handled through the campus emergency number, 745-1000.

Q. What information should I bring with me?

Students should bring their medical history with them.  Download and print the medical history card to see what type of information is needed.  It is especially important for students to have records for tuberculosis (TB)  and for measles, mumps and rubella. (MMR).  If students do not provide their medical history, they will have to pay for vaccinations done by health professionals on campus.

 Q.  Will I need to buy health insurance?

A. If you enter the United States on a student (F-1) or (J-1) visa, It is Xavier University's policy that you are required to purchase student health insurance. Insurance costs are included in the list of estimated living expenses.  You can read about the current information by clicking here.  If you wish to purchase additional insurance of your own choosing, you are free to do so.