• News in Levels is a great site to build reading, listening and vocabulary.  Try levels 0, 1 & 2
  • Connect with English: A video story series with everyday language.
    Note: If your browser is set block pop-ups, check "Always allow pop-ups from www.learner.org."
    Learn English with Voice of America  News stories in levels, with audio support
  • News for You: Read and listen to current news stories in easy-to-understand English. (Subscriber password now needed.)
  • en.news   Learn English with CNN news, presented by levels
  • USA Learns: Free, multi-media lessons to learn English, for Beginning, Low Intermediate and Intermediate Students. Produced by the US Department of Education. Directions in English or Spanish.
  • Spelling and Typing Practice
  • ELLLO: English Language Listening Lab Online.
  • Sight Words   Readers should know these words instantly and automatically.

General Interest-Intermediate to Advanced:

  • News in Levels is a great site to build reading, listening and vocabulary.
    Try levels 2 (intermediate) & 3 (advanced)
  • Pronunciation: A website with videos of the sounds of English
  • Eyercize  Pacing to increase your reading speed and move your eyes from left to right.
  • The Polyglot Project: Supported reading in English for speakers of Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, French, German or Italian
  • Living on Earth
  • National Public Radio
  • Story Corps: Listening to ordinary people tell their interesting stories.
  • This American Life: A radio program with interesting and unusual stories about life in America.

Academic English For Advanced Learners:

Test Preparation:

Keyboarding (Typing) Practice

Online Dictations: