Listening and Discussion
Listening: Students practice listening for content (informational lectures) and develop note-taking skills.
Speaking: At lower levels, students practice common language and give simple presentations. At upper levels, students participate in and lead group discussions, and give individual presentations.

  • Open to: All levels
  • Courses: ESLG 113, 122, 129, 133

The study and review of English grammar, along with written and oral practice, is covered at all levels. The study of grammar is important for accurate English.

  • Open to: All levels
  • Courses: ESLG 111, 121, 127, 131

Reading and Writing
Students read academic texts appropriate for their level, learn what is expected of writers in American universities, and develop their skills in writing assignments and projects. Vocabulary training is covered in all levels.

  • Open to: All levels
  • Courses: ESLG 110, 120, 125, 130


Covers the basics of American English pronunciation, including stress, rhythm, and intonation.  Individual troublesome sounds are also covered.  The language lab is utilized for practice and for recording assignments. Class may be repeated, with priority given to students who have not yet taken the course for a full semester.

  • Open to: All levels; recommend levels 2 and 3**
  • Elective course. ESLG 100

Speaking Fundamentals
This course provides simple speaking practice for beginning and intermediate students.

  • Open to: Levels 1 and 2
  • Elective course: ESLG 105 

Career English
Students practice functional language skills used in the world of work, including email, telephoning, interviewing, writing memos and letters, conducting meetings and making presentations. Intercultural communication is addressed.  The course is based on a semester-long project which requires students to investigate a career and meet with native speakers off campus.

  • Open to: Levels 3 and 4**
  • Elective course: ESLG 139

Oral Fluency
This course was designed to give students more practice in spoken English and making presentations, with additional focus on American cultural conventions for participation and conversational style.

  • Open to: Levels 3 and 4**
  • Elective course: ESLG 140

TOEFL Preparation
This course is designed to familiarize upper-level students with the iBT TOEFL format and provide practice with the academic and language tasks on the test. To enroll, students must be in level 3 or above and have completed one level of the core courses.

  • Open to: Level 3 and above, with restrictions (prerequisites)
  • ESLG 138

** Elective Courses: Elective courses are optional and are offered at no cost to students who are enrolled full-time in ESL classes. Students who are not full-time pay the regular ESL tuition rate. Elective courses will vary by semester. Students who withdraw from an elective course must do so within the first 3 weeks