2018-2021 Speaker Series: Conversations Across the American Divide

A series of fault lines run across the United States, including divisions between liberals and conservatives, secular and religious world views, and urban and rural ways of life, as well as conflicts over race, nationalism, and immigration. This country has never been free of contention and disagreement, and it never should be, but the growing antagonism has made it increasingly difficult to engage in civil and reasonable discussions. It is especially important now for people to reach past their "bubbles" and "echo chambers" in order to converse with those who see things differently. Our 2018-2021 speaker series will feature thoughtful and creative individuals from the worlds of politics, the arts, media, and academia who can articulate diverse aspects of these divisions and engage in public dialogue with members of the Xavier community.

Visiting speakers will present brief talks, followed by discussions on stage with Xavier faculty and students and questions from the audience. More details on the events will be provided on this page by early fall.

September 17, 2018: Linda Chavez, Center for Equal Opportunity

October 9, 2018: Dylan Marron, writer, performer, and video and podcast creator


November 12, 2018: Gary Abernathy, Hillsboro (OH) journalist and politician

February 18-19, 2019: Derek Burrows, storyteller and filmmaker and Gregory Fried, Professor of Philosophy, Boston College, co-founders of The Mirror of Race Project


March 25, 2019: Nancy Isenberg, historian and author


April 15, 2019: Alan Jacobs, Professor of Humanities, Baylor University


Community Roundtables

The community roundtables sponsored by E/RS are opportunities for local leaders and the Xavier community to discuss current issues of common concern in the Cincinnati area.

Fall 2018: Hispanic immigrants and the Cincinnati economy

Spring 2019: Educating for citizenship in Cincinnati