Visiting Professorships

Xavier University periodically invites nominations and applications for an appointment to the Ethics/Religion and Society Chair. The Chair has been endowed in response to a challenge grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Chair has in the past been held by distinguished professors who already held the rank of associate professor or professor.  In 2014, the Chair will instead be awarded to an early career scholar.  The Chair will be awarded for a period of one semester to three years, depending on the needs of the University and the interest of the candidates.

The Chair of Ethics/Religion and Society is open to those teacher-scholars who have expertise in one of the humanities or in other disciplines which have humanistic content and employ humanistic methods. Applicants must have a PhD by the start of their first semester at Xavier University. Selection will be made on the basis of a strong record in undergraduate teaching and scholarly accomplishment and promise. Each semester the holder of the Chair will teach one or two undergraduate courses that integrate ethical and/or religious analysis of a socially significant issue and will participate in the intellectual life of the university.

For more information or to submit an application, please see the call for applications.