The E/RS Focus requires that all Xavier undergraduates complete four courses: Ethics as an Introduction to Philosophy, Theological Foundations, Literature and the Moral Imagination, and an elective course which must be concerned with the ethical and/or religious dimensions of socially significant issues and the effects of ethical and religious decision-making.

Ethics as an Introduction to Philosophy

(Philosophy 100) considers the goals of human life; the first principles of morality; virtue, duty, law, responsibility. There is a special emphasis on justice, along with a treatment of the Deontological, Utilitarian and Natural Law/Right theories that are central to contemporary treatments of practical and professional ethics. Read more

Theological Foundations

(Theology 111) concerns the nature of revelation, religion, and reform within a religious tradition; the sources, method, and value of theological reflection and the ethical consequences for living in a world community. Read more

Literature and the Moral Imagination

(English 205, Classics 205, French 205 and Spanish 205) focuses on personal and social ethical issues in literature.

Fourth-Course Electives Fulfilling the E/RS Requirement

Fourth-course electives have come from approximately 15 different departments

Complete list of current or upcoming E/RS Electives

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