The Cooperative Economy: Building a Sustainable Future

April 21-22, 2016

The Cintas Center

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Keynote: Jessica Gordon Nembhard (John Jay College)

“Cooperatives and the Struggle for African American Economic Justice” (April 21, 7pm)

Keynote: Melissa Hoover (Democracy at Work Institute)

“Seeing Value in Values: Worker Cooperatives in the 21st Century” (April 22, 12pm)


With a shrinking middle class, growing inequalities, and fluctuating global markets, what kind of social and economic models can sustainably support communities in need? One option is the cooperative model.

On April 21-22 at Xavier University,  local and national cooperative experts, researchers, and members will share their insights and answer your questions during an interactive conference aimed at preparing the way for a more inclusive and cooperative economy. Panels and workshops will deal with issues of race and economic justice, criminal justice, sustainability, capitalization, and how to start a cooperative. Free and open to the public. Register here.

The conference will begin with Jessica Gordon Nembhard's keynote on Thursday evening and will continue throughout Friday when the panels, workshops, and Melissa Hoover's keynote will take place.

Supported by a grant from Ohio Humanities.


Friday Conference Schedule

8:30 – Registration and Coffee

9:00 – Panel: Introduction to Co-ops       


10:30 – Workshops

A) Research and Co-ops

B) How To Create a Co-op


12:00 – Lunch Keynote – Melissa Hoover


1:45 – Workshops         

A) Economic Justice and Criminal Injustice

B) Community Wealth and Sustainability


3:15pm – Panel: Capitalization and Co-ops

4:30pm – Reception