The Enrollment Ambassador program relies on alumni and parents of current Xavier students to assist the University's outreach efforts to high school seniors. Those contacted by ambassadors during our spring semester calling campaign are nearly twice as likely to attend Xavier as those who do not receive such personal attention.

During the calling campaign that starts in February, Xavier's ambassadors provide prospective students the opportunity to learn about the positive experiences and values of the University. It's a powerful message that is especially meaningful when delivered by alumni and parents of Xavier students. We appreciate your interest in serving as a leader in this important recruitment program.

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Volunteer Commitment:

  • Calling a minimum of 5 prospective students - You will be matched by the Alumni and Admissions team members. We attempt to match callers with students based on a number of similarities.
  • Sharing your XU experience - Talking about why you chose Xavier, things you got involved in at Xavier and how Xavier helped you get to where you are today.
  • Entering a short contact report after each call - Having information on the conversation with the prospective student will allow the Admissions Office to follow up appropriately. Your contact reports are critical. It's important to tell us what happens, whether you have a great discussion with a student, a brief conversation or can't get through after several attempts. Please take detailed notes so we can follow up appropriately. Please complete and submit your contact reports online.
  • Together. For Others. - You're commitment to this program shows your commitment to Xavier University and the impact that you can have on the future of Xavier.

On-Campus Visits and Regional Receptions

Campus visits increase the likelihood a prospective student will choose Xavier. Please encourage students to visit campus even if they have already done so.

There are many opportunities to visit. These include general and program-specific opportunities.

Regular campus visits are available on an individual basis by contacting Xavier's campus visit coordinator at (513) 745-2940, e-mail or register online.

Students can attend the regional admission events in their area that are going on now through April. They can find those dates in their areas on Road to Xavier, a website for prospective students only.

XU Preview are on-campus visit opportunities for accepted students and their parents. Students will have the chance to meet current Xavier students, future classmates and get a preview of life as a Xavier student.

Ask Admissions

Have a question before or during the calling? Use the form below to email your questions to an admission counselor.

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