This series of courses is offered for the candidate who holds the Ohio Early Childhood License/Grades P-3 and which will enable them to obtain the generalist endorsement for grades 4-5.

The candidate for the endorsement must complete all 9 semester hours of coursework listed below and pass the Ohio Assessments for Educators Elementary Education/018 (Subtest I) and Ohio Assessments for Educators Elementary Education/019 (Subtest II). Prerequisite: Holds an Ohio Early Childhood License/Grades P-3. For graduate students who wish to pursue a master's in Elementary Education, the Generalist Endorsement courses can be applied toward the MEd.

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The Generalist Endorsement Grades 4-5 courses are also offered at the undergraduate level. Please meet with your academic adviser if interested in taking the courses as an undergraduate student.


Course Title Description Credit Hours
EDEL 640 Middle Childhood Transitions: Development and Management Course studies development of the 9-11 year old child within the context of the classroom, with emphasis on developmentally appropriate teaching strategies and management. 1
EDEL 641 Mathematics Content, Pedagogy, and Assessment Grades 4-5 Course prepares classroom teachers with the conceptual knowledge and skills needed to teach 4th and 5th grade mathematics. Ohio Academic Content Standards Mathematics content will be examined in context with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics focus on content and pedagogy. 2
EDEL 642 Science Content, Pedagogy, and Assessment Grades 4-5 Course prepares classroom teachers with early childhood preparation to obtain knowledge and skills necessary for effective science instruction in grades 4 and 5. Course examines the discipline of science as it relates to grades 4 and 5 Ohio Academic Content Standards and the Ohio Science Matrix. 2
EDEL 643 Language Arts Content, Pedagogy, and Assessment Grades 4-5 Course provides the early childhood classroom teacher with specific content knowledge for grades 4 and 5 literacy skills in the areas of writing, reading, speaking and listening, as specified by the Ohio Academic Content Standards for English Language Arts. 2
EDEL 644 Social Studies Content, Pedagogy, and Assessment Grades 4-5 Course prepares early childhood classroom teachers with knowledge and skills required for effective social studies instruction of students in grades 4 and 5. Emphasis on Ohio Academic Content Standards Social Studies with six Social Studies Benchmarks focused on Ohio, United States, and North America. 2