The Leadership Studies doctoral program is a 60-credit hour program that includes:

  • Leadership Core: 15 credit hours
  • Research Core: 15 credit hours
  • Cognate: 15 credit hours in a specialized area of application and practice
  • Dissertation: 15 credit hours of dissertation advisement
  • Cognate credits may be taken in one or more of a growing number of specializations, including: Human & Organizational Development, Community & Non-profit Leadership, Health Services, Higher Education or K-12 Administration.

Leadership Core

Course Course Number Semester Hours
Comparative Leadership Theory LEAD 880 3
Leading Organizational Culture & Change  LEAD 881 3
Psychosocial Dimensions of Leadership LEAD 882 3
Ethical, Spiritual & Character-Based Leadership LEAD 883 3
Developing Leadership Capacity LEAD 884 3

Research Core

Course Course Number Semester Hours
Fundamentals of Doctoral Research Methods in Leadership Studies LEAD 870 3
Doctoral Statistics I LEAD 871 3
Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methodology LEAD 872 3
Doctoral Statistics II LEAD 873 3
Developing Effective Research Proposals LEAD 874 3

Cognate Courses

Multiple cognate specializations are available; choose 15 credits of courses and internship experiences in a growing number of application areas, including: Human & Organizational Development, Community & Non-profit Leadership, Health Services, Higher Education or K-12 Education Administration. Sample courses include:

Course Core Course Number Semester Hours
Organizational Metaphors & Contexts LEAD860 All Cognates 3
Organizational Communication Processes LEAD861 All Cognates 3
Adult Development and Learning LEAD862 All Cognates 3
Leadership Internship I & II LEAD866/867 All Cognates 3 (each)
Cognate Capstone Leadership Seminar I LEAD 869 All Cognates 3
Theory & Practice in Higher Ed Governance & Administration LEAD 854 Higher Ed Cognate 3
The College Student Experience LEAD 855 Higher Ed Cognate 3
Finance, Economics & Politics in Higher Ed LEAD 856 Higher Ed Cognate 3
Principal Internships I & II EDAD 771/781 K-12 Ed Lead Cog 3 (each)
Superintendent Seminar & Supt Internships I & II EDAD 710/779/789 K-12 Ed Lead Cog) 3 (each)

Dissertation Advisement

LEAD 890 A dissertation is required consisting of 15 semester hours.

This is the culminating scholarly activity required for completion of the doctoral degree in Leadership Studies. Work on the dissertation commences with the selection of a faculty advisor to supervise the development and completion of an approved doctoral research project. A successful defense of the final dissertation is required for graduation. Fifteen total hours of dissertation advisement are required but may be spaced out over multiple semesters.