110216_0112.jpgDrawing on Xavier University's Jesuit Catholic tradition, the Leadership Studies Doctoral Program is designed to develop authentic leaders who use their expertise and skills to promote social justice and organizational change. The program emphasizes cultivating the whole person and his/her role in facilitating change and building leadership capacity within individuals, organizations and communities.

Graduates of this program will be transformative leaders in all types of profit and non-profit organizations, including educational and health care institutions, corporate and community service settings, and governmental agencies.

Accordingly, this degree is awarded to the candidate who has demonstrated a capacity for:

  • Leadership and Change that is ethical, reflective, scholarly and effective in a variety of organizational arenas
  • Scholarly Research
  • Specialized Cognate courses and Internship experiences in one or more of the following areas of leadership and practice: Human and Organizational Development, Community and Non-profit Leadership, K-12 Education, Higher Education and Health Services Administration

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