Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Scholarships & Awards

Throughout the academic year, the Center for Diversity and Inclusion offers and awards a number of scholarships and awards to currently enrolled Xavier students. Learn more about the requirements and applications processes below. 


Antonio Johnson Scholarship

This award goes to a student of African, African-American or Black descent who is currently a junior, has a 3.0 GPA and who has made contributions to the African, African-American or Black community on and off campus.

The scholarship covers tuition, fees, on-campus room & board and provides a small book stipend during their senior year. The winner is announced during the annual AJ Scholarship Gala in February. 

Learn more about the Antonio Johnson Scholarship here.

For more information, please contact Rosalyn Collins

Lavender Scholarship

The purpose of the Lavender Scholarship is to provide financial support to students who self-identify as LGBTQ+ as a ay to encourage their continuing education and academic success at Xavier. A $500.00 scholarship, credited to the student's University Bursar account, will be awarded at the start of the Spring semester. 

Applicants must
   - Be enrolled in Spring courses
   - Be in "Good Standing" with the University
   - Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of application
   - Self-identify as LGBTQ+
   - Be active in the LGBTQ+ community at Xavier or in Cincinnati

For more information, please contact Maria Merrill

Diversity and Inclusion Awards
This award is presented annually to a student who has significantly contributed to creating a campus culture of diversity and inclusion.  The recipient demonstrates an ability to educate the campus about diversity and inclusion issues and build coalitions across difference.

Eligibility Criteria
   - Candidates must be current Xavier University students.
   - Candidates must demonstrate commitment to academic achievement with a cumulative 3.0 GPA or above.
   - Candidates must be considered in good standing with the University.
   - Candidates should demonstrate leadership that speaks to the mission of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion:
The mission of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion is to serve as a catalyst for social change at Xavier and beyond. Our space and initiatives foster the development and understanding of cura personalis, belonging, leadership, and transformative justice. We charge the entire campus to engage academically and socially across the intersections of race, class, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

This award is given at All Honors Day during the Spring semester. For more information, please contact