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Smooth Core and PALs

Smooth Core

Smooth Core 2022







Pictured above from left to right: Amari Davis (sophomore; she/her), Mercy Torres (senior; she/her), Jada Batacan (senior; she/they), and Keylan West (senior; she/her). 


Smooth PALs

Students interested in serving as a PAL (Peer Advisor Leader) in the Smooth Transitions program must meet the requirements listed below. Smooth PALs provide additional support to our first year participants while giving them student perspectives and insight. PALs encourage first year students in the many dimensions of student hood and are the driving force in cultivating community amongst those in Smooth Transitions. In addition to proving support to first-year participants, PALs gain leadership experience and development in their roles. 

Requirements of PALs:

  • Must be an upper-class student (sophomore or higher)
  • Must have a minimum cumulative and semester GPA of 2.5

Responsibilities of PALs:

  • Abide by PAL contract
  • Complete all assignments thoroughly, accurately, and on time (includes training, programming paperwork, documentation, and other tasks as assigned by Coordinator)
  • Implement required programming, meetings etc.
  • Properly document meetings with mentees
  • Attend/complete Summer, Fall, and Spring PAL trainings as outlined in the PAL contract