Requesting Accommodations

Each semester students are required to request his/her accommodations by completing the Accommodation Request form. Once it is received, your Accommodation Letters will be generated and you will receive an email notifying you that you can access your letters in Clockwork. This applies to any accommodation that you are eligible to receive i.e. housing, testing, note taking etc.



Note Taking

If note taking is an accommodation you are eligible to receive, please submit the form below. Once submitted, we will communicate with your professors to identify a volunteer note taker.

Students can request note taking via Clockwork.


Books and classroom materials in an alternate format

If you are eligible to receive books and/or classroom materials in an alternate format, it is important that you submit the Alternate Media Request Form. It is critical that you submit it as soon as you have registered for classes for the next term. Remember that it can take up to 6 weeks to secure a book in an alternate format.

Students can request books in alternative format by completing the form below:


Academic Coaching

Peer Academic Coaching is offered to Xavier students registered with Disability Services who struggle with executive functioning. The purpose of the academic coaching program is to provide individual coaching to assist students with developing effective organizational skills, time management, and study strategies to be successful students.

Students can request a coach by completing the form below:


Housing Accommodation Form for Current Students

A student needing a housing accommodation based upon a disability must complete this form and necessary attachments by the deadline outlined by Res Life.  Failure to do so may result in the application not being accepted.  Please contact the Office of Disability Services if you have questions or concerns.

The student will have to go through an intake process with Disability Services to receive a housing accommodation.  Once the paperwork is submitted, an intake appointment will be scheduled.  Please plan ahead.

Submit the form and all supporting documents to: Office of Disability Services, 3800 Victory Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45207-1131 or fax to 513-745-3387.  On-campus office location: Conaton Learning Commons (CLC) 514.  Any related e-mail messages should be directed to Cassandra Jones, Director of Disability Services at  If the information submitted is not sufficient to support an accommodation, additional documentation will be required.

You have the option to submit this form electronically or by printing the PDF document to submit via mail or e-mail.


Additional Resources

Peer tutoring is offered through the Office of Academic Support.  For more information for support available through OAS, please go to

To request a tutor, you can submit the tutor Intake form at