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Environment and Sustainability

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There is perhaps no more important issue that faces us as a community, a nation or a world than climate change. The Brueggeman Center is involved in work in our community and around the world. In keeping with our belief that the real work is local, even when we work globally we work with local communities. 

Click on the links for examples of some of the programs on which we currently partner: 

Dr. Buchanan continues to be involved in a project in Colombia which uses solar technology to give subsistence communities control over power, water and refrigeration to use as a foundation for sustainable economic development. 

  • OMID - sustainable economic solutions for subsistence communities 

We are also involved in a global network working on biodiversity. See: 

  • Navdanya - A global network of NGOs, businesses, educational institutions and government officials working together on the issue of climate change and biodiversity