Start date: January 2013

The goal of this FLC is for Xavier fauclty to participate in a year-long discussion about the ways in which faculty can make the undergraduate curriculum more cohesive, and thereby more meaningful, to our students.  We will do this by starting a cross-disciplinary conversation about the "human good."  What is the good?  What is justice? What is the good live? How do faculty in different disciplines approach the issue of the "human good"?  How effectively can this topic serve as a unifying theme by which students might make connections across different core classes?  We will also explore structural means by which we can build greater continuity into the curriculum.  How effectively do learning communities work in this regard?  What about capstone courses?  Or blocked courses?  How can professors build curricular continuity in an individual course?  Members of the FLC will have the opportunity to implement strategies discussed during the spring in their 2013 fall courses.


FLC Members

Maureen Mullinax (Sociology)
Nancy Bertaux (Economics)
Heidrun Schmitzer (Physics)
Michelle Brady (Philosophy)
Thomas Strunk (Classics)
Niahm O'Leary (English)
James Helmer (Theology)
Timothy Brownlee (Philosophy)
Carol Scheerer (OT)



Feel free to contact the FLC facilitators about this particular FLC:

Gabe Gottlieb (Philosophy)
Amy Whipple (History)

For general questions about FLCs, please see the CTE website or contact:
Steve Yandell, faculty director of the CTE