The FLC on THE FUTURE OF CINCINNATI is participating in a year-long discussion of the future of American cities with a special focus on Cincinnati. Meetings include guest speakers from various walks of life in the city, scholarly readings, and discussions. As a starting proposition, the city will be considered with reference to two pressing public issues, environmental degradation and social inequality. The FLC will proceed to discuss such topics as business climate and economic opportunity, land use regulation and transit policy, politics, race relations, poverty and other social issues, environmental degradation, education, art, and culture, neighborhood and community organization, declining population and the ?brain drain? (the tendency of college graduates to leave the city and state), and the prospects for regionalism. Participants will come from multiple departments and have an interest in incorporating urban issues and analysis (whether focused on local, national, or global cities) into one or more of their courses.


FLC members:

Gene Beaupre (Political Science)
Timothy Brownlee (Philosophy)
Rachel Chrastil (History)
John Fairfield (History) FLC co-facilitator
Gabe Gottlieb (Philosophy)
Tom Kessinger (Secondary and Special Education)
Becky Luce (Management and Entrepreneurship)
Anne McCarty (English)
Maureen Mullinax (Sociology)
Jessalyn Strauss (Communication Arts)
Tyrone Williams (English) FLC co-facilitator


Feel free to contact the FLC facilitators about this particular FLC:

John Fairfield (History)          
Tyrone Williams (English)

For general questions about FLCs, please see the CTE website or contact:
David Mengel, faculty director of the CTE