Faculty in Residence Class Observation

The Faculty in Residence program offers the opportunity to observe the class of another faculty member from one's own or a different discipline, and to discuss with other faculty members some of the teaching strategies, methods and practices already being used by some of Xavier's most talented teachers. The CTE's new Collaborative Learning Studio and Experimental Classroom in the Conaton Learning Commons provide new tools for classroom observation; this program will allow us together to experiment with these new facilities.

During the Fall 2011 semester, Professor Marco Fatuzzo and Father Joseph Bracken, S. J. will open their class,
PHYS 124 / THEO 354 Our Universe: In the Beginning (Honors), to faculty observers on four occasions. The dates and topics are listed below.

Tuesday, September 6        The Copernican Revolution
Thursday, September 15     The Copernican Revolution
Tuesday, September 27      Evolution
Thursday, October 27         Quantum Mechanics

Please register for one or more sessions below. There is space for 6 or 7 faculty members for each session.

Tues, Sept. 6: The Copernican Revolution  **SESSION FULL**

Tues, Sept. 27: Evolution  ** SESSION FULL **