Call for Applications for the 2013-2014 Faculty Fellowships

In addition to the two faculty fellows already selected for 2013-2014, the CTE is inviting applications for a third faculty fellowship on Implementing a Faculty Legacy ProjectApplications are due Friday, April 19th.

This Fellowship is being funded through a grant Xavier received from the American Council on Education and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to share and enhance best practices around three culminating stages of faculty careers:  the development of a legacy, the transition into retirement and the continuing involvement of faculty in the academic community post-retirement. More information on the grant program can be found at:

Faculty fellows have been selected for 2013-2014 under two additional topics: 

  • Conway Fellow for Jesuit Education (sponsored by the Conway Institute for Jesuit Education)  
  • Faculty Fellow for Expanding a Faculty Learning Community Project                

The Conway Fellow is associated with the Conway Institute for Jesuit Education, and it was funded by a grant from the Ruth J. and Robert A. Conway Family Foundation

Each Faculty Fellow receives:

  • A summer stipend of $10,000. It is expected that the Fellow will be working full-time on the project during the summer months and will not be teaching.
  • Release from all teaching responsibilities during one semester of the following year, either fall 2013 or spring 2014, to be determined by applicant. (Funding will be available to the department toward the cost of hiring a replacement for the semester.)
  • Expenses up to $5,000, as appropriate to the project, to be used within the time-frame of the project.