This community will bring together 9 faculty who design and teach Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology laboratory courses that count towards Xavier?s undergraduate core curriculum. This FLC will explore and articulate desired student learning outcomes of core laboratory courses, such as quantitative reasoning, scientific literacy and the analysis and presentation of data. In considering how to achieve these outcomes, the FLC will discuss (among other topics) the purposes of and expectations for laboratory activities, examinations, and laboratory reporting in each of these disciplines.


This interdisciplinary community will offer participants the opportunity to compare methods and approaches while addressing common issues. The goals for student learning that emerge from this community?s discussions will inform individual projects, in which each participant will revise or create a laboratory course component. Participants will be expected to share their results with their departments and the entire university community.


Faculty Facilitator:

Gregory Braun, Physics

FLC Members

Roy Cohen, Chemistry
Vimala A Majeti, Chemistry
Amy Frohlich, Physics
Pamela Roy, Biology
Anna Ghee, Psychology
Christina Bom, Chemistry
Mary Stroud, Chemistry
Neema Nourian, Biology
Gregory Braun, Physics (FLC facilitator)

Participants were selected from full-time faculty who teach core laboratory courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology and are interested in exploration of this topic and able to make the commitment to engaging in a year-long community. Criteria for selection included: commitment to reflective teaching, openness to new ideas, level of interest in the program, commitment to full participation in the community, and potential for contributions to the group. Each participant will receive between $250 and $500 in professional development money, with the precise amount to be determined by the FLC members as they together establish the FLC?s $10,000 budget. This budget may also be used to fund off-campus visits, retreats, visiting speakers, food, and other relevant expenses.

For general questions about FLCs, please see the CTE website or contact:
David Mengel, faculty director of the CTE 745-3870