"Acting I” THTR 120 - Taught by Stephen Skiles

Faculty Observations


Wednesday August 23, If you Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If you Want to Go Far, Go Together

Teaching Techniques: Small group and full classroom exercises (gamification); Group discussions.

Students will take part in exercises demonstrating the communicative nature of theatre, specifically acting, and the necessity of being a supportive member of a team.

Friday, September 1 It’s Okay to Fail. It’s Never Okay to Not Try

Teaching Techniques: Group discussion; small group participation; gamification; instructor directed acting
exercises. Students will begin multiple improvisation games to hone fundamental acting skills (Listen, Be in the
Moment, Adapt and Take Risks). Students will also be introduced to a new acting exercise (Flags) that
demonstrates our acting work for the semester.

Wednesday, September 27, Specificity Sets you Free

Teaching techniques: Group discussions; small group work; flipped classroom; instructor directed acting
exercise. Utilizing open scenes, students will begin exploring the given circumstances of a scene. We will also continue with the Flags exercise.

Wednesday, October 18, Actions Speak Louder than Words

Teaching techniques: Group discussion; small group work; short lecture; behavior exercises.

Students are introduced to their first full scene. Through behavior exercises and group discussions, we will begin to dive into scene analysis to understand how that informs behavior and action in a scene.

Friday, November 17, Don’t Create for You. Trust You’ve Done your Work. Now Just Listen and Respond

Teaching techniques: Duet performances; individual feedback; group discussions.

Working on their first scene for the final time in class, students will be randomly partnered together to perform, gauging their individual knowledge of the scene, and their ability to respond to the differences in performance from their new partners.

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