Two 2014-2015 faculty fellows were chosen after an open call for applications:

Conway Fellow for Jesuit Education (associated with the Conway Institute for Jesuit Education)



Dr. Gary Lewandowski

Gary Lewandowski  Professor, 
Mathematics & Computer Science

Critical Making


This project provides time and resources to implement a new academic program, Critical Making. The program reimagines Jesuit liberal arts education as a tightly integrated combination of community, creation, and critical analysis.
Centering on disruptive technologies, in particular personal fabrication (e.g. 3D-printing, CNC tools) and computation (e.g. mobile applications, data science), the program emphasizes the process of creating physical and software artifacts for and with a community (e.g. the university, local neighborhoods, the city, state, country and world).  This process is embedded in the liberal arts by intentional analysis and reflection in the science, mathematics, business, philosophy, history, art, and theology courses taken by the students. The combination of community, creation, and critical thinking encourages Ignation values of service, discernment, and reflection.
This fellowship will provide time to develop the program. The project deliverables include a curriculum proposal for an undergraduate degree and a first course offering in Spring 2015.



Faculty Fellow for Expanding a Faculty Learning Community Project 


Dr. James Wood

James Wood
Assistant Professor, Philosophy


Towards a New Scholars Curriculum


This project is intended to build on the work of the “Teaching Honors at Xavier” FLC undertaken this past academic year (Fall 2012-Spring 2013).  The primary goal of this project is to formulate new curricular templates for the University Scholars Program.  A secondary goal is the completion of a document suitable for presentation at a pedagogically-themed conference or publication in a journal (or both).