The three 2012-13 faculty fellows were chosen in December 2011 after an open call for applications:

Conway Fellow for Jesuit Education (associated with the Conway Institute for Jesuit Education)

Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco

Elaine Crable
Management Information Systems

A Mission Driven Effort to Incorporate Web Accessibility into Xavier's Online Course Initiative

As we begin our move into delivering courses and programs virtually, we need to remember our Ignatian mission of inclusion. Providing online access to Xavier courses will benefit people who find coming to campus a hardship. This hardship might stem from family and/or job obligations; time/location constraints; or, a physical disability.
This proposal focuses on developing an acute awareness of the importance of accessibility as we design and develop online curricula. The internet has opened up wonderful possibilities for communication and convenience, but for those with sight or hearing impairments it can be very frustrating when the web content is not accessible. Accessibility to our online course components is not only a legal issue it is also our mission as a Jesuit institution. During this fellowship I would work with Information Resources, Discovery Services, the Learning Assistance Center and Mission and Identity to produce documents for Policies and Guidelines for Online Web Accessibility and to produce research publications about the topic of accessibility in education.


Faculty Fellow for Expanding a Faculty Learning Community Project 

Gabe Gottlieb
Assistant Professor, Philosophy


The Future of Justice
I propose to expand upon the "Future of Cincinnati" Faculty Learning Community by building a research and teaching initiative devoted to examining the future of justice. The central goal of the initiative is to encourage campus-wide reflection on the meaning of justice through teaching, the CTE, and a conference devoted to the topic of justice. My research hypothesis is that a recognitive theory of justice, which understands justice as the recognition of dignity, is central to thinking about the nature of justice in the city and environment. I intend to investigate the extent to which distributive and environmental theories of justice presuppose the recognitive theory of justice. My research will examine how urban theorists and environmentalist think about justice. Based on my research, I will develop two courses which will take an interdisciplinary approach to the topic. I will also host events at the CTE related to the "Future of Justice" initiative and will work collaboratively with E/RS and PPP. I also plan to reach out to the Sustainability initiative and the Brueggeman Center for Dialogue. As a conclusion to the initiative, I will organize an interdisciplinary conference titled "The Future of Justice."

Faculty Fellow forStudent Engagement: Implementing the AAC&U?s High-Impact Educational Practices

Christian End
Associate Professor, Psychology


Developing More Efficient, Sustainable, and Rewarding Undergraduate Research Experiences
The purpose of this application for a student engagement faculty fellow is to secure time (Summer and Fall 2012) to identify, document, apply, and disseminate results of the application of strategies to increase student engagement through undergraduate research. This will be accomplished by reviewing the relevant literature, attending undergraduate research conferences and visiting existing programs that excel in this domain. Using this knowledge, I hope to pilot test the various methods of engaging students, specifically Psychology majors, in the Fall of 2012, and then disseminate the results of these efforts to the Xavier community as an attempt to enrich the current programs and develop new programs of undergraduate research. There would be potential to present the results of these efforts at regional conferences including the Lilly Conference which occurs annually in Oxford, OH.