Marco Fatuzzo (Physics) and Father Joseph Bracken, S.J. (Theology)
PHYS 124 / THEO 354 Our Universe: In the Beginning (Honors)
Fall 2011 semester

This course explores the historical progression of our beliefs regarding the
origin and structure of the universe. Specifically, the course will present and critique cosmological models put forth by Greek philosophers, medieval theologians,
and modern scientists (but with the greatest emphasis placed on modern Big Bang cosmology). One of the overall goals of the course will be to show how astronomical observations were used by each of these groups to build up their view of cosmology.



The Faculty in residence program offered both faculty observation of class meetings
(Tuesdays & Thursdays, 1-1:50 pm in the Fall 2011 semester)
and a series of staff lectures on topics related to the origin of the universe.