For the first FLCs to begin in August 2010, the CTE Faculty Advisory Board worked with other faculty members to define three 2010-2011 FLCs.

Effective Laboratory Courses within the Core Curriculum
facilitated by Gregory Braun (Physics)

Incorporating Sustainability into Courses
facilitated by Brent Blair (Biology) and Kathleen Smythe (History)

Mid-career Faculty (cohort-based FLC)
facilitated by Rick Mullins (Chemistry) and Christian End (Psychology)

Two more FLCs began in January 2011 and met for the remainder of the calendar year.

Using Technologies to Extend Classes Beyond the Classroom
facilitated by Rashmi Assudani (Management and Entrepreneurship) and Stephen Yandell (English)

Mentoring Undergraduate and Graduate Research
facilitated by Cindy Dulaney (Psychology) and Barbara Hopkins (Chemistry)