COVID-19 Resources

Services and Resources

Student Health Services

The Office of Student Health Services, operated by TriHealth, will be open Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Appointments can be scheduled by contacting the office at 513-745-3022 option 3, and online appointment scheduling is available on the Health Services website.

Health Services are available to support and promote students' overall well-being, providing quality outpatient care, including general and preventative medicine, general sick visits, injury evaluation, immunizations, laboratory services, mental and behavioral health services, and much more. They offer a full spectrum of primary care services, including on-site lab and imaging. Services include preventative care - physicals, health education, physical/mental/and sexual health screenings, and travel consultations. They also address urgent needs such as infections, injuries, skin conditions, and more complex concerns with same-day appointments. We can manage chronic illnesses and medication management – including refilling current prescriptions or initiating new medication therapy. 

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Health Services also offers an after-hours nurse line available at 513-246-7023.

Health Services currently has on-site diagnostic testing for COVID-19. Testing is available for those with symptoms of COVID-19, those considered close contacts with someone who has tested positive, and upon request per appointment availability.

Counseling Services

The positive mental health of Xavier students is a critical component of student success and the priority of Xavier’s Counseling Services and Psychological Services Center. Students will have access to both in-person and remote modalities for clinical mental health therapy. Our clinical mental health professionals are prepared and eager to assist Xavier students in building resilience and positive coping skills in response to traditional collegiate mental health needs and the specific challenges associated with the current COVID-19 context.

Accessibility and Disability Resources

Accessibility and Disability Resources will continue to support students’ access to reasonable accommodations that promote learning experiences that respond to student’s individual needs. Accessibility and Disability Resources staff will meet with students virtually or in person by appointment to develop accommodation plans and coordinate accessible services.

TriHealth Resources

Xavier University Health Services are provided by TriHealth professionals including Board Certified physicians and nurse practitioners experienced in collegiate health. TriHealth is among the best healthcare providers in our region and will provide top-quality care and resources. View the TriHealth Coronavirus (COVID-19) for additional resources.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students office will continue to offer support and resources to all Xavier students to promote individual success, integrity and wellbeing, and a safe and inclusive community. Our Care Management and Student Integrity services and team members will be available to students in person. Students will have the option to engage with Dean of Students staff members remotely as well. Xavier’s student food pantry, The Store will continue to be available to support students needing in need of free non-perishable food, personal and household items.