Committee Charge

The purpose of the University Committee on the Status of Women is to:

  • assure that equal consideration be given to women and men in all phases of the University operations.
  • create an environment equally supportive of the achievements of both women and men.
  • ensure full participation and encouragement of the contribution of women in pursuing the overall mission and goals of the University


The committee is advisory to the President of the University.


All divisions of the University and all colleges of the University should have representation on the committee. Appropriate attention should be given to male and minority representation on the committee.

The membership consists of the Assistant Vice President for Human Resources or the Vice Provost for Diversity or both (Ex-officio), Director for the Women's Center, three faculty members recommended by the Faculty Committee (all three colleges represented) for three-year terms; seven staff members: three administrators, three support staff and one at-large appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Vice Presidents for three-year terms.

The chair is elected by the committee.

(Note: All seven divisions of the University should be represented by the administrative and support members.)