student with facultyThe First-Year Seminar is an opportunity for you to work closely with faculty to explore important and challenging issues, with a focus on the Greater Good.  Choose from over fifty topics to study in your First-Year Seminar.

You will develop skills employers are looking for, like critical and creative thinking, interpreting complex texts, employing effective research skills, constructing an argument and supporting it with evidence, and critically assessing multiple perspectives.

As part of your First-Year experience at Xavier, you are required to take a First-Year Seminar course in either your first or second semester of your first year.  FYS is a 3-credit, academic course.  These classes are called CORE 100. Not everyone will be able to take a First-Year Seminar course the first semester.

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Faculty Mentors

Xavier faculty who teach FYS courses are committed mentors, guiding you to think about the evolution of your vocation and your aspirations to contribute to the world. FYS integrates students into the community of scholars at Xavier and establishes a solid foundation on which your other Core Curriculum courses will build.

Sample Courses

  • Popular Culture & The Civil Rights Movement
  • Ireland: Culture and Film
  • Adapting Jane Austen
  • Health Care: Right or Privilege? or Obamacare & the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Bicycling Our Bioregion
  • Dante's Divine Comedy