The FYS Celebration of Student Learning

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Duff Banquet Room at Cintas Center

Questions? Contact Dr. Niamh J. O'Leary


**Presenters: plan on arriving at least fifteen minutes before your scheduled presentation time to check in and receive your table assignment.


Time         Student Presenter(s)                                                Presentation Title



7:00 Brantley Adams Navajo Perception of Time
8:00 Kiara Ainsworth The Help
7:30 Sianne Alexis What we did on March 24th
7:30 Bethany Alley, Jan Vrba Charles A. "Pretty Boy" Floyd
8:00 Ryan Altenberger, Nick Zwack Bonnie and Clyde
7:30 Joshua Anderson  Vlog Presentation
8:00 Morgan Anderson, Grace Stevens, and Sophia Fahey Kindred v. Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation
7:00 Elissa McNicholas and Theresa Anhofer Pope Francis and the Culture of Encounter
7:30 Tyler Anzelmo Navajo Relation with Animal Life
8:00 Sean Arcouette Same Sex Marriage in The United States of America
7:00 Bridget Aspery Expect the Unexpected: Trauma and Toddlers in the 21st Century Home
7:30 Nathan Baga Day Around West Chester
8:00 Matthew Baquero How gender roles affect people based on their professional career and wealth
7:30 Katie Brown, Gwen Miklovic, Molly Bauer, Shannon Murray Cinderella
7:00 Ashley Becker, Jonah Nichol Mata Hari
7:00 Marta Berglund What's Going On
7:30 Shelby Chinnappi, Britteny Biener, Catherine Spanola, Maria Pisciotta Extraordinary Women
8:00 Cassie Booth and Brooklynn Pierce Kindred Family Tree
8:00 Sofia Boquiren The History and Traditions of Marriage in the Philippines
8:00 Kameron Bott Is There An Official Marriage Process In The Catholic And Jewish Marriage?
7:30 Emma Brandt Ecological Impacts on Campus
8:00 Andrew Braun Reading YouTube vlog, my Military experience
8:00 Allie Braun Move to Avondale
7:00 Olivia Brockman Selma to Montgomery Marches
7:00 Sophie Brown Coeducation
7:30 Mary Bryan Escape to Reality: Politics in American Musical Theatre
8:00 Kwasi Burgin African Marriage
7:00 Nick Bush St. Francis and the Revolution of Tenderness
7:00 Emma Calvert UC Davis' Occupy Wall St Movement
7:30 Maimouna Camara New Reality after Paris Attacks
8:00 Kaitlyn Capper In Remembrance to Those Lost on the Middle Passage
7:00 McKenna Carron Motown
7:00 Karena Cash Ban the Box: Giving Felons a Second Chance
7:30 Holly Liatti, Mitchell Smith, Kendra Cashman, Sarah Towsley Pope Francis and Integral Ecology
8:00 Elise Cassidy 2018 NDA Nationals with Xavier Dance Team
8:00 Matthew Chrzanowski Effects of divorce on children's future relationships
8:00 Anna Cmolik Is Racism Still Rampant in Paris?
7:30 Carlee Cole The West Memphis Three
7:30 Anna wittman, Sara Combs, Kaleigh Goersch, and Meghan Lee Basketball and athletics
7:00 Morgan Comerford The Many Renovations of Les Halles
7:00 Alexa Conley Haitian Revolution
8:00 Olivia Coombs Ways to Have Effective Self Care for a 21st Century College Student
7:30 Hannah Youtsler, Nick Frank, Chris Nutini, Matt Corcoran Pope Francis on Building a Culture of Encounter
7:30 Tatum Crampton Black Panther Movie
7:00 Libby Crank The Positive Correlation Between Sexual Assault and Alcohol Consumption
8:00 Kerrigan Cranston Facing Addiction
7:30 Luke Creevy Ali
7:30 Mady Cresci The Publication Controversy
7:00 Charles Cresci Marriage in Slavery
7:00 Brian Cromer, Christian Thomas The West Memphis Three
8:00 Taylor Crull The move to the Avondale campus
8:00 Christian Cunningham Alright
8:00 Claire Curran How to Vlog: Reading YouTube
7:00 Rachel Cutter How to stay healthy in college vlog
8:00 Julia Daanen, Jillian Simpson, Molly Hallberg Our Interpretation of Grimm's Cinderella
7:30 Sophia Dallas Interracial Relationships and Ancestry in Kindred
7:00 Neha Damania Cancer: Overview and Treatment of Brain Gliomas
8:00 Rita Daniel Refugee Resettlement
8:00 Katie Deegan Paris Suburbs
8:00 Morgan DeLess Divorce Effects
7:00 Emily Den Braven Child Abuse
8:00 Reilly Dettmer A light in the darkness: Modern photography, light, and emotion of the 21st century
7:00 Evana Dias Bon Jour or Au Revoir? An Analysis of Tourism
7:30 Kevin Dinan Delano Grape Strike
8:00 Sean Douaire Move to Avondale
8:00 Colleen Drellishak Behind the Scenes of Imprisonment
8:00 Ashley Durbin Evil Way, It's Not What You Think
8:00 Travis Enos The Fire Next Time
7:30 Esther Evans Change in Personalilty
7:00 Kaitlyn Fair The Problem We All Live With
7:00 Maggie Farrell L'Arche: Chaos and Community
7:00 Macey Windley, Stephanie Ferrer The Graphic Novel Enhancement of Kindred
7:30 Kate Fitzgerald Strangeways Prison Riot
7:30 Tori Funnell Bataclan Recovery
7:30 Asia Gaines Slavery and Christianity
8:00 Maddy Gallagher cool places to shoot
7:30 Hannah Ritchie, Ariela Gasper, Cozia James Perspectives of "Kindred" the Fictional Novel and Graphic Depiction
8:00 Moses Gentry  
7:00 Tyler Gilkey The Evolution of Lynchings
8:00 Anna Gillespie Mata Hari
7:00 Kate Gillingham Sport's Power to Change
8:00 Anya Gilmore Euromaidan Protests
7:30 Matthew Glasgow Not just about the Pom Poms: Cheerleading Injuries in the 21st Century
7:00 Allbry Major, Kris Glover Ned Kelly
8:00 Jose Gonzalez Why the Clarinet?: In Defense of an Under-appreciated Instrument
8:00 Maddy Goodman How the Navajo Changed Technology
7:00 Alex Gottstine Divorce
7:30 Ryan O'Donnell, Henry Miller, Barrett Grasinger Jesse James
8:00 Armeta Greene Remembering Slavery
7:30 Annabel Gremore the role of marriage in the suffragette moment
7:30 Mikaela Grosz Polygamous Marriages
8:00 Micolas Grzanke Opioids on Mental Health
7:00 Allese Haddad WWI
7:00 Sydney Harlow The Saint Domingue Revolution
7:00 Emma O'brien, Shourat Sandhawali, Taylor Latona, Phoebe Harmon A new take on Allerleirauh
7:30 Kiah Hawkins All About Polygamy
7:30 Beth Heimbuch Elizabeth Eckford & the Fight for School Equality
7:30 Annie Heimbuch America
7:30 Karla Hernandez Accidental Racist
7:00 Isabella Hodapp The Role of Music in Navajo Ceremony
7:00 Madison Hrytzik A Trip To Evansville
8:00 Zion Huber, Gabriella Scolio, Lydia Powell Jesse James
7:00 Akseli Ihanainen Cultural American Marriage
7:00 Connor Impson A Brief Tour of Springfield Ohio
7:30 Emily Irwin Emily's Vlog
8:00 Matthew Isopi Flint, Michigan- The Birth of the Industrial Union for Autoworkers
7:30 Victorian Smith, Markeshia Jackson #EveryoneBelongsAtXU
8:00 Ariana Jackson The Effects Of Sex Education On Marriage
7:00 Zakiya Jett The Average Black Girl
7:00 Barratt Johnson, JT Sullivan, Ash Jones, Anton Poujade How Would a Revolution of Tenderness Change Our World?
7:30 Sydney Johnson The Story Behind the Mask
7:30 Ruthie Johnson PTSD in Military Personnel
7:00 Ally Johnson Refugee Crisis: Education for their Children
7:30 Camryn Jones The Link Between Prostitution and Substance Abuse
7:00 Ellyse Keally The Promotion of Coeducation
8:00 Alexis Keller Paris Paving the Path to Acceptance in the Fashion Industry
7:30 Taylor Morgan, Adriana Knollman Vlog: How to Study Tips
7:00 Laura Kolenz World War One: Invoking Patriotism
7:00 Peter Korchak The Complexities of Marriage as a Legal Union
7:00 Sid Kubesch Earth to Trump
7:30 Noah Kurtz The Golf Vlog
7:00 Emily Langbo Educating the Family: Support for Type 1 Diabetes
7:30 Lucy Lagendork Shipped to the Unknown of Slavery
7:30 John Leinart Vlog Presentation
8:00 Matthew Liddle The Best Chili In Cincinnati
7:00 Natalie Loux Tahrir Square Protest
7:00 Jordan Lutz Artworks: Art for a Cause
8:00 Chloe Manz Strange Fruit
7:30 Paul Marcuz FYS Final Project
8:00 Lanna Marmolejos I'm Not Racist
7:00 Natalia Mavor Euromaiden protest
8:00 Chase Mays Suicide Ideation Among Female Sex Workers in China: An Escape from Life
7:00 Bryce McCarthy Navajo Interactions with Americans
7:30 Molly McDowell Marriage and Education
7:30 Kacey Mejias-Thompson Artistic Depictions of Mental Illness
7:30 Jai' La Mercer Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome
7:00 Taylor Metz Marriage Satisfaction
7:30 Andrew Michael Ferguson & other Civil Rights Riots
7:30 Amani Miles Making Babies Reflection
7:00 Haven Miller Genetic Selection During Pregnancy
7:30 Kayla Miller Marriage and Domestic Violence
7:00 MC Miskuly Alabama
7:30 Liam Moin Navajo Clan System
7:00 Jake Moretine Black Entertainment
7:00 Anna Moug Suffragette Hunger Strikes
7:00 Natalie Munn What is wrong with our education today
7:30 Sara Muny Nelson Mandela
8:00 Caroline Murphy The Life of Caroline Murphy Vlog
7:00 Sophia Needham The Culture of Babies
7:30 Elyse Neff Refugee Crisis Throughout France and the Effects on Paris 
8:00 Matthew Nguyen Sweat Lodge: A Look Into the Navajo Soul
8:00 Nick Niehaus A Day at the Cincinnati Zoo
8:00 Kevin Nowicki Recreating the Classic: Western Canon Literature remade on Screen
7:00 Brian O'Dell Kindred: A Closer Look
7:00 Casey O'Donnell World War I affects Xavier
7:00 Mary Oelerich Ethical Opinion on Mass Shooters
7:30 Peter Ohliger The Dangers of Genetic Editing
7:00 Jordan Palmer Polygamy in the United States
7:00 Sydney Palmquist Sleep Apnea
7:30 Anthony Panico Polygamy
7:00 Jeff Patton  House of Dawn Presentation
8:00 Ashley Patton What Massacre in Paris?
8:00 Laurel Pendergest St. Xavier's move to Avondale
7:00 Ellie Peters Kindred
7:00 Jennie Prial Supermamas: Maternity and Sport
7:00 Alex Przyrowski Im not Casey Neistat
7:30 Abby Quick Mental Illness and Behavior - Are we Accountable for our Actions?
7:30 Jessie Rajan and Ally Tsenekos Brownies and Banter
7:30 Erika Ratcliff Marriage in the Military
7:30 Kiana Reames ladies at home (plate): women in baseball
7:30 Caitlin Regan Navajo coming of age ceremonies
8:00 Kaitlyn Richardson "What Makes a Person: The Future of Alzheimer's"
7:00 Sam Rippe YouTubeVlog
7:00 Nathan Ritchie Rockets and Nuggets
7:00 Juliana Riva Vulnerability & Service
8:00 William Roberts Emmett Till
7:00 Aileen Romano Coeducation at Xavier
7:00 Juan Salgado English Marriage in the Victorian Era
7:30 Kyra Sanders The Effect of Afros and Natural Hair on African Americans
7:00 Michael Sarallo A Look at Xavier During WWI
7:30 Michaela Schiffmeyer Human Trafficking
7:00 Julia Scholl The Influence of Marital Status on Child Development
8:00 Katy Schuller Abolition: One Move at a Time
7:00 Megan Sullivan and Sydney Shembri Children of Men Song
8:00 Olivia Shuholm Home Sweet Hogan
7:30 Hannah Sindelar To Whom Does a Baby Belong?
7:00 Matt Skirvin The City's Gone Cycling Mad
7:00 Dario Smith Players and Management: Where Does the NCAA Money Go?
8:00 Danielle Stone and Carolanne Zelis Compassion Cards
8:00 Lillian Summers Going to a Drag Show
8:00 Holly Taylor An Evolution of World Stages and Story Telling
7:00 Stephanie Testa Women in Navajo Culture
8:00 Abigail Thompson Music During and After the Civil Rights Movement
7:00 Morgan Tinsley Muhammad Ali
7:30 Kayla Tittle The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Protest
7:30 Melvyn Towns They Don't Care About Us
8:00 Jake Trzybinski The Break-In at Y-12 National Security Complex
7:30 Jack Van Lokeren House of Dawn Presentation
7:30 Jackie Velez On Paris's Icy Streets, Migrants Wait for Word on Refuge
7:00 Anthony Volpe & J.R. Walsh XU Against Sweatshops
7:30 Lily Walsh An Exhibit to Remember Slavery
8:00 Alison Walsh Christian Dior and the Effects of Fashion on Paris
8:00 Daniel Webb Daniel's Vlog
8:00 Duncan Webb Stonewall Riots: The SPARK of Gay Rights Activism
7:00 Tristian Weber The Individual and Climate Change
8:00 Abigail Wells Police Brutality
7:00 Kendra Williams Occupy UC Davis Protest
7:00 Ally Woeste Ally's Vlog
7:30 Garrett Wood Paying College Athletes
7:30 Emily Wright The Strict Boundaries of Tom Weylin's Business Mind
8:00 Joah Yu The Importance of DACA
7:30 Sam Zaki Taking Away the Rights of the French People
7:00 Abigail Ziegler A Tour Through Cincinnati
7:30 Sage Zonner Confronting Concussion Conspiracies: Sports-Related Brain Injuries in the 21st Century
8:00 Nicole Zucco Hate Speech vs. Free Speech