Controller - Accounts Payable

Quick Facts About Us

  • We pay all of the University's bills.
  • We feed an average of 1,850 purchasing card transactions into Banner on a monthly basis.
  • Employees can have their reimbursement checks directly. deposited into their personal checking or savings account.

New Requirement for Submissions to Accounts Payable

In order to facilitate processing and scanning, all receipts submitted with Accounts Payable forms/reports, must be taped down on 8 ½? x 11 sheets of white paper. Please make sure the entire receipt is visible, cutting the receipt in half if necessary. The receipts should be taped in a manner that allows the use of an automated document feeder.

Please tape down receipts submitted with the following:

  • Request for Check Form
  • Business and Travel Expense Report
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Purchasing Card (P-Card) Monthly Reports

Feel free to use white paper that has already been used once (that's what we do). The side that has the receipts on it should not have any printing on it.

Please contact Accounts Payable at x-3199 with questions.