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Community Engagement




One of the hallmarks of strong communities is the ability of residents to organize to get things done. Effective community organizing involves identifying community assets and relationship building. For the past 18 years the Community Building Institute has taught and worked along side local residents to implement these key tenants.

Our experience in communities and neighborhoods has taught us unique techniques and strategies for engaging residents and creating mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations that help to accomplish a shared community vision.

We would like to share our experience with you as well as learn about all the great things you are doing to organize your community. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in connecting with the Community Building Institute on community organizing efforts in your neighborhood.



The Community Building Institute works with communities and their stakeholders to create forward-looking plans. We have worked with many neighborhoods and communities to identify their visions for the future, and create reasonable implementation strategies that help move these communities forward.

We use an asset-based approach to community planning that includes asset mapping, identification of the associations and other important stakeholders in an area and assuring that the community plays a lead role in the planning.

Our team of planners, housing specialists, sociologists and community organizing professionals work with communities using geographic information services (GIS) technology, community interviewing, surveys and other methods tailored to each community to ensure that the planning process is appropriate to the community and the outcomes the community is looking for.