Community Health Assessment for Greater Cincinnati

Health Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati

The Health Collaborative partners with Xavier University, Interact for Health, and dozens of public health and community partners to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment every three years on behalf of our major hospital systems. Through a series of public forums and rigorous data analyses, the region's top health needs are determined along with recommendations on what we can collectively do to improve health outcomes and remove barriers to healthcare. Hospital systems then use these recommendations to determine how best to effectively disburse their community health benefit dollars for greatest impact.

2016 Community Health Needs Assessment report

Who are we?

The Health Collaborative is a nonprofit organization serving as the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region's neutral forum for local stakeholders invested in the triple aim: healthier people, better care, and lower cost. Its services include a robust set of improvement-oriented benefits to its membership, which includes 30 hospital and health systems, 150 long-term care facilities, and more than 100 business partners. HealthBridge, a service line of The Health Collaborative, offers product lines including consulting, education, convening, and health technology solutions.

Who's involved?

The Health Collaborative includes a diverse group of individuals in order ensure the best results. These include: health systems, physicians, health plans, employers, consumers, governments, educational institutions, community leaders, and community advocates. In order to truly transform healthcare, the whole community must work together. Those who give care, get care and pay for care all have a stake in the outcome.

What are we doing? Initiatives and Programs

Our region faces numerous health, healthcare, and health equity challenges. In order to address these issues and achieve collective impact on health, The Health Collaborative has convened a diverse group of key leaders representing many sectors of our community: nonprofit organizations, providers, health plans, and employers. Using data and predictive modeling, this group has been working together to agree to a small number of doable initiatives that in combination have the power to improve health and healthcare and reduce the overall cost of care. We serve as the "backbone organization" to facilitate this work and is endorsed by a multi-stakeholder coalition that includes, among other regional stakeholders: The United Way of Greater Cincinnati; Interact for Health; and every major health system in the region.

Data Transparency

Better data = informed decisions about health and health care. We gather clinical data and conduct surveys and studies on health and health care to support and encourage quality improvement, facilitate shared learning, and provide valuable information used in planning future health care delivery. Consumers can access quality and clinical performance scores and primary care practice ratings on, a tool developed by The Health Collaborative to help consumers make better choices about their health care and improve their engagement with their doctor.

Health Information Exchange (HIE), Interoperability, and Informatics

Staying on the cutting edge of healthcare technology is critical to achieving the triple aim: better population health, and better quality of care, at a lower overall cost. We support health care providers and organizations by facilitating data sharing to ensure that patients get the right care, at the right time. This includes interoperability solutions and informatics to support population health management. Serving customers in and outside the Greater Cincinnati region, The Health Collaborative offers nationally recognized health technology expertise.

Payment Reform

The State of Ohio has set a goal to have 80-90 percent of the state's population in some value-based payment model within five years. We are setting the foundation for that goal, as one of only seven regions in the U.S. selected to pilot a new way of paying for primary care paying for keeping people well. Medicare, Ohio Medicaid and nine commercial insurance plans agreed to give 75 primary care practices a new source of revenue to use for preventive care and better patient management and coordination. We expect that this investment in primary care will pay for itself through better health and fewer hospitalizations. This program is expected to serve as a model as the country examines "pay for value" solutions to manage costs while improving outcomes.

Quality Improvement

Cincinnati is one of the first communities in the country to bring together hospitals and post-acute providers to transform the health and care of individuals as they move through the care system. Our Care Transitions Collaborative strives to reduce readmissions, encourage advance care planning, empower patients to better manage medications, increase patient safety, and reduce disparities in care. We have also worked with more than 80 physician practices to help them attain Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) status, allowing them to transform their practices in sustainable ways.

Regional Disaster, Emergency Readiness and Trauma

We work with our member health care providers to ensure that if a disaster strikes, we all have the resources and tools to respond. We provide a thorough battery of preparedness activities, including regional exercises to test readiness and identify areas where hospitals and health systems need to enhance their response capabilities, coordinating federal grant dollars, and representing our hospital and health system members in the region with other response partners such as EMA, Fire/EMS, Communications, Public Health, Homeland Security and others.

Who's behind this?

The Health Collaborative acts as a neutral forum for a diverse group of dedicated members, partners, and community leaders who have come together to impact the health of the community. Dues-paying members of The Health Collaborative work together on health care improvement projects, share best practices, and gain exclusive access to comprehensive data and other member services. Funding support comes from a variety of sources, ranging from member dues to government and private foundation grants.

For more information, please contact The Health Collaborative at 615 Elsinore Place, Suite 500, Cincinnati, OH 45202; 513.618.3600;