Eigel Center

Virtual Assignments to Support Learning and Reflection

Virtual Assignments to Support Ongoing Community Engaged Learning and Reflection:

  • Leverage the recorded knowledge of community partners and leaders to heighten students' consciousness about their service partner’s work and its challenges – review newspaper accounts, community messaging, websites, social medial posts, community council minutes, television interviews, etc.,
  • Explore online University, State, and Federal resources that may examine community issues addressed in the course and community – prepare a list to share with your community partner(s);
  • Utilize nonprofit annual reports, neighborhood development plans, oral history projects, and websites to expose students to community originated strategies and tactics that address issues supported by the course. Have them reflect on how their service can support these strategies and tactics;
  • Examine student’s personal definitions of community service through the development of reflective papers and other exploratory assignments that encourage them to contemplate overall civic and community engagement within an emergency setting;
  • Create a listing of grant opportunities that may be applicable for their organization;
  • Support organizations to remain connected to the clients and communities they serve.  Have students conduct remote interviewing current/past clients about their experiences, impact of the organization on where they are today;
  • Create a resource folder of activities for after-school programming for K-12 graders;
  • Have students create “How To” videos to assist older residents with using technology to stay connected and support well-being during isolation.