Eigel Center

Preparing to Engage for and with Community

The Eigel Center has produced a preparatory Canvas module to support community engaged learning experiences that may occur during the current pandemic.  The module, "Preparing to Engage for and with Community," has been integrated into the existing Immersive Learning Canvas modules that support ongoing engagement, preparation, and reflection of immersive experiences.  Assignments within this module can support students that engage our communities as part of a course-based experience (service or immersive learning, internships, community-engaged research).  The module incorporates Xavier's Covid Task Force guidelines, protocols, and World Health Organization (WHO) safety content, and includes reflective and discernment assignments for students to critically examine the pandemic through their academic discipline, and reflect on the inequitable impact on communities they may engage.

This new module and individual assignments can be added to any course (along with the other modules within this Canvas course), and should be particularly supportive of faculty offering ILE (immersive) or SERL (service learning) attributed courses this fall and spring.  Faculty interested in reviewing and integrating assignments from this module into a community engaged or immersive course based experience can request an invitation to the Canvas page: eigelcenter@xavier.edu.

Earlier this summer, the Center produced a series of specific resources to support ongoing remote, in person, and hybrid engagement for students, and a Faculty Community Engaged Learning Guide to assist faculty who wish to integrate these high impact experiences in a safe and pedagogically sound manner.

For guidance with community engagement during the Covid-19 pandemic, utilize the Eigel Center Compliance Guidelines and Directions, notably the University Covid-19 Resource Center Off-Campus Travel Guidelines.