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Immersive learning is an academically based learning opportunity that incorporates an examination of social justice issues while immersing students in a community affected by systemic challenges and injustices. Prompted by observation, direct experience and reflection students consider various worldviews and perspectives different from their own through direct interaction with diverse populations.

Immersive learning provides students with both meaningful engagement opportunities in interactive partnership with local, domestic or international communities and academic structures for analysis, reflection on their learning, and application to future action

Courses offered by Xavier faculty that address the following student learning outcomes can include an “IL” attribute to designate the course as providing an immersive learning experience.

Xavier students who participate in immersive learning will be able to:

  1. analyze systemic challenges and the causes of injustices within the context of the immersive experience;
  2. articulate an awareness of other perspectives and worldviews through direct contact and interaction with diverse populations;
  3. demonstrate the development of intercultural competence through engagement, discernment and reflection;
  4. identify personal and societal responsibilities in the promotion of social justice.

Essential pedagogical elements of an immersive learning experience at Xavier are:

  1. advanced student preparation;
  2. ongoing contextualized learning;
  3. integration and interaction within a different culture;
  4. structured and guided reflection of the total experience;
  5. assessment and report of student learning outcomes.