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Opinion:  The Long Road to a Home at Xavier
by Heather Gast, Campus News Editor
Published January, 2019

"Where many universities create inclusion offices to appear benevolent, tack on 'feel good' marketing points in promotions or throw in a line about benefiting the world in commencement speeches, Xavier takes these ideas seriously.

Universities can advertise that they value community service, but they don't have the Eigel Center that focuses on engaging and uplifting communities through volunteer work.  Mandating gender and diversity credits or having a version of the Center of Diversity and Inclusion is becoming a norm these days, but also having an Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, a Working Group on Slavery and creating an additional Title IX position because of three student's summer research project is not.

Pamphlets can claim students are formed into caring, conscientious individuals, but they do not have solidarity, reflection or service to the greater good upheld as founding elements of their core curriculum."

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Freestore Foodbank Partners with Xavier University to hold Campus Poverty Simulation
November 16, 2018
Center for Innovation, Xavier University

The students filed into Xavier University's Center for Innovation that Friday evening - many of them exhausted after a long week.  They stood in little groups making small talk, discussing tests and term papers and making plans for Thanksgiving weekend.  They were smart and accomplished Computer Science majors ranging from novice Freshmen to seasoned Seniors preparing to graduate in a few short months.  For the next three hours they would be immersed in a Poverty Simulation hosted by the Eigel Center for Community-Engaged Learning, facilitated by the Freestore Foodbank and put together by the Missouri Community Action Network.

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Opinion:  Higher Ed Vital in Ever-Changing Economy
By Deborah P. Majors, Opinion Contributor
Published 9:15 am EST, August 31, 2018

"Right here in Cincinnati, Xavier University's Eigel Center for Community-Engaged Learning links the university directly with the community - encouraging students to apply classroom knowledge to local issues, enhancing the university's curriculum with courses lined to community service, and maintaining a partnership between the university and community organizations.  Other examples abound.

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The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has selected Xavier University twice to receive its Community Engagement Classification, most recently in 2015.  The elective Community Engagement Classification provides a way for institutions to describe their identity and commitments to community with a public and nationally recognized classification.  Xavier is one of just 361 campuses nationwide (less than 7% of all four year private and public institutions) to receive the designation and one of 157 schools to be granted a renewal of the distinction.  Xavier earned its initial classification from Carnegie in 2008.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching is committed to developing networks of ideas, individuals, and institutions.  It is focused on three primary areas:

  • Teaching, learning and scholarship that engage faculty, students, and community
  • Institutional resources for community with benefits to both campus and community
  • Partnerships that lead to results such as research, capacity building, economic development, etc.



In 2017, US News invited University presidents, chief academic officers and deans of admissions to nominate "stellar examples" of eight academic programs offered by undergraduate institutions that experts agree are key to student success.  Xavier University was recognized as one of 23 schools nationally for Excellence in Service Learning Course offerings.  Other notable schools on this list include Cornell, Duke, Stanford, University of Michigan, Notre Dame, and Vanderbilt.  Xavier was the only school in Ohio and one of three AJCU schools to obtain this national distinction.