Community - Engaged Fellowship


Mission Statement

"The XU Community-Engaged Fellowship unites and empowers students to develop their passions for engaging others and affecting positive change through service.  We will use our unique talents to celebrate community assets and fulfill our Jesuit mission of becoming men and women for and with others."

About the Fellowship

Established in 1989, the Fellowship was established to reward incoming freshmen who excelled in service, and chose engagement as part of their undergraduate experience.  Recipients of the scholarship are required to perform ten hours of service each week during the course of their college careers, while serving as role models for other students and promoting Jesuit ideals on campus.

At the time it was introduced, the Fellowship was fairly groundbreaking – few schools had demonstrated such a commitment that rewarded and encourage community engagement.  In 1991, CBS’s Sunday Morning with Charles Kuralt ran a feature on the program, interviewing Fellows and the organizations and individuals they served.  Over the years, the Fellowship has continued to grow a culture of engagement on Xavier’s campus as well as impact surrounding communities with thousands of hours of community focused service.  Fellows are recognized by the University as student leaders and alumni of this important program have gone on to successful careers in government, nonprofit, academic, and private sector pursuits.

The Eigel Center serves as the director of this program and as a connector to community partners and projects.  Outside of their weekly service commitment, Fellows’ experiences include site visits, intensive workshops, and programming geared toward developing them into engaged leaders and community partners that create innovative, service based initiatives and projects.

The Fellowship is a strong community that brings Xavier's most engaged leaders together to learn and serve for and with others.