Hailstones HallWelcome to the College of Professional Sciences at Xavier University. We have a proud tradition of preparing professionals at Xavier that has now been structured in a new manner. As we move forward as a college, we are focused on living our newly developed motto: Collaborate..Innovate..Educate.

By looking for new means to collaborate, faculty, staff, and students are constantly looking for opportunities to collaborate across our college, across the Xavier Campus, and across our communities. These collaborations will lead towards the development of new innovations in our programs and ideas. These innovations will allow our college to educate our students, both undergraduate and graduate, but also to educate our communities and professions in their entirety. Each of our programs have at their very essence, a need to be connected to a professional field of study. In this way, a College of Professional Sciences graduate will enter their field of study ready to succeed at the highest level.

In the College of Professional Sciences, we are not merely offering courses, programs, and degrees. Instead, we are helping our students answer the call they have received to enter their chosen vocation. We hope you are as excited about the future as we are!

Once again, Welcome!