German Major

Language Placement

NB: Students with two or more years of high school German regardless of placement score may not take GERM 101 for language core credit. They may take GERM 101 for elective credit if they feel unprepared for GERM 102, or they may take GERM 103, which is an elementary course that begins with 101 material and moves through 102 at an accelerated pace; at the end of GERM 103, students are prepared for GERM 201.

Take this class with this German placement score

GERM 101: 258 or below (for students with less than 2 years of high school German and true beginners)
GERM 103: 258 or below (for students with more than two years of high school German; this course reviews 101 material and moves at an accelerated pace through 102 material and prepares students to take GERM 201)
GERM 102: 259-338
GERM 201 339-424
GERM 202 425-511
GERM 300 and all other advanced Germancourses: 512 and above (these students should consult with Professor Luken (; tel. 513-745-3549), German Program Coordinator, to pursue upper-level German course options)