Classics Major

Rettig Lecture 2013

Saturday, October 26, 2013 4:00 pm
Conaton Board Room
Free and Open to the Public
Reception to Follow

Brian M. Lavelle
Archilochus in His Time

Brian M. Lavelle is professor and chair in Classical Studies at Loyola University Chicago. He received his BA (Hons.) in Classical Studies from the University of California San Diego (1973), MA in Classics from the University of California Davis (1978) and PhD in Classics from the University of British Columbia (1983). His dissertation was entitled "Hipparchos: Studies in Peisistratid History, 527-514 BC" and his research interests have focused largely on pre-democratic Athens. He has written two books in that vein, The Sorrow and the Pity: A Prolegomenon to a History of Athens under the Peisistratid, c. 560-510 B.C. (Historia Einzelschriften 80: Steiner, 1993) and Fame, Money and Power: the Rise of Peisistratos and Democratic Tyranny at Athens (University of Michigan: Ann Arbor, 2005). He is completing a book on the younger Peisistratids for the University of Michigan Press. Professor Lavelle's broader research interests include Archaic Greece and he is completing an introductory book on the society and culture of Archaic Greece for Wiley-Blackwell. A particular focus of that period is Archilochos, the soldier-poet of Paros.