Classics Major

Murray Lecture 2014

William M. Murray is the Mary and Gus Stathis Professor of Greek History at the University of South Florida and Director of the University's Ancient Studies Center located in the Department of History. He has taught as a visiting scholar at the University of Haifa (in 1997), the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (1986; 1995-96), and the Onassis Foundation's (USA) University Seminar Program (2007 and 2012). He is the 2013-14 George Bass Lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America, and the 2014-15 Leo F. Shifrin Professor of Naval History at the US Naval Academy. Prof. Murray is author of a recent study of naval warfare titled The Age of Titans: The Rise and Fall of the Great Hellenistic Navies (Oxford, 2012), and is now investigating Roman naval warfare as a research associate with the Sicilian Egadi Island Survey Project. This project is recovering ancient warship rams and other battle debris from the last naval battle of the First Punic War (241 BCE). Through the use of 3D scanning and modeling techniques, Murray and his colleagues hope to visualize ancient naval warfare in new ways and thereby further our understanding of ancient warship performance. His website called RAM-3D is being designed to stimulate new developments in the field of naval research, particularly in warship design and simulation modeling of ramming attacks. In conjunction with this project he is working with colleagues to incorporate Digital Humanities and visualization techniques into the graduate curriculum of the USF Department of History.